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English Year 3 Lesson Plan

YEAR 3 DAILY LESSON PLAN Subject : English Language Date : 14 th September 2011 Time : 9.20-10.20 a.m Class : Year 3 Enrolment :4 Topic : Transportations Sub topic : How Do You Go To School? Theme : World of Knowledge Focus Skills : Listening , Speaking and Writing Skills :
1.2 Listen to and repeat accurately the correct pronunciation of words, and the correct intonation and word stress of phrases, expressions, and sentences in context 2.1 Speak clearly by pronouncing words 1. accurately Complete texts with the missing word, phrase or sentence 4.4 Construct simple and compound sentences with guidance and independently.

Level / Sub-skills :
1.2 Listen to and repeat accurately the correct pronunciation of words, and the correct intonation and word stress of phrases, expressions, and sentences in context 2.1.2 Pronounce 2-syllable words correctly 4.3.2 Complete missing words in simple texts such as instructions, directions, descriptions, rhymes, stories and other texts (with guidance in the form of words and pictures). 4.4.3 Construct simple sentences independently.

Previous Knowledge :Pupils have observed some of the transportations in their everyday life. Learning Outcomes : By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to: i) State and identify at least 20 names of transports. ii) Complete missing letters in words.
iii) Arrange letters to form words.

(introduction to topic) (Step 2) Presentation : slide show – ask and answer session based on the slide (Step 3) Practice : Fill in the missing letters. boat. Handout (Homework) Teaching And Learning Activities: STAGE/TIME CONTENT TEACHING/LEARNING ACTIVITIES TEACHING RESOURCES/VALUES . 3. Vocabulary train. lorry. bicycle. aeroplane ferry : cautious : puzzle. van. driver. trishaw. taxi. 6. Teaching Learning Activities : Introduction : Greetings. island. ship. ask and answer sessions (Step 1) Set Induction : puzzle. bus. : car. .iv) Form simple sentences by matching sentence parts. Moral Values Teaching and Learning resources album.Talk about the moral value related to the topic. railway station. wheels. 2. (Step 4) Production : Arrange the letters to form word. PowerPoint slide presentation. picture cards. Closure : . bicycle. 4. worksheet 1. photo word cards. motorcycle. LRT . 5. train.

Teaching Aids Pieces of puzzles Sentence parts Substitution table .Set induction (5 minutes) Puzzle 1 1. Teacher introduces sentence patterns. Teacher asks some questions: a) What picture is this? b) How many wheels are they? c) What else transports do you know? d) How do you go to school today? 4. 5) Teacher introduces the topic. 2 Teacher gives direction : · a) Arrange these pieces of puzzle to form a picture. b) How are you today? c) What day is today? d) What day was yesterday? e) What day is tomorrow? f) What is the date today? g) What is the weather today? 2. Teacher distributes pieces of puzzle. 3. Teacher greets the pupils: a) Good morning class.

Teacher shows pupils a slide show on transportations. 2. one. 4. b) Name me at least 5 types of air transports.air transports and water transports: a) Name me at least 5 types of land transports. c) Name me at least 5 types of water transports. 1. 1. 3. Teacher discusses Teaching Aids Slide shows photo album word cards Teaching Aids Slide show . Teacher asks questions: a) What picture is it? b) How many wheel it has? 3. 3. volunteers to fill in the ) 2) Spell the missing letters one by words.1. 2. Teacher shows word cards while pupils say out the words. Teacher asks pupils (20 minutes) to name the transports according to land transports. Teacher introduces 3 types of Presentation transportations: Activity 1 Slide show 5.Teacher shows 1)Fill in the excercise on the slide.Teacher asks ( 15 minutes letters. Practice missing 2.

Teacher give worksheets as a homework to each pupils.Production (15 minutes) the answer with the pupils. the letters 2. 1.html . pupils.blogspot. Teacher discusses to form the answer with the word. 5. e)What are the moral value involve in the this topic? 2. Teaching Aids Slide show Closure ( 5 minutes ) a) lesson summary b) Moral value 1. Teacher ass questions: a) What have you learnt today? b) How many type of transports you learnt today? c)What are they? Teaching Aids d)Name at least 20 worksheets transports you have learnt. Teacher asks volunteers to arrange Enrichment: the letters given in the 1) arrange slide show one by one. Teacher asks the pupils to spell the word. Source: http://cikguginalayang.