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Hisense International Co., Ltd May 10, 2010

China. . household appliances.Hisense Group Profile HISENSE HEADQUARTERS ● Founded in 1969 as a small radio factory in China China. Hisense has grown into a multibillion dollar global conglomerate. H I S E N S E T O W E R Hisense headquarters is located in the beautiful coastal city of Qingdao. and communications and is recognized as a global top 10 player by large business intelligence and industry research institutions. ● Hisense is now a household brand in China for its technology and quality. ● Hisense is recognized as a world leading provider of flat panel TVs.

Joint venture with Whirlpool for the development of innovative appliances 2001. National 2001 “National Quality” award 1979. No. Chairman Zhou.Corporate Milestone 2010. . Joint venture with Hitachi for Air Conditioning . 1 flat TV sales in China 2008.Qingdao #2 Radio Factory 2004. Listed in Shanghai stock market 1969. Acquisition of Kelon and Ronshen 2002. Qingdao TV Factory established 2006. CES keynote speech 1997.

8% HISENSE KELON Hong Kong Exchange: 000921 Shenzhen Exchange: 000921 HISENSE International Group Overseas Branch Companies HISENSE Intelligent Commercial Equipment HISENSE Communications HISENSE Broadband Multimedia 16 more subsidiaries …… .Company Structure 48.4% HISENSE Electronic Shanghai Exchange: 600060 24 8% 24.

Jacky Huang Regional Manager Mr. Director Mrs. Hongxin Liu GM of TV company EVP Dr.Organization Structure Chairman Mr. Qunmao Liang Product Director Mrs. Robin Fan Regional Manager . Okamoto Teiji R&D DGM Mr. Henry Liu TV business Mr. Julia Zhu Dept. Houjian Zhou President Ms Shumin Yu Strategy & Development Committee EVP Mr. Lan Lin GM of Hisense Int’l DGM Mr. Jiren Zhang TV factory DGM Mr. John Huang White goods business DGM Mr. Laura Jiao Regional Manager Mr.

Business Domains Communications Consumer Electronics #1 in flat panel TVs in China for 7 consecutive years Leading technology in TDSCDMA Household Appliances Information Technology gy #1 inverter split AC market share for 13 consecutive years and #2 refrigerator market share in China #1 in POS systems with 40% of the Chinese retail market .

 design.Product Range  Ou  p Our products oducts have a e won o  several se e a   awards at home and abroad in the  name of technology. g   . and  quality q y management.

Algeria and Egypt .2 million Refrigerator: 10.7 million Shunde Guiyang 19 factories worldwide. South Africa.Production Bases and Capacity Xinjiang Yingkou Brown Goods White Goods Beijing TV: 16. including China.9 million Air Conditioner: 9.1 million Liaoning Zibo Qingdao Linyi Yangzhou Nanjing Huzhou Chengdu Mobile: 4.

Overseas Subsidiaries Overseas Production Bases Overseas R&D Centers Overseas Companies Overseas Branches Algeria Industrial Town Egypt Helwan Egypt Silicon Valley USA USA Australia Hong Kong South Africa Belgium Italy Spain Hungary UK Malaysia Russia Algeria Egypt India Kirghizia Saudi Arabia Canada Chicago USA Belgium South Africa .

2 billion.154 Group Total sales revenue for 2009 was $8.882 6. .200 USD 1 Million n 6.43 Billion. 1 1.Sales Performance 8.000 000 USD 1 M Million Overseas Market 735 751 Overseas sales revenue for 2009  was $1 Billion.  43 Billion among which the Hisense brand  business will share 35%.369 4.and 2010  estimated will be $1 $1.866 7 154 7.

000 pcs TV Fridge Freezer AC 6% 300 41% 1500 1100 TV BY VOLUME Fridge Freezer AC 22% 31% BY REVENUE TV Fridge 11% 18% 5% 25% 43% Freezer AC Other 450 400 350 300 250 200 150 100 50 0 430 250 180 105 35 TV Unit: USD Million Fridge Freezer AC Other .Overseas Sales By Products 2000 2000 1800 1600 1400 1200 1000 800 600 400 200 0 Unit: .

the company has maintained leadership in inverter technologies in China. Hisense launched "Hiview". and built China's first LCD module p In 2008. In 2005. Then in 2008 it de 2008. Hisense released inverter air conditioning products. The HICON system. In 2008. its intelligent transportation system. Hisense launched its own LED backlight LCD TV. Hisense is and has been the leader of Chinese mobile terminal design technology and is the first Chinese company to launch mobile phones with 3G standards. . From then on. developed eloped the 10G PON fiber optical transcei transceiver er mod module le which hich demonstrated its leading position in this field. Hisense released the first commercial Fiber To The Home (FTTH) module. In 2005. the first self-owned intellectual property digital audio/video processing chip in China and put it into industrial application. composed of self-adapting signaling and public transportation management g was utilized in the 2008 Beijing j g Olympic y p Games. Since then. Hisense took the lead in researching and manufacturing LCD modules production line. In 2007. the TV industry in China finally has its own chips. Hisense developed HICON. which made it the only enterprise in China and one of the only three enterprises in the world to place this type of TV on the market.Hisense Innovation In 1997.

Industrial Chain Integration Hisense produces its own • LCD Modules • LED backlight Modules • 3D TV 1 .

Hisense is one of the founding members of DIIVA standard. Hisense is China’s major Fiber to the Home (FTTH) solution provider Hisense Intelligent Transportation System Hisense DNet-home Digital Home System . In 2009.Cutting-edge Technology Hisense is among the five founders of the Intelligent Grouping and Resource Sharing (IGRS) Standard Committee. the IEC/TC110 annual meeting chose Hisense to lead documenting standard for sectional specification of LED backlight unit and to be co-leaders for generic specification.

. Through this center. Hisense and IBM. Two leading companies in the information systems industry. AMD. Microprocessor and graphic solutions provider. A joint-venture between Whirlpool and Hisense has and will continue to produce world-class. the companies will jointly optimize digital home electronics hardware and software platforms. have joined for the production of state-of-the-art information technology. innovative refrigerators and washing machines for the Chinese and overseas markets.Global Joint Ventures  Hisense and Hitachi have formed a joint-venture for the production and marketing of commercial and residential air-conditioning systems – a deal that has raised the industry standard. established a Joint Lab Design Center with Hisense.

China Hisense Information and Industrial Park The 4th Hisense Global Partners Conference Opening Ceremony of Hisense Chenjiaba Primary School in Sichuan Province .Company Core Values Hisense R&D Headquarters in Qingdao.

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