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Industrialization and Urbanization Unit Plan

Name: Olivia Foor Class/Subject: 11th grade American Studies Student Objectives/Student Outcomes: Students will be able to recognize and explain the impact that the Industrial Revolution had on American society. Students will analyze documents from various viewpoints to better understand how the Industrial Revolution affected groups of people differently. Students will draw conclusions about various aspects of industrial society from photographs, primary documents, and political cartoons. Students will participate in simulations that will attempt to recreate situations present in industrial society in order to better connect with the material. Content Standards: (ISBE Social Science Standards) 16.A.4a Analyse and report historical events to determine cause-and-effect relationships. 16.B.5b (US) Analyze how United States political history has been influenced by the nations economic, social and environmental history. 16.C.4b (US) Analyze the impact of westward expansion on the United States economy. 16.C.4a (W) Describe the growing dominance of American and European capitalism and their institutions after 1500. 16.D.5 (US) Analyze the relationship between an issue in United States social history and the related aspects of political, economic and environmental history. 16.D.4 (W) Identify significant events and developments since 1500 that altered world social history in ways that persist today including colonization, Protestant Reformation, industrialization, the rise of technology and human rights movements. 16.E.5a (US) Analyze positive and negative aspects of human effects on the environment in the United States including damming rivers, fencing prairies and building cities. 16.E.5a (W) Analyze how technological and scientific developments have affected human productivity, human comfort and the environment. Material Covered: Chapters 14 &15 in The American Vision Teachers Goals: Present content in a way that engages students through pictures, limited notes, videos, and an abundance of questions. Provide students with an opportunity to engage with the material through various simulations, activities and projects that further develop their understanding of the Industrial Revolution. Create an environment that allows for meaningful discussion of the various positive and negative outcomes of the Industrial Revolution.

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Students will read through Chapter 14 answer the Critical Thinking questions as an introduction to this section of the content. Materials: Textbook Students will complete their summative assessment over the last unit of Westward Expansion. Introduction to the Industrialization and Urbanization Unit. Will lay out the major facets and characteristics of industrialization. Materials: Computer, Projector, Powerpoint Go over the inventions and their inventors that played a role in the expansion of industry. Overview the activity to be done on Monday as formative assessment. **Turn in Chapter 14 Critical Thinking Questions Materials: Computer, Projector, Powerpoint

Week 2 Monday 02/24

Industrialization Project: Inventions Activity First part of their overall project that they will be working on throughout the course of the unit. In this step they will work with a partner to come up with a new invention. Using the worksheet and questions provided they must sketch their invention, provide a description and discuss the impact they think it will have on society. Materials: Worksheet, Partner, Colored Pencils Tuesday None Get to know each other day. 02/25 In order to create better relationships with the students, I want to take this day to talk and get to know each other better. I will create questions that we will all talk about. I also want to have them fill out a survey-type form so I know more about their personality, interests, etc. Materials: Survey sheets, Pre-made Question Slips Wednesday Big Business Go over economics and business terminology section of 02/26 PPPowerpoint. Explain how these factors led to greater Economics industrialization, the various economic concepts and how those systems promoted big businesses. Introduce the Men Who Built America using a video from The History Channel and how these individuals shaped this era with their companies and actions. **Last day to turn in Inventions Activity Materials: Computer, Projector, Powerpoint Thursday Big Business Go over entrepreneurs and their businesses and how those shaped 02/27 PPthe industrialization period. Explain how these corporations made Entrepreneurs their money and how they were able to keep such high profits. Explain what kind of impact these people had on society, both positive and negative. At the end we will compare their wealth to


