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ing our free market system to a socialist, collec- Eisenhower’s administration set up these little Quigley, relates how

, relates how these elite families decided

tivist, planned economy. They wanted to change cells in our communities to implement socialism early on that they had to control both major par-
social studies to reflect what was good in social- in the United States. He was the first president to ties. Thus, the controlled “sheep” going to the
ism versus our past history. sign extensive agreements in space, art, music, edu- polls would not know that there was really any
cation, etc., with the Soviets. difference.
The high-level financial manipulators in Ameri-
can history were actually favorably inclined to- ============================================= Former Education Secretary William Bennett
ward socialism, despite what many people think “It has nothing to do with educa- is widely promoted as a top conservative thinker
otherwise. tion. It has to do with reaching in reforming American education. But you con-
Absolutely. They didn’t miss a beat. In the early the lowest common denomina- tend that he is trying to destroy the legitimate
part of the 20th century, the plans were made to tor and getting rid of any aca- home school movement in America. Could you
change America, first by creating wars, and then demics because corporations comment on him?
making plans to keep America from sliding back don’t want intelligent workers.” In the 1980s Bennett approved a character edu-
to the way it was before. The Rockefellers and cation program, which I considered a destructive
the other financial interests were part of all of this ============================================= values-clarification type of program which has
and they focused on the system of education. The However, the agreement that Regan and resulted in incidents like the shooting at Colum-
Carnegie element focused on the international Carnegie Corp. signed with the Soviets in 1985 bine school in Colorado.
aspects. The Rockefeller element focused on the was the most extensive ever. Carnegie got involved He’s not what people think he is. He’s going
national aspects. with the Soviets in preparing computer-assisted into states with his kindergarten to grade 12 com-
In the 1930s, at the same time the Carnegie instruction for early elementary education in the puter-assisted instruction in all the disciplines. His
group was calling for a planned economy and area of “critical thinking.” first state was Ohio where he set up a federally-
education geared toward that—they called it a I worked in the Department of Education, so a funded charter school. He’s marketing it for home
“new order”—they were promoting the pilot plan lot of what I am talking about I learned while schoolers, especially.
for outcome-based education or OBE. working there. Bennett has big meetings explaining how won-
OBE does away with the four years of math I was fired in 1982 for leaking a very impor- derful it is. If any home schools go for it, they
and science and individualizes education for chil- tant document related to technology in computer- will effectively become public schools. He ad-
dren which is necessary for training for the assisted instruction in all of the schools of the mits to people that if their children participate in
workforce. That was piloted in the 1930s. Then country. I thought I should let the press have it this program: “You will no longer be a home
came World War II, which was planned, and after and I did. I knew I was going to get fired so I got schooler. You will be enrolling in a public char-
that we had the United Nations (which had actu- a lot of confidential documents which proved ex- tered school.” If a student schooled at home uses
ally been created three years earlier). actly what was coming down the line. A lot of that curriculum, he or she is then really a public
In 1965 the Carnegie Corporation was deeply these documents appear in my book. It represents school student and subject to government control.
involved in the Elementary and Secondary Edu- a complete internationalization of our education
cation Act. In 1969, Carnegie paid for and devel- system. You’re also quite critical of the Bush adminis-
oped the National Assessment, which is the test tration.
that President Bush has now mandated for the first So here we had Ronald Regan shaking the sa- Bill Clinton as president was bad enough, but
time that all children will take. This test is 60 per- ber at the “Evil Empire” when he was really I can really take off with George W. Bush.
cent attitudinal. It measures your children as to dealing with them on a critical matter affecting Take his faith-based initiative. It does nothing
whether or not they are politically correct in their the future of American education. more than provide federal money to the churches
outlook. Every child will have to take this test. Before I went into the Reagan administration, to control the churches. Vouchers for education,
Every home school or private school that takes a I wouldn’t listen to those Regan critics in the to get control of education. Community service?
penny of federal money will have to take this test. United Republicans of California. I thought they Volunteerism? Look at the community Oriented
In 1985 came what, for many people, was the big- were just bad-mouthing this wonderful guy. I went Policing System: police are assuming the role of
gest shocker of all: the Carnegie corporation and into the department of Education and learned the social workers.
President Ronald Regan signed agreements with hard way. After I was fired, I wrote him a letter And Americans are so dumbed down that they
the Soviet Union which virtually merged the two (and I know he got it) but I never got a response. don’t see anything wrong with that. All of this is
educational systems of the two nations. It was after that I finally read Here’s the Rest to condition our children to the presence of po-
However, the first agreement was signed with of Him, by Kent H. Steffgen, the book that was lice in their lives, because the future is going to
Dwight Eisenhower in 1958. This actually car- critical of Regan when he was governor of Cali- be nothing other than that.
ried out what Norman Dodd was told during the fornia. I want people to understand that we all
congressional investigations in 1953 of the tax- --------------------------------------------------
make these mistakes. We all want to believe the
exempt foundations. best about people. I am certainly one that went Charlotte Iserbyt’s book, The Deliberate
Dodd was told by Rowan Gaither, president of that route and I was burned. That’s why I had to Dumbing Down of America, a massive 750-page
the Ford Foundation, that the reason they spent leak that important document. volume in large format, is available at $45.95
their money the way they did, to develop social- People listening have to understand that there (including shipping and handling) from
ism in this country, was because they got these isn’t any difference between the “Controlled Left” 3D Research Co., 1062 Washington St.,
orders from the White House to change America and the “Controlled Right.” They have an identi- Bath, Maine 04530.
so that it could be “comfortably merged” with the cal agenda and as long as Americans continue to To order using visa or Mastercard call
Soviet Union. go to those dumb Republican caucuses and vote (207) 442-0543 or via fax at (207) 442-0551.
People should do a little checking on the record for the Controlled Republicans we will never be The website for the book is
of so many people whom we thought were good able to cure the problems in this country.
Americans. Eisenhower was president at the time Tragedy and Hope, the book by Bill Clinton’s The e-mail address for the author is:
when these orders were issued to the foundations. Georgetown University mentor, professor Carroll