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Annual Report 2012/13

CONTENTS Foreword What is AIESEC? Programmes We Offer How Can I Get Involved? What Makes AIESEC UCL-SOAS Special A Word From the President The Numbers Companies: Global Internship Programme Companies: Sponsorship and External Events Students: Go Global Exchange Programme Students: Become An AIESEC Member Vision and Mission For 2014 Junior Chamber International (JCI) The Team Closing Thoughts 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 AIESEC UCL-SOAS Annual Report 2012/13 Published by AIESEC UCL-SOAS in Sept 2013 All rights reserved .

AIESEC UCL-SOAS has been a “Key contributor to the National Plenary” in the past year. and become the “Key contributor to the Global Plenary”. and to make a positive impact on society. a world worth fighting for. We live in the most complex. In this context. what is the role of a youth organisation? What is the world the youth of today wants to fight for? How can an organisation utilise the Power of Youth? AIESEC tells the story of youth. AIESEC creates over 21. Here’s to the year ahead. These changing parameters require new type of Leadership (Davos 2013). I am proud to say that we have achieved that and more. AIESEC UCL-SOAS in 2012/13 has had an outstanding growth by Best regards. shaped by adaptive challenges as well as transformational opportunities. This year. Globally. delivering 90 exchange experiences. They have truly managed to make an impact on their student body and corporate society. Furthermore. Our international platform enables young people to explore and develop their leadership potential. a very humble cause. AIESEC UCL-SOAS has created 90 stories of youths. Global Leaders. Get on board the story of youth while there is still time! AIESEC UK has set the ambition to double the output of the organisation to Develop Responsible. where we will get closer to the world the youth wants to fight for. Having delivered 40 exchange experiences the previous year. AIESEC creates over 21.000 youth stories through our exchange programmes.000 youth stories. I have been inspired for the past year by our dedicated members. Globally. 90 stories of developing responsible global leaders. I am more than proud to be able to recognise AIESEC in UCL-SOAS for having shown leadership by example. who worked relentlessly for a bigger cause.FOREWORD “ Leaders imagine a world that they would like to be a part of. Leo Szivo President of AIESEC UK 13/14 1 . – Seth Godin ” interdependent and interconnected era in human history – a reality we know as the hyper-connected world. providing an Inner and Outer Journey – our model of developing leadership. This reality presents a new leadership context.

and bringing graduates from abroad to the UK for internships. Graduates from the UK are sent abroad to work for partner companies in foreign countries. Indonesia? China? Engineering skills? Foreign market analysis? Cambodia? Egypt? Global Internship Programme (GIP) in the UK 2 Global Community Development (“Go Global”) Programme . We develop future leaders with a global understanding by sending students abroad for exchange. AIESEC currently operates in over 110 countries. This gives our partners the chance to engage with students of highest potential from 31 of the world’s top 50 universities. consisting of University College London (UCL) and the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS). Multilingual skills? IT skills? For Students AIESEC UCL-SOAS gives students an opportunity to volunteer for 6 weeks in a foreign country of their choice. There are many different committees of AIESEC. and AIESEC UCL-SOAS is one of the many branches within the UK. We are a joint society. PROGRAMMES WE OFFER For Companies & Graduates AIESEC UCL-SOAS brings talent from around the world to work for partner companies in the UK.WHAT IS AIESEC? AIESEC is a non-profit studentrun organisation that promotes international exchange and youth leadership development.