Friday 02/28


the average industrial worker in order to better understand why these workers started to form unions. Materials: Computer, Projector, Powerpoint Industrialization Project: Business Plan Activity Using the feedback I gave each group about their inventions, they must then use the next set of instructions to make a business plan regarding how they will produce it and make money off of it. Using the prompt given, the group must choose one of three options to pursue and then justify their decision based on our discussion of economics and big business. They will also create an advertisement which summarizes the appeal of their invention to their target market. Materials: Business Activity Worksheets, Paper, Markers Finish Business Activity. Students will read through Chapter 15 and answer the Critical Thinking Questions. This will be an introduction to the rest of the unit on Urbanization. Materials: Business Project, Paper, Markers, Textbooks Before starting the PP, give students a citizenship test similar to one given to new immigrants. After they finish, discuss their thoughts on the test and go over right answers. Find out how well they know their own country and discuss the fairness of making immigrants know these things. After this discussion, begin the PP on immigration. **Turn in Business Project and Advertisement Materials: Computer, Projector, Powerpoint, Citizenship Worksheet Finish Immigration PP. Materials: Computer, Projector, Powerpoint Map Activity. Students will complete a political and physical map of the United States. This activity will help with their geography skills as well as acting as a guide as we discuss settlement patterns of immigrants. After the map is completed, we will look at a interactive map of the United States to illustrate the settlement patters of various groups of immigrants. **Turn in Document Analysis Materials: Computer, Projector, Powerpoint, Map Due to uncontrolled circumstances, this day will be used as a workday for students to complete their Political Cartoon Analysis Sheets and any other missing work. Political Cartoon Analysis: Immigration Students will be given a packet with five political cartoons about

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immigration to analyze and answer questions about. Students will be able to use their Cartoon Analysis Guide to help them work through each cartoon. Students will be asked to make connections to the content discussed throughout the Immigration PP. **Turn in Map Activity **Turn in Chapter 15 Critical Thinking Questions Materials: Political Cartoon Analysis Sheets Week 4 Monday 03/10 Urbanization PP Start class off with a simulation of life in a tenement. Mark of 13 sq. feet in the classroom and make 12 students try to find a comfortable way to sleep all of them. This will simulate actual statistics of number of people in this small of a space. After simulation, start PP. Talk about how the cities were overcrowded and unsanitary due to the huge migration of people to cities during the IR. We will discuss the consequences of this lifestyle, which will lead into our Jacob Riis Activity. **Turn in Political Cartoon Analysis Materials: Computer, Projector, Powerpoint, Masking Tape Picture Analysis: Jacob Riis We will spend the day looking at various pictures of life in the cities through the work of Jacob Riis. We will look at various pictures together and analyze what it tells us about that time period. I will them a worksheet to fill out as we go which will ask them to answer questions to further analyze these pictures. They must also come up with a title for the picture based on the images. **Turn in Picture Analysis Materials: Computer, Projector, Powerpoint, Picture Worksheet This section will focus on the labor conditions and the various people involved in that labor. The PP will contain a lot of pictures, outlining the dangers, social consequences of having these groups in the workforce and some of the major disasters that led to later reform, such as the Triangle Shirt Company fire. Materials: Computer, Projector, Powerpoint Negotiation Simulation and Discussion As a class we will simulate the hardships faced by many labor unions when forming. Students will form groups and create a list of things they would like to change about the school. From there we will negotiate and discuss how to narrow the list down. After that, we will discuss ways in which we will be able to get the whole school behind these changes and make the administration listen. This activity will lead into our discussions of labor unions. Materials: Chalkboard After discussing many of the hardships workers face, we will look at the rise of unions and their role in creating awareness and calls for reform. We will discuss the various strikes (Pullman, Haymarket) and how those events changed the way people viewed

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Labor PPThe Rise of Unions to End

unions and industrial laborers. Materials: Computer, Projector, Powerpoint Week 5 Monday 03/17 Gilded Age PP This section will focus on the Gilded Age ideas and reforms that were ushered in as a result of the conditions present in the Industrial Revolution. The labor policies, government policies, immigration policies, business policies, and social policies. This will let students see how the period of industrialization brought about a lot of the laws we have today, especially in regards to big businesses and labor. **Turn in Document Analysis Materials: Computer, Projector, Powerpoint Review for Summative Test. Students will have this time to fill out a review sheet and ask any questions they have about the material before the test. Summative Test. Materials: Industrialization and Urbanization Test Day-SIP & Parent/Teacher Conferences Inventions and Business Activity Presentations. Students will present their work to the rest of the class and as a class we will vote on the invention we believe would be the most profitable to invest in. No School-Parent/Teacher Conferences

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