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Aerospace & Defense Industry
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Cost Management Uncertainty Quantification SIMULTANEOUS ENGINEERING & MANUFACTURING Manufacturing Processes Simulation Advanced Material Design & Assessment Computational Fluid Dynamic CAE Shape & Candidate Solutions Mechanical & Structural Multiphysics Acoustic Electromagnetic & Mechatronics HPC OPTIMIZATION BCs and Design Requirements Compliance of engineering rules imposed by Standard Codes . HVAC design and integrated manufacturing solutions are only some of our Aerospace and Defense applications. Yet the development of innovative technologies and the demand for continuous improvements cannot be delivered by isolated FEM. CFD. continuous investments in R&D programs and high performing computing resources provide the reliability and knowledge to stand at the customers’ side as a key partner in product development. This is where the CAE market is moving. and where partnering with EnginSoft can make a real difference to your company. space greenhouse environment. Manufacturing.The EnginSoft Value The Aerospace & Defense sectors represent mature industries with many components possessing long development histories and delivering good levels of reliability and performance. Leadingedge technologies and advanced methods are applied to specific industrial contexts in order to achieve shortened development times and improved resource utilization. experience in multi-disciplinary simulation consultancy for the aerospace & defense industries. Multidisciplinary Robust Optimization: Materials. EM or MANUFACTURING calculations. Advanced computational power and skills in software management within the context of high performance computing (HPC) significantly reduce both cost and time. The knowledge and commitment of EnginSoft experts permit companies to efficiently and effectively identify suitable solutions for complex requirements. multifunctional composite structures. The real challenge of Virtual Prototyping is to integrate all of these technologies in a unique design and optimization process. At EnginSoft. Novel methodologies for developing security and safety systems. Performances and Costs.

            Dynamic Strength & Weight Reduction Thermo/structural Assessment & Optimization Flap/slat Analyses Acoustic Prediction Thermal Loads Fuel System Development Anti-ice System Hydraulic System Design Oxygen Delivery Welding and Riveting APU Accommodation Design FOD (Foreign Objects Damages) & In-service Operation Impact        ECS Optimization & Passenger Comfort Psychometrics Modelling Vapour Cycle System Multi-Fluid Simulation Seat & Locking System Design FAA Sled Test Simulation Biomechanical models WING & TAIL & SYSTEMS CABIN ENGINE              Stress Analysis Thermal Fatigue Creep Rotor Dynamics Fuel Efficiency Emission & Noise Reduction Noise Diminution LP & HP Compressors/Turbine Blade Profile Combustor Jet Engine Nozzles Cooling Optimization Bird Strike and Blade Failure EnginSoft: Complete Solutions for Design and Analysis of A&D Subsystems and Parts .

All companies belonging to the project were selected according to strict evaluation criteria. by highlighting and exploiting their own advanced technological competences. whose mission is to support the competitiveness of Italian companies throughout the supply chain expansion and the diversification of their market share on a global level. EnginSoft is a member of Torino Piemonte Aerospace.apulianaerospace.Conjugate Heat Transfer Multifunctional Composite Bird Strike Hardware Standard Compliance Integration/Installation Effects Electromagnetic Interference FOD (Foreign Objects Damages) NOSE FUSELAGE  Radar Radiation Pattern  Antenna & Signal Integrity  Navigation Systems Mechatronics LANDING SYSTEM       Kinematics & Vibration Aero Acoustics Noise Reduction Wide Operating Conditions Certification Requirements Compliance Hard Landing Simulation Structural Design & Dynamic Strength Metal EnginSoft is a founding partner of the Apulian Aerospace Cluster. The Apulian Aerospace Cluster promotes the development of strong productive relationships and collaborations both in the core sector of aerospace and in adjacent markets.torinopiemonteaerospace.COCKPIT         Radiation Pattern Cooling . which offers international buyers a preferential channel to meet and develop business with a selection of about 85 top class enterprises in the Aerospace and Defense sector. Stress Concentrations Riveting Thermal/Heat Transfer Internal & External Acoustic FOD (Foreign Objects Damages) & In-service Operation Impact  Internal Explosion & Missile Attack       . www.

DEFENSE             MIL Standard Compliance Dynamic Strength & Structural Integrity Advanced Material Weapon Design Electromagnetic Targeting Launch System Optimization Anti-Ballistic Missile Efficacy Transportability & Handling Safety Fire Test Simulation Fragmentation Models Lethality or Survivability Studies EFP (Explosively Formed Charge) Focalization SC (Shaped Charges)  Greenhouse Environment Characterization  Evaluation & Nutrition System Evaluation  Propulsion System Design  Fuel & Control System  Structural Optimization  Manufacturing Tolerance Analysis  Light Alloys and MMC Casting or Forging  Landing System Analysis  Space Debris Protections  System Impact Survivability SPACE EnginSoft | Industrial sectors | Aerospace & Defense Industry .