we sent over 90 students overseas on the Go Global programme.see p.9 WHAT MAKES AIESEC UCL-SOAS SPECIAL The highest performing local committee in the United Kingdom strives to deliver a greater impact. Last year (12/13). in terms of internship opportunities. we have been at the edge of innovation and challenging ourselves since our establishment. and increasing our impact on youth development. In the past year. only AIESEC UCLSOAS organises these open events. Our Global Community Development (“Go Global”) Programme and our Global Internship Programme are the core parts of AIESEC around the world.see p. few societies provide the social and international perspective relevant for graduates in the 21st century. which is the highest number of students sent overseas in AIESEC UK history. university students have unparalleled opportunities to see the world from a whole new perspective. Among all the committees in the UK. we have also organised external events such as the AIESEC Global Village and the London Youth Conference. and mentorship. AIESEC. For more details. This record is no small feat for a single Local Committee. providing us with mentorship and support. being the largest youthrun organisation in the world.6 & 7. 3 . Faced with the unprecedented freedom. The years in university are often described as the best three years of one’s life.see p.6 • Team Member Programme . As the only joint Local Committee consisting of University College London (UCL) and School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) in the UK.see p.8 • Team Member Programme . Other than one’s academic pursuit in university.HOW CAN I GET INVOLVED? My company wants to get involved We are actively looking for companies to become our partners.9 Programmes for graduates • Global Internship Programme (GIP) . year by year. financial support. provides students with this unique experience. We also have a very close partnership with JCI (Junior Chamber International). please see p. Programmes for students • Cultural Envoy for Exchange Development (CEED) • Global Community Development Programme (GCDP) .

a place to discover new potentials where our education Recently. or it can simply be I t is quite difficult My journey in AIESEC literally transformed my views. Go Global Exchange Programme Global Internship Programme 4 Note: Graphics are for illustration purposes only. It is a platform for you to learn and fail. It can be either intense and the grades that I achieved.A WORD FROM THE PRESIDENT system these days seems to neglect. and also through an incredibly international platform where ideas and words meet no boundaries. More importantly. including. it encourages youth to work towards a greater goal – to achieve the betterment of able to impact positively on the local community. they do not reflect absolute numbers. More importantly. It was an amazing experience that allowed me to immerse and understand a different culture. something to fill up your CV. Once you find the connection between the AIESEC values and your beliefs. it will be an incredible journey that shapes who you are today. Benjamin Chuah President of AIESEC UCL-SOAS 12/13 THE NUMBERS AIESEC UCL-SOAS sent 90 students on exchange this year to around 15 countries. but challenging. My time in defined by what they want out of university is not enriched by it. my work was Best regards. but not limited to the countries below. We brought 2 graduates to work in London in 2012/13. rather. it was made meaningful by the people whom I share a common aim with. I believe everyone’s AIESEC experience is the society. to summarise my AIESEC experience because my journey in AIESEC literally transformed my views and perspectives in life. I had the opportunity to volunteer in Estonia for 6 weeks. To summarise. .

433 £7. £980 £97 £1. 132 people accepted their offer. and 90 people embarked on their life-exchanging journey.805 Internship Fees Exchange Fees Other Income Student Exchange Expenditure Membership Development Intern Expenditure Conferences Expenditure 5 Other Expenditure .450 £25. and also sent the highest number of students abroad.651 £1. Applications Paid Went We received the highest number of applications out of all the committees in the UK.471 Income 12/13 Expenditure £51.Go Global Exchange Programme Global Internship Programme Brazil China From Brazil Colombia Egypt India Estonia From the USA AIESEC UCL-SOAS received 516 applications for our Go Global Exchange Programme.200 £10.

