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UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS URBANA-CHAMPAIGN OFFICE OF CLINICAL EXPERIENCES EDPR 442: Secon !"# S$% en$ Te!c&'n( O)*e"+!$'on Fo", Candidates Name: Cathy Gorman Content: American Studies Semester: 2 Date: 03-05-2014 School: Centennial Grade: 11 Coo eratin! "eacher: #yle $ac%son Su er&isor: Cathy Gorman 'esson "o ic(Content Area)s*: +ndustriali,ation and -r.ani,ation -nit /.ser&ation 0: 2
1atin! Scale: /utstandin! )/*2 Com etent )C*2 De&elo in! )D*2 -nacce ta.le )-*2 No o ortunity to 3ud!e )N* +NS"1-C"+/N 4 5sta.lishin! Community and De&elo in! +n6uirin! 7inds 1atin! Con$en$ -no./e (e: Un e"*$!n * cen$"!/ conce0$*1 ,e$&o * o2 'n3%'"#1 !n *$"%c$%"e* o2 '*c'0/'ne* !n c"e!$e* /e!"n'n( O%$*$!n 'n( e40e"'ence* $&!$ !"e ,e!n'n(2%/ 2o" !// *$% en$*5 Demonstrates accurate content %no8led!e9 Articulates content %no8led!e into instructional
o.3ecti&es9 -tili,es a &ariety o: teachin! resources9 5n!a!es students in acti&ities !eneratin! and testin! %no8led!e

Comments: ;ou are doin! a lot o: researchin! yoursel: to ro&ide students 8ith e<cellent in:ormation=
H%,!n De+e/o0,en$ !n Le!"n'n(: Un e"*$!n * &o. c&'/ "en /e!"n !n 0"o+' e* +!"#'n( /e!"n'n( o00o"$%n'$'e* $o *%00o"$ e+e/o0,en$ o2 !// c&'/ "en
Desi!ns instruction to meet indi&idual student needs9 Stimulates student re:lection on rior %no8led!e and lin%s 8ith ne8 ideas and e< eriences9 >ro&ides :or multi le&els o: conce tuali,ation .y introducin! conce ts at di::erent le&els


Comments: 7a%in! connections 8ith Chica!o and ersonal stories o: immi!rants=;ou ha&e added ictures to your >o8er>oint="here is still a lot o: in:ormation co&ered= Do you :eel that you still mi!ht need to narro8 the content in a day?s lesson@ D'+e"*'$#: De,on*$"!$e* *en*'$'+'$# $o '+e"*'$# O%$*$!n 'n(
Aacilitates a learnin! community in 8hich indi&idual di::erences are res ected9 -ses cultural di&ersity and indi&idual student di::erences to enrich instruction9 1es ects all students and reco!ni,es im ortance o: race2 ethnic .ac%!round2 !ender2 a!e2 class2 reli!ion2 lan!ua!e2 or e<ce tionality to community culture

P/!nn'n( 2o" In*$"%c$'on: Un e"*$!n * 'n*$"%c$'on!/ 0/!nn'n( !n *$% en$*1 co,,%n'$#1 !n c%""'c%/%, (o!/* e*'(n* 'n*$"%c$'on )!*e %0on 6no./e (e o2 '*c'0/'ne1

O%$*$!n 'n(

Creates short and lon! term lans to assure student learnin!9 Creates lesson lans 8ith clear ur ose2 or!ani,ation2 detail2 includin! instructional lannin! :or indi&idual student needs9 >lans many lessons inde endently9 7eets lannin! and re aration deadlines9 >lans and mana!es routine classroom rocedures9 A.le to ad3ust :or non-routine classroom needs9 Accesses and uses a 8ide ran!e o: in:ormation and instructional technolo!ies

Comments: ;our lans are e<tensi&e and co&er all the tem late re6uirements com letely= Both your daily and lon!-ran!e lans are e&ident= ;our stron! lannin! is hel in! you mo&e your curriculum :or8ard in a ti!ht 8ay 8ithout 8astin! time=


