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Executor Office. MYRON CHARLES RICE, Estate Nation “Michigan”. enera!"#ost Office. enera!"#ost $ox " %&''(.

)etroit " *o+n. ,nite- States Minor, Out!.ing Is!an-s. Near. /01%%&"(((12 night " of eight A3ri! t+o"4ero one"four O55ICE O5 *HE CHAR*ER ONE6R$S CI*I7ENS $AN8 MR. $R,CE 9AN SA,N, CHIE5 E:EC,*OR O55ICER Ro.a! $an; of Scot!an- rou3 #LC One Citi4en )ri<e Ri<ersi-e, Rho-e Is!anCertifie- Mai!= &>?% %%?> >>>% 0@@A (A?' ,.S.A. /(((((2 *o= Office of the Charter One6R$S Citi4ens $an; B#a.orC

5roD= *he Office of Executor" the “MYRON CHARLES RICE”, Estate. a;a RICE*ECH #RO#ER*Y MANA EMEN* *R,S* BReci3ientC RE= ReEuest ?>((">I)s “Co!!atera! Interest IncoDe Fithho!-ing” as *ax )e-uctaG!e for IRS on *ax Years= %>>(, %>?>, %>??, %>?% H %>?@. Account I 0'>0>>@?0A

Mr. $ruce 9an Saun ,n-er Charter One6R$S Citi4ens “#ersona! )e3osit Account AgreeDent, Section ?&BcC an- IRS instructions an- Statutor. La+s .ou, Mr. $ruce 9an Saun, Chief Executor Officer, is reEuire “on -eDan- an- notice” to fi!e ?>(("OI) Interest IncoDe Fithho!-ing an- gi<e to Estate Breci3ientC a co3. $. *he Charter One6 R$S Citi4ens chec;ing account nuDGerBsC is I :::::::::: *he -etai!s for re3orting Origina! Issue- )iscounts BOI)C6 Securit. Interest IncoDe are 3ro<i-e- for the $an;6Association is in the fo!!o+ing La+s an- #uG!ications= a. #uG!ication= Charter One “#ersona! )e3osit Account AgreeDent, Section ?&BcCHB-C J Interest Fithho!-ing.. G. #uG!ication= enera! Instruction for 5orDs ?>((, ?>(1, '0(1 H F"%g J Section M “StateDents to Reci3ients B$orro+er, )eGtors, )onors, Insure-Ks, #artici3ants, #a.er6$orro+ers, #o!ic.ho!-ers, Stu-ents, *ransferors, or Finners on Certain 5orDsC”. c. #uG!ication= Instructions for 5orDs ?>(("IN* H ?>(("OI) J “S3ecific Instructions for 5orD ?>(("OI)”. -. La+= *it!e ?%= $an; an- $an;ing, ?% ,SC 0?% A33!.ing for 5RN, collateral required. e. #uG!ication= O3erating Circu!ar No.?>, A33!ication for Interest IncoDe an- -efinitions. f. La+= *it!e %A ,SC A>0( J Re3orte- Returns Regar-ing #a.Dents of Interest. g. La+= *it!e %A C5R ?.?%&? thru ?.?%&@ " Origina! Issue- )iscounts BOI)C -efine- an3roce-ures. h. La+= *it!e %A ,SC ?%&? thru ?%&0 J Origina! Issue- )iscount BOI)C -eterDinations. i. La+= Statutes at Large, 9o!uDe ?>>, 3age %??0, Sec A& BaC, BGCB?C H BeC J IRC of ?(1A. L. La+= Statutes at Large, 9o!uDe ?@, 3age (( thru ??1 J Nationa! Currenc. Act. ;. La+= *it!e %A ,SC ?A@ H ?A@BeC J Interest H OI) as tax -e-uction.

Fritten Chec. Sec.Notice= a.. 5urtherDore. of *reasur. If an. or bankers' acceptances acquired under the pro isions of the ! Act. G. “Securit.s. 3ena!ties.our -ue -i!igent. Mar. an. when issued against the security of notes. H CoD3tro!!er of the Currenc. $ruce 9an of the *reasur. bills of exchange and bankers' acceptances acquired under the pro isions of this !ct. Fith that sai-. Secretar.States in trust BStatutes at Large. NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN Notar. the exchange.“Securit. Shu! gross incoDe. Sec 0A thru '> " fai! to re-eeD circu!ating notes u3on -eDan.Gon-s Association <ia 5e-era! Reser<e $ IRS.s6associations are fe-era! go<ernDent agencies an.nite. Le+. The Sixth paragraph of Section 18 of the Federal Reserve Act (1913) is amended to read as follows "Upon the deposit with the Treasurer of the United States. cre-it to the *reasur. bills of exchange. so that the ?>((">I) interest6cre-it sha!! Ge re3orte. -o . S!i3 !a+s or Statutes at !arge as e<i-ence of correctness.on March (.No. Cre-it Car-s recei3ts H oG!igations of the . ansuGDit changes +ith Co-es. $an. ?1 . 3!ease res3on. Mr. $ to Estate Breci3ientC re3resentati<e an.Congress. Attorne. L. duly registered and countersigned% &hen such circulating notes are issued against the security of obligations of the United States.the . the Charter One6 R$S Citi4en $an. +ithin ?' -a. is ho!-ing our origina! signe. drafts. session I. CoD3tro!!er of the Currenc.SC ?A%? J #erLur. in trust.s to Ge -e3osit +ith the Secretar.S. *it!e I9 Sec. of the 3roce-ures an-6or !a+s aGo<e is incorrect then note the -eficienc. Curr. ?(@@= EDergenc. $utts #. &@r. 0>?. Michigan 01%%@ o<ern . drafts. InterestM is taxaG!e “5e-era! Fithho!-ing” to Ge fi!e. Interest” is the exchange of “Co!!atera! Securities” G. enera! of Michigan *hoDas O.notice.. drafts. Statutes at Large. the a#ount of such circulating notes shall be equal to the face alue of the direct obligations of the Unites States so deposited as security' and. Signature )ate SEAL .C as co!!atera!. OacoG O. of *reasur.n-er the 5e-era! Reser<e Act of ?(?@. bills of exchange and bankers' acceptances so deposited as security%" #ena!ties for not fi!ing Re-eeDing Notes on )eDan. Certifie. (a) of any direct obligations of the United States or (b) on any notes.Dai! co3. any "ederal reser e bank #aking such deposit in the #anner prescribed by the Secretary of the Treasury shall be entitled to recei e fro# the $o#ptroller of the $urrency circulating notes in blank.. CoDDissioner of the IRS $i!! Schuette.s froD the -ate of this !etter. *herefore. &>?% %%?> >>>% 0@@A (A?' $. *he !a+ for the exchange enacte. of the .Ks Geha!f.O. genera!!. $ox %@%0' )etroit. 9o!uDe ?@ 3ages ??@. 0>?. the a#ount thereof shall be equal to not #ore than () per cent of the esti#ated alue of such notes.Ks a--ress Ge!o+. Gan. 9o!.ourse!f accor-ing!.?(C on the the Notar.= ExecutorNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN Office of Executor CC= )oug!as H.S Secretar. ?@ 3age ?>' Sec. Cha3ter ?.