I developed so much that as my internship was nearing its end. I went to Norway where I spent the next two months undergoing training. we are able to recruit candidates fluent in specific languages and with skills that may be difficult to source for within the UK. Ricardo Costa. proven leadership experience and foreign market insight. Using our global network. I had one of the most amazing experiences in my entire life through the Global Internship Programme (GIP) with AIESEC. truly ensuring your access to talent anywhere in the world. AIESEC is supported by the OISC in Tier 5 Visa applications. I travelled to London where I worked for 16 months for Venatrack Ltd. We select 3 . In addition. both personally and professionally. making us very competitive compared to conventional employment agencies. working in Mangahigh in London ” Developing Leadership Through Global Internships ! . After being selected for the internship. USA.INCOMING EXCHANGE TEAM (ICX) Our Global Internship Programme is simple and customised.COMPANIES GLOBAL INTERNSHIP PROGRAMME . AIESEC is a global non-profit organisation. MY GIP EXPERIENCE sharing unique insights into world markets. AIESEC interns bring an international spirit and culture to the work environment. In fact. Living in London and interacting with all of the other AIESEC trainees made me grow a lot. and I will treasure the friendships forged throughout my AIESEC experience! My utmost thanks to AIESEC for this opportunity! 6 “ My experience here in London through the AIESEC programme has been phenomenal! .5 best candidates based on your requests for you to interview. I received a permanent job offer at Venatrack Ltd! I know that I will take the cultural and technical knowledge I learnt from here. Our programme is hassle-free and customised. thereby enriching corporate diversity. AIESEC can provide your company with high-calibre human resources solutions through our access to talent from over 113 countries with a wide range of qualifications and skills to fit into your business. our talent have well-established global networks. and AIESEC’s GIP provides companies with talent that cannot be easily sourced within the UK.Helen Park. Brazil Without a doubt. an IT company that develops computer systems for the Premier League. Afterwards. We offer cost efficient sourcing and recruitment with an incomparable global reach.

Momentum is building and we are optimistic that next year we will see greater numbers! With the theme of “Redefining Success”. Speakers including hedge fund consultant Muzaffar Khan shared their stories with the audience. TargetJobs and CIMA for financial and logistics support for our events and programmes for the year. Timeline of events for 2013/14 TEDx SquareMile An independent TED talk event organised by JCI and supported by AIESEC UCL-SOAS members Workshop co-organised with Thoughworks (tentative) DECEMBER OCTOBER FEBRUARY 7 London Youth Conference Global Village . This is the third year that we have organised our Global Village event. STA. allowing participants to experience a rich global diversity within the proximity of the campus. The food. We are extremely grateful for the assistance that our valued liaising partners have extended.EXTERNAL RELATIONS TEAM (ER) We need your support to truly make an impact. with the aim of making this the biggest and most anticipated event for youths in London every year. and we have faith that with your support we can deliver a bigger impact on our members and our local community. This year. empowering them to redefine success and achieve their dreams.COMPANIES SPONSORSHIP & EXTERNAL EVENTS . we look forward to increasing our number of partners. performances and displays attracted over 700 participants. In the coming year. we liaised with HostelsClub. which was a record number of turnout for this event. We showcased over 20 different national cultures through 30 different societies in UCL. the AIESECJCI London Youth Conference provided a platform for 100 youths to share their dreams. and to empower themselves to achieve their goals. Above: The Nyanga Panpipes Society shows off their musical skills at the Global Village 12/13 Left: Group photo at the London Youth Conference 12/13 “External events” is the reason that makes AIESEC UCL-SOAS stand out from the other LCs. This conference was met with very positive feedback and we will continue to host this in the years to come.

