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Special Event Plan Annual National Breast Cancer Foundation Fundraiser GENERAL INFORMATION What: First Annual National

Breast Cancer Foundation Fundraiser Date: February 20, 2014 Time: 7 p.m. 10 p.m. Location: 108 West Lebanon Ave. Elon, NC 27244 Event Coordinator: Victoria Touloupas Purpose: Communicate Mynts belief in supporting the Elon community and a nonprofit cause, and working with Zeta Tau Alpha to raise money and awareness for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Goal: Raise $3,500 for the National Breast Cancer Foundation by hosting an evening launch event, followed by a profit share in February 2014. Key Message: The evening is a chance for customers to shop for fabulous clothing, socialize with community members, all while still giving back to an important national cause. Target Audience: Elon students, families and faculty members. EVENT DESCRIPTION: Overview: The evening fundraiser will offer customers shopping, cocktails and food, and information about early breast cancer detection. Mynt staff and the Elon Sorority Sisters of Zeta Tau Alpha will lead the event. 10% of all items sold on February 20, 2014 will be donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. NBCF Bracelets: All profits from the $10 NBCF bracelet will go directly to raising money for women in need of mammograms. Raffle Baskets: $2 per raffle ticket, 10 assorted baskets of Mynt clothing, jewelry, handbags, gift cards, and shoes T-Shirt Raffle: Every customer who writes his or her email address onto a Mynt contact card and drops it into the box, is entered to win a free NBCF t-shirt. Estimated Number of Guests: 350 people WHOS INVOLVED: Owner: Whitney Sandor Store Manager: Victoria Touloupas

Elon Sorority: Zeta Tau Alpha Nonprofit: National Breast Cancer Foundation Representative PRINTED PIECES: Invitations: 400 Brochures: 400 Flier: 100 Raffle Tickets: 1,000 Blank Contact Cards: 400 INVITATIONS: Sent To: Elon female students, faculty members, and their families. RSVP: February 10, 2014 ADVERTISING: Email Invitation: February 1, 2014 Elon Local News: News Release Her Campus Elon: News Release Flier: Post around Elon University campus and downtown Burlington PSA: NBCF 45-second promo to ELN CATERING: Food Catered By: Pandoras Pies Menu Includes: Pizza, salads, fruit, cheese and crackers, soft drinks Inclusive cost per head: $6 Phone: 336-270-4599 Contact: Owner Alcohol Catered By: Fat Frogg Menu Includes: White wine, red wine, beer, and margaritas Inclusive cost per head: $6 Phone: 336-584-5546 Contact: Jeff Mackenzie GIVEAWAY ITEMS: Breast Cancer Ribbons Pink Mints

DECORATIONS: Theme Dcor: Balloons: Pink, white and silver round. 35 total. Posters: Breast cancer education posters. 5 total. Confetti: 10 silver bags Raffle Baskets: 10 large, pink baskets Accessories: Breast Cancer Ribbons, pink hairbands, pink shoelaces Seating/Tables: Bar Tables: 10 Bar Stools: 50 Donation Table: small table at entrance with box and brochures ENTERTAINMENT: DJ: Elon student Music Equipment: Rent from Elon Media Services (McKewen) SPEAKERS: Whitney Sandor: Welcomes customers at 7 p.m. opening Zeta Tau Alpha President: Announces their success as a sorority in raising money for NBCF, and reminds customers about raffle Breast Cancer Survivor: 15-minute speech at 9 p.m. Victoria Touloupas: Thanks customers for coming at 9:50 p.m. EVENT AGENDA: Set up: February 20, 2014 at 2 p.m. Catering arrives: Fat Frogg and Pandoras Pies at 6 p.m. Entertainment arrives: DJ sets up at 6 p.m. Welcome from Whitney: Open event doors at 7 p.m. Clean up: 10:15 p.m. 11:30 p.m. FOLLOW-UP: Thank You Notes: Email: All old and new customers that attending the event Sent letter and email: Elon Sorority Sisters of Zeta Tau Alpha for their hard work and dedication to the nonprofit and the evening Donors: letter to all major donors involved with Mynt and NBCF Raffle & T-shirt Winners: Email and call all winners of the raffle baskets and free t-shirt.

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