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like + (verb + -ing

Put the words in the correct order. 1. likes Mike doing housework.

2. exercise. hates doing Carla

3. swimming the I don't like winter. in

4. mum cooking. doesn't like My

5. to weekend. love They the going the at cinema

6. I morning. to on work Monday hate going

ACTIVITY 1: Read the sentences carefully and choose the correct modal verb (CAN/CAN’T/MUST/MUSTN’T)

a) David is 14 years old. He ________________ have a driving licence. b) You ________________ respect other people's opinions. c) _______________you pass me the butter, please? d) If you have a problem with one of your classmates, you ___________ask for help. e) Jane is so intelligent! She ______________ speak five languages. f) Students _____________ wear a uniform at Eton College. It is a famous private school in England. g) Kelly, you ___________clean you room before going out with your friends!

Write sentences to match the functions. c) Children/revise before exams. c) We/watch TV after doing our homework. . I'm certain it is false. b) Students/memorize vocabulary. . These rules are strict! ACTIVITY 2: Write sentences with MUST/MUSTN'T and the information below a) Students/go to school on Fridays.h) You ________________smoke in hospitals. . (lack of ability) . n) These are the house rules: You _____________ listen to loud music. m) Alex always arrives home at 8 o'clock. It's totally forbidden! i) How _____________get to Oxford Street from here. It's 9:30 now. please? j) What she told me ______________ be true. l) Anne always arrives home at 9 o'clock. so he ___________ be home. I'm certain it is true. b) You/use a mobile phone in class. so she _____________be home. (obligation) . You ________________be home before ten in the evening. (prohibition) . (permission/possibility) . MUST or MUSTN'T: a) You/eat in the classroom. You __________ keep your bedroom clean. It's 7:15 now. Use CAN. . d) We/help our parents with the housework. CAN'T. e) You/copy your classmates' answers! ! ACTIVITY 4. k) What she told me ________________ be true. You ______________stay out of your bedroom after midnight. d) She/speak Chinese. e) David/run 900 metres in 4 minutes? (ability) ? .

never often C. A. I ……….. I work in an office in Barcelona but on Fridays I work from meat. in class. never B.. ADVERBS OF FREQUENCY 1. A.. usually B.. never B.. always 3. Helen goes to the swimming pool once or twice a year... I am a vegetarian... She …….. A. often 4. I ………. goes to the swimming pool.. (certainty that something is true) . He is ……….f) She/be Italian (certainty that something is impossible) . g) He/come from the USA. James comes to all the classes. always C. B.. hardly ever . hardly ever C... sometimes C. work in an office in Barcelona. A. always 2.

always B.. Wednesdays and Fridays.. A. have lunch in a restaurant.. I am allergic to honey. sometimes B..... They ... always B.... hardly ever 8. My sister only takes the bus once or twice a year... A. never 7.. A.... sometimes C. often B.. A... often C..... pays me back.. go to the gym. often C. eat honey. I .. sometimes 9. never C.. usually 6.. She ……. hardly ever ... They have lunch in a restaurant once a week.. takes the bus. I don't lend money to my brother because he ……. I …….5. always B.. I go to the gym on Mondays. A........ often C...

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