efficient and sustainable. it is worth noting that AIESEC UCL-SOAS is the first committee in AIESEC UK history to have broken the milestone of raising 100 exchange experiences. James Rafiki Connery I have been astonished by Colombia. In 2012-13. For this reason our EPs have found their matching process quick. Thanks to AIESEC for shaping my life here and for opening your hand and heart to such an underdeveloped young man. We are proud to state that we have offered our EPs with the highest quality service possible. Our team will ensure you the highest quality exchange possible to countries as geographically. we continue to offer support to our EPs whilst they are in a foreign country. at the edge of your very own fingertips. With these figures in mind. food learning. I wasn't embarrassed in the least when I cried my last words to my host family. Indonesia. I don't think I have grown so close to one place in such a short amount of time as I have done so with Ibague and the people there. Should you be reading this now and are spurred on by the desire to join us on exchange next year. China. What I have learnt here will be unbeatable for a long time to come and I can't wait to continue my language learning. we have facilitated 132 people to go on exchange within the span of 9 months. culturally and economically diverse such as Tunisia. Russia. working around the clock to ensure that their queries and needs are being met. on a range of projects from education and healthcare to environmental protection.STUDENTS MY EXCHANGE EXPERIENCE GO GLOBAL .OUTGOING EXCHANGE TEAM (OGX) AIESEC UCL-SOAS is the first committee in AIESEC UK history to have broken the milestone of raising 100 exchange participants. the places I have been. the best summer experience imaginable remains within your grasp. all the wonderful experiences I have had have all made a massive impact on me. when I had to break the news to the 3 year old girl that I couldn't attend her birthday party because I 'wouldn't be here any more'. Moreover. With this in mind. Brazil and Kenya. love learning all around the world in the same way that I learnt here. then this is the right time to do it. Colombia. The people I have met. Truly Experience Life Through Exchange 8 . Widen your horizons with AIESEC’s Go Global Programme. with 90 people who actually embarked on their life-changing journey. acting as a communication link between them and their hosting AIESEC chapters. Vietnam.

raising a total of £317.STUDENTS BECOME AN AIESEC MEMBER .50 which was entirely donated to Shelter from the Storm to provide accommodation and food for the homeless. Timeline of events for 2013/14 Orientation Freshers’ Fair and information sessions for interested students Meetings Weekly meetings throughout the year to learn and bond with each other Induction Conference 5-day conference to develop leadership and meet fellow AIESEC-ers in the UK Leadership Development Seminar National Strategic Conference OCTOBER SEPTEMBER NOVEMBER DECEMBER FEBRUARY Christmas Ball MARCH JUNE Halloween Boat Party Recruitment Assessment centre to screen for members Jailbreak Challenge 2014 9 .for free! Build up your organisational skills and teamwork Opportunities to participate in business networking events that are not normally open to students Challenge yourself and learn through failure Hitchhike as far away from London as possible to raise funds for charity in our Jailbreak Challenge! Participate in fun socials and make even more friends! Jailbreaking for charity David (left) and his teammates Aravin (centre) and Lydia (right) travelled 589 km from London to Cologne without using a single pound! The team received donations from audience online and donors they met on the way. Things You Can Do As An AIESEC Member • • • • • • • • • • • • Make an impact on youth leadership development Meet like-minded friends from all around the world Learn about different cultures from locals from different countries Go to weekly skill sessions and build your leadership skills Attend national conferences to meet people from the 17 local committees in AIESEC UK Realise your dream events by working together with your team! Listen to amazing speakers such as TEDx speaker Marcus Orlovsky speak .TALENT MANAGEMENT TEAM (TM) AIESEC focuses on the development of our own members too.

and to take the initiative to undertake the challenges that the world faces. “Developing responsible global leaders” has always been the motto of AIESEC around the world. While words motivate and dreams drive us. louder than words. It is indubitably a bold statement for a group of ordinary young adults still in university. “For peace and  ful fi lment  of humankind’s potential” has been what AIESEC envisioned for the world as AIESEC UK celebrates its 60th Anniversary this year. UCL-SOAS will continue our tradition and soar to greater heights. members. We have already established a Local Advisory Board. we hope to help more youths to realise their potential. unrivalled expertise in human resource and exchange management. Through our unique  exchange  and team experiences. which consists of a group of extremely passionate AIESEC alumni and experienced JCI (Junior Chamber International) board Dream Big." Needless to say. Actions speak Develop Responsible Global Leaders 10 . but also the communities where they were based. Our vision for next year is "Dream big. actions allow us to deliver the promises we make. AIESEC UK and UCL-SOAS have sent more students abroad than ever.  we have achieved goals that exceed the wildest dreams of many people. Last year alone. The newly formed board will provide our Local Committee with Act Bigger.  In the coming year. AIESEC UK sent over 800 students on a lifechanging experience that was not only life changing for them. Over the past 60 years.VISION AND MISSION FOR 2014 Continuous work for the peace and fulfilment of humankind’s potential. Act bigger".

