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Cornelius Vanderbilt

AP US 2 Robber Baron Project Period ⅞ Mr. Gibbs

By Elizabeth Jasko Denny Sabo Nishant Nick Cennera Anuj Mishra

Cornelius Vanderbilt Biography ● Vanderbilt born on May 27. 1795 in Staten Island ● Quit school at age 11 ● Started working on his fathers ferry business .

Cornelius Vanderbilt Biography ● ● ● ● Vanderbilt married Sophia Johnson They moved to New York City They lived in a boarding house Had 13 children together ○ One of the children died during childhood .

Cornelius Vanderbilt Industries ● Industry commonly associated with… 1. Railroad . Ferry 2.

he started his own ferry business ○ To start.Cornelius Vanderbilt Ferry Industry ● At age 16. his parents gave him $100 ○ Ferry traveled between New York City and Staten Island ○ Ferry carried people and goods .

Vanderbilt took over ○ Vanderbilt combined his and Gibson’s company ○ Formed one larger Ferry company ● Formed secret alliances with other businessmen .Cornelius Vanderbilt Ferry Industry ● Worked for Thomas Gibson’s Ferry company ○ Manager ○ Got on the job training ● After Gibson died.

Cornelius Vander Railroad Industry ● At the time. railroads were useless ● Vanderbilt took interest in railroads ● Saw railroads as another way to get people from place to place ● Because of his fortune he could invest in many railroads ● Most railroads are still owned by the Vanderbilt family .

Cornelius Vanderbilt Impact on America ● Gold Rush~ ○ People needed a fast way to get across the country ○ Vanderbilt created a ferry that went through the Panama channel ○ This created a… i. A faster way to get across the country ii. Made Vanderbilt richer ○ Vanderbilt created railroads in the New York area that also helped with transportation . A safer way to get across the country iv. Cheaper way to move people/goods iii.

Cornelius Vanderbilt Legacy ● Invested in areas like ferries/railroads ○ Started a transportation revolution ○ Owned/Operated many ferries in north east area ○ Developed the railroad system ○ Owned 13 railroads .

Cornelius Vanderbilt Legacy ● Became one of the richest people in America ○ Estimated fortune of $100 million ● Vanderbilt University (Tennessee) ○ Named after Vanderbilt .

Vanderbilt lived to age 82 .After Johnson died.Crawford was 48 years younger than Vanderbilt 5. he married Frank Armstrong Crawford 4.Vanderbilt’s great-great grandfather was an indentured servant when he came to America 2.Sophia Johnson (Vanderbilt’s wife) was his cousin 3.Cornelius Vanderbilt Fun Facts 1.