Le!"n'n( En+'"on,en$7 M!n!(e,en$: C"e!$e* ! /e!"n'n( en+'"on,en$ $&!$ enco%"!(e* 0o*'$'+e *oc'!/ 'n$e"!c$'on1 !c$'+e en(!(e,en$ 'n /e!"n'n( !n *e/2-,o$'+!$'on
Antici ates .eha&ior ro.lems and lans re&entati&e techni6ues and measures9 5sta.lishes e< ectations and holds students accounta.le to ma<imi,e learnin! time9 Aacilitates a community 8here students assume res onsi.ility2 8or%s colla.orati&ely and inde endently2 and en!a!e in meanin!:ul learnin! e< eriences9 Demonstrates a &ariety o: e::ecti&e .eha&ior mana!ement techni6ues9 Catches and is res onsi.le :or all areas o: the classroom9 -ses ro<imity9 -ses ositi&e rein:orcement9 Consistently maintains an en!a!in! and orderly learnin! en&ironment

O%$*$!n 'n(

Comments: Students 8ere res onsi&e and en!a!ed= "he class tone 8as acce tin! and res ect:ul=
In*$"%c$'on!/ De/'+e"#: Un e"*$!n * !n %*e* ! +!"'e$# o2 'n*$"%c$'on!/ $ec&n'3%e*
>resents in:ormation clearly and ma%es content rele&ant to students9 5&aluates student achie&ement and uses alternati&e teachin! strate!ies as needed9 -ses introductory2 transitional2 and concludin! statements :or :luency o: lesson9 5licits ma<imum student artici ation and res onse9 >aces instruction e::ecti&ely9 1es onds a ro riately to students9 +m lements &aried 6uestionin! techni6ues9 Ad3usts teachin! style to student needs9 -ses technolo!y to enhance students learnin!


Comments: ;ou sho8ed a more com:orta.le deli&ery style= Great &oice &ariety9 your &oice is &ery easy to hear and listen to= Still 8or% on 8ays to ha&e more student res onse= ;ou did as% 6uestions and ro&ide more 8ait time= DCe tal%ed a.out this 8hen 8e tal%ed a.out in&entions= = = = D ;ou are still doin! most o: the ela.oratin! a:ter a short student res onse= "hin% a.out 8ays to !et them to ela.orate@ Co,,%n'c!$'on: U*e* e22ec$'+e co,,%n'c!$'on $ec&n'3%e* $o 2o*$e" !c$'+e 'n3%'"#1 co//!)o"!$'on1 !n *%00o"$'+e 'n$e"!c$'on O%$*$!n 'n(
5::ecti&ely &aries &olume and rate o: s eech9 S ellin!2 !rammar2 mechanics o: 8ritin!9 Creates &aried o ortunities :or all students to use e::ecti&e 8ritten2 &er.al2 non-&er.al2 and &isual communication9 Demonstrates mastery o: standard 5n!lish9 :luent2 clear2 e< ressi&e9 Communicates 8ith and challen!es students in a su orti&e manner and ro&ides students 8ith constructi&e

Comments: ;ou use a :ormal manner o: s eech alon! 8ith so histicated use o: &oca.ulary= $ust a :e8 times2 Dand stu::=D A**e**,en$: Un e"*$!n * !n %*e* ! +!"'e$# o2 2o",!/ !n 'n2o",!/ !**e**,en$ *$"!$e('e* No O00 $o 8% (e
De&elo s test materials9 Assesses understandin! accurately ):ormati&e assessment*9 7onitors student learnin! )Summati&e assessment*9 -ses assessment results to ali!n and modi:y instruction9 Accurately communicates ro!ress to students and arents9 7aintains records