JUNIOR CHAMBER INTERNATIONAL (JCI) JCI London & AIESEC UCL-SOAS have been collaborating closely in recent years to extend our impact on the community. As proud partners of AIESEC. we mutually benefit as organisations. which featured an amazing collection of diverse speakers. Our joint efforts and ability are witnessed in the reviews of those attending our events and in our teams.The Future of Work".  Two standout collaborations have been the highly successful 2012 "TEDxSquareMile . national and local levels. The AIESEC UCL-SOAS and JCI London partnership is not limited to organising projects. We believe that actively actualising dreams far exceeds even the best of passive ideas. with AIESEC as part of the core organising team for the event again. We look forward to the next TEDxSquareMile in 2013. The second standout event was the London Youth Conference. sharing advice and personal stories to inspire young people. JCI and AIESEC have official partnerships at global. JCI London and AIESEC UCL-SOAS have enjoyed a particularly exciting collaboration in recent years. As we share our successes and support each other through our challenges. We attend each other's events and JCI sits on the AIESEC advisory board. On this occasion AIESEC led and JCI supported by providing an industry relevant Q&A and as advisors for the organising committee. In 2013/14 our ambitions are higher than ever before. JCI and AIESEC share very similar missions and visions. AIESEC had key roles in the meticulous planning and execution of the day. AIESEC-JCI London Youth Conference Dexter Dash Vice President of JCI London 12/13 11 . Between September 2013 and December 2015 JCI and AIESEC will seek to continue the legacy of creating great moments that we can carry in our hearts for the rest of our lives.

THE TEAM AIESEC UCL-SOAS EXECUTIVE BOARD 13/14 Chuanyu Gao President Danwen Chau VP Finance Jo Stefani VP OGX Arka Raina VP ICX Angel Lok VP TM Tammy Lai VP ER Shushan Nalbandyan OGX Manager Jihoon Hong ICX Manager Romana Khan ER Manager Dayle Burnett Quarry TM Manager 12 Kelvin Woon TM Manager .

As the incoming leadership team of AIESEC UCL-SOAS 13/14. and that you have gained insights into the workings of our youth organisation. We hope to be the agents of change in London. we are committed to undertaking the challenge of making a positive impact on our community. Despite our relative youth.CLOSING THOUGHTS reading this annual report. we hope that more youths will develop into responsible global leaders. However. we hope to be the agents of change in London and the UK and you can be a part of this. we would like to express our sincerest gratitude for the outgoing leadership team. With the vision of "Dream big. your special connection with AIESEC UCL-SOAS does not stop here. who will promote peace through cultural understanding. The legacy that I hope that you have enjoyed they have built will be passed on to the incoming team. As we start the new year. We look forward to hearing from you soon and we hope AIESEC UCL-SOAS will make a lasting impression on you and your organisation. Best regards. Act bigger" this year. See you soon! Chuanyu Gao President of AIESEC UCL-SOAS 13/14 AIESEC UCL-SOAS In a Nutshell Incoming Exchange • Seek internship opportunities for foreign students with companies • Attend & organise business networking events • Meetings with potential partner companies • Looking after interns from abroad Outgoing Exchange • Seek exchange opportunities for UK students with other AIESEC committees • Interview exchange programme applicants • Maintain good relationships with other AIESEC committees and exchange participants External Relations • Seek sponsorships and partnerships • Organise open events to increase publicity • Attend JCI events • Maintain good relationships with partners and other AIESEC committees Talent Management • Development sessions for members • Attend national conferences • Charity events • Socials 13 .

KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON CHANGE LIVES AND AIESEC UCL-SOAS 25 Gordon Street London. United Kingdom WC1H 0AY .com uclsoas@aiesec.