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Manoria campaign setting (alpha)

A lot of this stuff is most likely still subject to change. I havent gotten the time to go in depth with it yet, and give a colorful and good explanation of this universe. Hopefully this will cover a little bit of what to expect.

Geography and History

Manoria is a land, which traces its history back more than thousands of years. Its a land vastly explored and known, however rigid mountains, deep grooving forests, and endless steppes are still uninhabited, and rarely tread food upon. Most races of Manoria fare best in solitude and live in cities or villages, scattered about the landscape. The Homenstead empire Homenstead is the name of the largest city of Manoria. -Its most commonly referred to as the capital by humans, and most other races as well-. It is said that the human people of Manoria came across the great sea from west, to settle upon this land. They ventured through the steppes and Forrest's from the west, until they finally sat their eyes upon the river of Manoarth. The human settlers flourished here for years, making great use of the lands resources, before expanding their view upon the land. Homestead is said to be over five thousand years old, and have withstood and survived many wars in Manoria thus far in history. -People from these lands call themselves Manorians The Mvarock empire The second largest empire in Manoria, build upon the top of the great spine. It didnt take more than a few hundred years, before the humans began to fight between themselves for territory, influence, and power. A Branch of the royal family and its followers left the Homenstead region, in search for new land to build upon, and thus not in vain. And Mvarock is the prove. Uncanny will and hard work of the people who wanted a new king, forged this great empire up north. It is not known why faith decided this twist of turns, leading to complete separation of the once united humans. However reason enough had it, that the two empires went to war many times, after the separation. -People from these northern parts call themselves **** (havent gotten a name yet) The Great Spine, and Manoarth The great spine is the mountain range, erupting from the Middle-northern part of Manoria, and spreading all across the continent. The mountain dwarves once inhabited these beautiful peeks and slopes in the landscape, but they were utterly defeated in war, upon the arrival of the humans. The mountains now stand tall on the landscape, mostly inhabited by giants and dragons these days. Manoarth is a saying for the peoples heart. The humans named this big river, erupting under the head of the Great spine, just after settling there. The humans of Homenstead use this river as their source of water for their crops, livestock, and fishing. The river truly is the outspring and source of life that bathed the land in wealth, and there for the name.

Manoria campaign setting (alpha)

The Hollowed lands The Hollowed lands midlands is consisting of endless steppes and a unvegetated soil to anyones purview. Few people have been stubborn enough to settle in the midlands in attempt to live there. The dead and pointless midlands, have been fought over for thousands of years by goblins, trolls, and orcs. The steppes are still nonsensically patrolled by the same creatures to this point of date. To the east lies a mossy and foggy region over the midlands. Both elves and dwarves have sought refuge and settled here, after the breaking of the Clannard treaty about one hundred years ago. Dwarves inhabit the mountains there, while the elves takes comfort however they can in the marshes. The Neaulet port also lies here, build by men, elves, and dwarfs at the blissful age (the about 100 years of peace after the signing of the Clannard treaty). Clannard The southern lands called Clannard, were once inhabited by a mix of races. Increasingly by dwarves and elves the closer to its capital you would travel. This land was originally given to the dwarves and elves, as a sign of trust by the Manorians. The city flourished in a manner no one would never have guessed. The high tales of Clannard and its capital made any person want to see it for themselves. The city made such tremendous progress, in the few hundred years that this time came to be called the blissful age. This may have been the reason, that the Homenstead empire suddenly turned to destroy the fast growing domineering land, of different races. Despite the short era, in the eyes of dwarves and elves, the time is still spoken about with outmost reverence, and stating a perfect example that peace, is in fact not impossible. To this point and day, Clannard is still an independent land to the southeast, almost out of reach of the empire.

Ahnta Tha Little is known about this land. But humans and dwarves know, that this frozen island have been inhabited by Elves for hundreds of years. Truth is that elves have lived here for thousands, distancing themselves from all other kin -even other elves-. The Ahntathalian elves live on this frosted island in their own wellbeing, and does seem care about the rest of the world.