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Great warrior Beowulf represents good on earth, possessing all the graces of God, who over the accounts of the poem, will be faced with great bravery to the representations of evil on earth, demons called Grendel and also the mother of it. And at the end of his days, also with a dragon, guardian of ancient treasures, who after a fight between them, will this hero who robs life during the conflict, but will both be dead at the end of the battle. Beowulf leaving your name written forever as the greatest warrior king, endowed with great strength and noble heart, capable of giving the kingdoms battle to help afflicted by demons or by enemies from other lands, regardless of the risk. These brave companies meant to his life. Hrothgar as he did in the Heorot. Beowulf is perhaps the representation of what should be the man, a hero who has all good virtues, which is guided by the path of good, apart from greed and ambition, who helps everyone who needs your help. Being guided by kindness, by courage and strength. Beowulf is a hero who represents a being endowed with all the gifts of God, who did not gets caught and guided by evil.

Perhaps if we all were to be guided by the values we have Beowulf, life in today s world would not be as it is today. !e live in a world where man is only focused on obtaining their interests, where selfishness and greed are embedded in society. The man, in a constant struggle to obtain greater material wealth does not help the neighbor, but takes advantage of his weakness to destroy him. "o matter, only their own benefit. Those who govern nations, do not represent what Beowulf did in his nation, because coming to power, man covets more than it already possessed, no compassion for those living ne#t to him. $nce in power e#hausts every resource for benefit of strongest and of itself, leaving a total abandonment underdog.

faced with the same ferocity of the dragon. regardless of having to risk his own life . that even in modern society remain and that in turn contrast with the account in the poem.He did not Beowulf. But Beowulf would give his life in this last battle. of put their ancient lives at times. English 2° year. %t is difficult to understand that not being the kindest of kings. letting God take his soul peacefully. The poem Beowulf presents these aspects mentioned. to face unimaginable dangers but these acts of bravery warrior and kindness. continues to fight to keep all his people to safety. after one of his vassals dared to break into the cave where the animal lived. with whom he would go to confront the beast. receives help from everyone. risking his life to protect them. protector of a great treasure. $n reaching the side of their king. no doubt. together managed to win and kill him. because deep down % knew that this would be his last battle. The same is true today. to face all danger. . and he was armed with courage and swore again to his people that the dragon would be finished. !hen they reached the place he decided to enter the cave alone. Beowulf fought by those who needed it with great courage. without fear of losing his life. As he did when he faced a dragon. to restore everything in a way that Beowulf had ever done for them. he never did wrong to any man. chose his brave and noble knights. not being the good and noble man. he decided to go to the aid of Beowulf. only one of the men who accompanied him on his last battle risked his life to help his eternal protector. and that if he fought all his life to helping anyone who needed it. The men waited and heard loud noises of battle so they fled. the enraged animal attacked the village of Beowulf. naming him as their king. only one of them. who was always willing to help those in need and even when people decide that the rule. only few dare to risk everything for those who have always helped his neighbors. The man of today. about a brave warrior who always fought to defend those who needed it. risk. freeing his people from the attack of the beast. He did. should seek to achieve all the virtues that God gave this great Name: Lucia López Sáez. the more faithful to his king. stealing a piece of the treasure.

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