Comments: "ell me a.out this= + did see :ormati&e assesssments includin! 8ritin! assessments in your lon! ran!e lans= Co//!)o"!$'+e Re/!$'on*&'0*: Fo*$e"* "e/!$'on*&'0* .'$& co//e!(%e*1 0!"en$*1 *$% en$*1 co,,%n'$# O%$*$!n 'n(
+nitiates colla.oration 8ith others and creates situations 8here colla.oration 8ill enhance student learnin!9 Cor%s 8ith collea!ues to :oster an e::ecti&e learnin! climate in the school9 Acti&e in contacts 8ith arents(!uardians9 Demonstrates con:erencin! s%ills9 5::ecti&e u.lic relations s%ills9 "a%es initiati&e to contact community resources9 >ro&ides constant student encoura!ement and assistance9 >romotes sel: con:idence in students

Comments: 7r= $ac%son com limented you in his Ee said you 8ere &ery much a art o: the Social Studies de artment= Re2/ec$'on !n P"o2e**'on!/ G"o.$&: Con$'n%!//# e+!/%!$e* &o. c&o'ce* !n !c$'on* !22ec$ $&e /e!"n'n( co,,%n'$# O%$*$!n 'n(
>artici ates in ro:essional dialo!ue to su ort o8n learnin! and de&elo ment9 Acti&ely see%s and shares instructional resources 8ith collea!ues9 -ses classroom o.ser&ation2 in:ormation a.out students2 eda!o!ical %no8led!e2 :or acti&e re:lection and re&ision o: ractice



P"o2e**'on!/ Con %c$ !n Le! e"*&'0: Un e"*$!n * e %c!$'on !* ! 0"o2e**'on1 ,!'n$!'n* *$!n !" * o2 0"o2e**'on!/ con %c$1 !n 0"o+' e* /e! e"*&'0 $o ',0"o+e *$% en$ /e!"n'n(
Aollo8s school olicy and rocedures2 res ectin! the .oundaries o: ro:essional res onsi.ilities2 8hen 8or%in! 8ith students2 collea!ues2 and :amilies9 Contri.utes %no8led!e and e< ertise a.out teachin! and learnin! to the ro:ession9 Demonstrates an understandin! o: the uni6ue characteristics o: education as a ro:ession and an understandin! o: the ro:essional code o: conduct as de:ined .y the +llinois School Code

O%$*$!n 'n(

>1/A5SS+/NA' D+S>/S+"+/N P"o2e**'on!/ A$$'$% e En$&%*'!*, 2o" $&e Te!c&'n( P"o2e**'on T!6e* In'$'!$'+e P"o2e**'on!/ A00e!"!nce P"o2e**'on!/ Re*0on*')'/'$'e* )i=e= on time to racticum2
:ollo8s throu!h 8ith ideas and 8or%*

Comments: Stren!ths F Su!!estions


S!$'*2!c$o"# S!$'*2!c$o"# S!$'*2!c$o"# S!$'*2!c$o"# S!$'*2!c$o"# S!$'*2!c$o"# S!$'*2!c$o"#

A00"o0"'!$e In$e"!c$'on* .'$& S$% en$* A00"o0"'!$e In$e"!c$'on* .'$& Coo0e"!$'n( Te!c&e"
1e&ised 12(3(10

/ther Stren!ths F Su!!estions:

;ou ha&e an e<cellent 8or% ethic= "his is an enthusiastic resentation= Continue to 8or% on timin!2 narro8in! 8hat can .e co&ered in one day2 and as%in! students to do more o: the tal%in!= "oday?s lan had a com.ined acti&ity so that it 8asn?t an entire eriod o: >o8er>oint= "he ma acti&ity had to .e mo&ed until tomorro8= Better mo&ement a8ay :rom the com uter= ;ou are still only in the :ront o: the room and more in the corner .y the com uter= Could you consider 8al%in! .ac% 8here + am sittin! and standin! in the .ac% middle and then mo&in! :or8ard@ ;ou did mo&e to8ard the .ac% side some too= Students are as%in! 6uestions .y raisin! their hands= ;ou ac%no8led!e their hands= ;ou are seein! the room= A.out G:402 the >o8er>oint is still not :inished= Chat is a au er@ "a%in! time to clari:y &oca.ulary :or students= Bell had to sto you= ;ou did a 6uic% 8ra -u at the .ell=
5&aluators Si!nature Cathy Gorman Date 03-05-14