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Self Identity
Full Name Place / Date of birth ID Number Religion Address Phone Marital Status Arif Fadhillah Padang, June 22 1991 22061991 Moslem Jln. Kapuk No 15, RT-2/RW-II, Kel. Pondok Cina, Kec. Beji Depok- Jawa Barat 081261890741 Single

Family Profile
Family Structure (Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Include Yourself)
* Father Mother First Children Name Zulkifli Nurlena Mulyani Gender Place/Date Of Birth M Padang/12-10-1959 F Padang/7-28-1961 F Padang/8-8-1987 Education Diploma Diploma Bachelor Degree Occupation Civil Servants Civil Servants private

Education History
Formal Education
* Senior High School Diploma S1 S2 SchoolName SMA 1 Lintau OTHERS OTHERS OTHERS Faculty --N/A-Major Location Batusangkar (Year)F/T(Year) 2006 S/D 2009 0 S/D 0 2009 S/D 2014 0 S/D 0 IPK 44.30 0.00 3.11 0.00


--N/A-Electronic Engineering Andalas University , Padang --N/A--

Your Foreign Language Ability
English Good

Job History
General Information
Important Issues That Had Been Encountered Tell Your Dream Job My dream is to work for this company I want to grow and develop the company's Expected Salary When You Can Start To Work Job Variance Info You Get About Our Company Do You Agree To Placement In All Indonesia Area What Your Strong Point 1. Fast Learner, innovative person with huge motivation and Responsibility to work under any circumstances, seeking a position where I can contribute for the growth of the Company 2. I have strong Control Engineering skills such as Control System Analyzing, PLC, PID Controller, Censor and Transducer, and Fuzzy Logic System, Interloop Logic Diagram, Instrument Loop Diagram, Instrument Wiring. I also have strong computer literacy What Your Weak Point I always dizzy clay work piling up Remarkable Achievement 1. maintenance of electrical current plastic waste processing plant, at Jati 6 , Padang, West Sumatera 2. Socializing about power saving, designing micro hydro development (PLTMH) and maintenance of solar panels. Website Address Blog Address Facebook Address 4,600,000 Apryl-7-2014 Parts (Warehouse/Inventory), Service / Maintenance,Engineering Internet Yes

PT United Tractors Tbk

Jl. Raya Bekasi KM 22, Jakarta 13910 - Indonesia

T: +62 21 245 79999 Ext. 23115

F: +62 21 4600657 1

.Andalas Univer Member 2011 S/D 2013 2 . Electrical Workshop Electrical Engineering Department .F/T.Twiter Address Linkedin Address Hobby Reference Name Reference Company Reference Position Reference Phone Reference Relation Mountaineering Hendra Suryana Putra PT.. Rekayasa Industri Instrument Engineer 085263651426 Senior Organization Experience Organization1 Organization Name Location Position .

i'm willing to be prosecuted under applicable law and this application letter will be dismissed. I understand that if there is any false information. March-18-2014 Arif Fadhillah 3 .I certify that any information contained in this application is true and completed. Jakarta.