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Standard Three: Planning for Differentiated Instruction The competent teacher plans and designs instruction based on content

area knowledge, diverse student characteristics, student performance data, curriculum goals, and the community context. The teacher plans for ongoing student growth and achievement. I chose this artifact to address Standard Three because I believe it demonstrates content various elements of the standard well. This artifact is an appropriate representation of my standard because it displays content area knowledge, diverse student characteristics, and curriculum goals. This artifact displays not only my content knowledge, but the content knowledge I want my students to gain out of this unit. Before I started teaching, I surveyed students to not only get to know them better but to also figure out how they learned best. I gave them several options and the majority of students answered that they learn best through taking notes, class discussions, and simulations. sing this data, I tried to break up my instruction between these areas. There are days of notes where we discuss a certain topic under the umbrella of Industriali!ation and rbani!ation. In addition to this content though, I try to have some sort of simulation or activity to offer another chance to interact with the content. This not only breaks up days of lecture and discussion, but it allows the students to create deeper meaning with the content. This unit plans demonstrates content knowledge but also differentiated instruction based on student data and characteristics. This unit also illustrates fulfillment of "merican #istory curriculum goals within the school. The content standards and the content covered all align with the goals and re$uirements for history set up by the school. %lanning this unit helped me grow as teacher as I tried to plan out several weeks of content and trying to figure out ways to make this content engaging and relevant for the students. I challenged myself to come up with new ideas and new ways to assess their understanding, while also making each assessment worthwhile for the students. &y unit plan went through several drafts before I came up with a set plan for each section. I would come up with an activity and then would later think of something I thought would work much better so I would modify or change that activity. This process helped me organi!e my thoughts while also illustrating that teaching is a fluid process that is always evolving and changing based on the group of students you have and the new insights you are able to bring with experience. I learned the value in planning early so that there is ade$uate time to change and modify instruction as needed.