if you work in a multidisciplinary way. Air conditioning pack architectures. an assessment of several algorithms applied to the mono and multi-objective optimization of a 2D transonic airfoil has been carried out.” Alessandro Franzoni Alenia Aermacchi CTO Customer Opinions The Multi-Physics Approach at Avio Group aimed at Reducing Fuel Consumption in Aero Engines The recent evolutions of aeroengines require increased efficiency in order to reduce fuel consumption and to meet the targets of future emission levels.e. Appropriate mass flow management is achieved by controlling the clearances in turbine modules.Assessment of Optimization Algorithms for Winglet Design An efficient and robust optimization procedure has been set up coupling a parametric CAD model. Multi-disciplinary integration and rapid development capabilities deliver excellent responses for economic optimization because many trade-off configurations are able to reduce time and cost. A high turbine efficiency can be achieved through the careful aerodynamic analysis of blade designs. by controlling the distances between static and rotating parts of the turbine. The multiphysics approach allows the management of this complex problem from the preliminary design phase to the operational in-flight conditions. a structured mesh generator and a Navier-Stokes solver. “Time to market and cost reduction are the main reasons for applying CAE and VP in our sector. A drag reduction of 3% for the trimmed aircraft with the designed winglets installed has been estimated. i. In other words. air distribution line design and trade-off studies. Winglets suitable for a business class aircraft have been designed and optimized in a complete system configuration. including engines in flight. . it is better to approach the global technical problem in a parallel way rather than in a sequential one and. fluid dynamic problems are approached with innovative tools and methodologies that define the architecture and optimize the performance from the conceptual phase to the final detailed design of the complete system. as well as by the proper management of mass flows during the entire engine flight. In order to investigate the performance of other optimization configurations. the technical philosophy is right. Architecture and Performance Optimization of the ECS System from Concept to Detail Design In the design process of Environmental Control Systems (ECS) at Alenia Aermacchi. A/C cabin thermal environment evaluations and occupants’ thermal comfort are the building blocks of the robust multi-disciplinary optimization process.

the main European aircraft manufacturer (Airbus). Continuous Investments in R&D The core of this project is the development of a trade-off study. as well as leading research institutions in the field of aeronautics to provide a step change for low emission engines by introducing innovative core configurations to strongly reduce CO2 and NOX emissions. In order to determine the most promising solutions among those considered. The findings from the project will make a significant impact. Space food production with regenerative systems is a long term project addressed by ESA (the European Space Agency) with the MELiSSA programme (Micro Ecological Life Support System Alternative). designed to compare several different structures incorporating new technologies. soybean and durum wheat. HYSSE addresses the development of a sealed system for the roots so that the rhyzosphere environment can be characterized and studied in standalone mode. . economic and environmental benefits at a European level. The aim of VOCAL-FAN is the development of a sub-assembly dedicated to a new generation of starter/generators for regional aircraft and bizjets. with the aim of improving both the aerodynamic and acoustical performance of the system.This project is aimed at developing an innovative design for a sealed gully hydroponic system for the production of food utilising regenerative systems in space travel applications such as space stations. the aerospace sector has paid increasing attention to the need to properly design cooling fans in order to reduce their aerodynamic noise. manufacture and test a ground-based pilot test facility to carry out full life cycles of three crops: potato. the different solutions will be compared on the basis of suitably-selected figures of merit. The activities comprise the development and exploitation of a methodology suitable for the optimization of the fan and duct geometries of electrical machines. The aerodynamic and reacting flow results derived from this work will be useful for future NEWAC activities concerning the development of the innovative Injection System based on the PERM concept and the final optimization of the Avio Combustor configuration in order to meet performance targets for pollutant emissions. The project will develop. NEWAC is an initiative from the Engine Industry Management Group that integrates European aero engine manufacturers. with the objective of reducing the weight of the structure. small and medium enterprises and industries providing innovative technologies. introducing fundamental technology innovations into wing components and achieving significant technical. During the recent years. enhancing its mechanical properties and reducing the cost and effort involved in the production and maintenance phases of the components. lunar bases and Mars exploration.

Germany. Brazil. Aerospace & Defence. EnginSoft was founded in 1984 by Stefano Odorizzi. Portugal.U SA EnginSoft is an international consulting firm operating in the field of Simulation Based Engineering Science (SBES). EnginSoft’s team of highly-qualified engineers possess extensive expertise in leading engineering simulation technologies and operate in close integration with many other partner companies around the globe. Energy.NO R D I C E U R O P E . Civil Engineering. EnginSoft is present in France. EnginSoft Group ITALY Phone: +39 0461 915391 FRANCE Phone: +33 1 41 22 99 30 GERMANY Phone: +49 69 66408830 UNITED KINGDOM Phone: +44 2476 997160 NORDIC EUROPE Phone: +46 46 286 89 00 USA Phone: +1 650 521 0243 Key partner in Design Process Innovation . who has been working in SBES since the mid ‘70s. EnginSoft has been at the forefront of technological innovation and remains a catalyst for change in the way SBES and CAE technologies are applied in several industrial sectors. the UK and the U.S. Sweden. EnginSoft has key partnerships with major international companies located in ITALY . Headquartered in Italy.U NI T E D K I NG D O M .enginsoft. Turkey.S.A.A. Oil & Gas. Consumer Goods and Biomechanics.FRAN C E . Throughout its long history. Additionally. Israel.GERM AN Y . Today. including: Automotive.www. Japan and the info@enginsoft.