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Group Members:_________________________________________ Digital Software/App Used:___________________________ Group Project: Persuasive Speech Analysis and Presentation



4 – Exemplary
 Does a full share of work +  Group members perform roles effectively  Group tries to solve its problems by itself without seeking outside help  Hands assignments in on time  Stays on task and uses time wisely; no redirection needed  Leaders manage roles effectively  Group meets team objectives effectively and in a timely manner  Uses independent research time effectively sometimes following additional inks when time allows  Completes assignments quickly and efficiently  Demonstrates thinking beyond the surface level of the text; makes insightful connections within the text and to other experiences through animated and healthy dialogue  Accurately defines unfamiliar vocabulary and use resources effectively  Effectively identifies essential questions for each role  Exceptional command of researcher perspectives  Demonstrates effective use of Teamwork Ten while compiling data, synthesizing research, and building group digital/oral reports  Effective co-constructs graphic

3 – Accomplished
 Does an equal share of work  Group members perform roles effectively  Rarely argues  Group tries to solve its problems as a team and asks classmates or teacher for help  Stays on task most of the time; only redirected ~3 times  Leaders manage roles and team meets objectives adequately       Adequate use of independent research time Usually does the assigned work; rarely needs reminding Defines unfamiliar vocabulary; uses resources adequately Adequately presents data from researcher perspectives identifying key events and their significance Demonstrates good command of language skills and ability to relay thoughts Adequately adheres to Teamwork Ten while compiling data, synthesizing research, and building group digital and oral presentations. Adequately co-constructs team graphic

2 – Developing
 Does almost as much work as others  Assigns roles, but roles are not adhered to consistently  Sometimes argues  Group settles some problems by asking for help but gives up easily  Needs some redirection  Leaders have difficulty keeping on task and meeting team objectives in a timely manner      Stays on Task during research with a few instances of distraction during independent research time Needs to be reminded regularly of objectives and deadlines in order to meet group goals Trouble articulating ideas consistently Identifies some unfamiliar words needs direction in working resources Sporadically adheres to Teamwork Ten and needs to be reminded often but is still able to adequately compile some data to use for group projects. With some direction co-constructs team graphic

1 – Beginning
 Does less work than others  Research roles not adhered to  Acts as individuals  Arguments within group  Late assignments  Seems bored with conversation about the assignment  Must be redirected multiple times  Easily distracted  Leadership absent most of the time         Rarely stays on task during independent research time Difficulty presenting material from assigned researcher’s perspectives Presents random data and is rarely able to identify significance of important events Reader has identified few unfamiliar vocabulary words, but has not provided definitions Difficulty using all of the resources provided Has trouble adhering to the Teamwork Ten as group. Data and research compiled contains many inaccuracies; weak or missing explanations Not able to adequately complete and co-construct group information graphic

Collaboration Compiling Research/Making A Plan




 Content- information displayed is accurate and presented effectively with exceptional use of specific examples  Researcher contributions are clear due to effectiveness of layout and design of the presentation. It is clear that individual contributions were made by all, with purpose and with an accurate perspective  Accurately describes events effectively making connections between overall themes of location, daily village life, economy and government practices  Creative use of color, font, sound  Presentation is neat  Utilizes a variety of features offered through software, app, or vehicle producing a more developed product.  Contains a variety of over 6 pictures, links to portray time period as well as elements from field trip  Presentation is clever and original  Engaging; captures interest of audience-doesn’t just read slide  Effective use of visual aids to add to or clarify ideas-includes model or other  Each presenter speaks clearly and loudly; good eye contact, uses appropriate body language, and effectively relays researcher perspective  Members contribute equally to the presentation  Analytically and appropriately compares/contrasts events using specific examples to persuade and justify choices for exhibit  Presentation is at least 10 minutes & does not exceed 13 minutes

 Content: information displayed is accurate and presented adequately with use of some specific examples  Researcher contributions are adequately laid out.  Adequately describes historical and social events while making accurate connections between over themes of location, daily village life, economy and government practices  Effective use of color and fonts  Adequate use of technical components –software features or apps features  Presentation is neat  Visual elements contain at least 4 links, pictures, maps, with a little variety and includes some elements from field trip as requested

 Content: did make suggestions for exhibit but just the bare minimum and the most obvious,  Presentation has obvious holes, summaries are weak, connections between major themes are not explained using specific examples  Difficult to identify researcher perspective  Some work has gone into project but could be significantly improved on with little effort- bland  Describes a few well known events that have been reviewed  Doesn’t use anything but the simplest of software features  Conveys little new understanding  Presentation is inadequate and missing key artifacts or representations of key information that should be included in a museum exhibit  Contains less than 3 pictures, maps, links, etc.. that accurately portray the time period  Presentation is at times clearly presented  Presentation is at times interesting to audience  Limited use of visual aids  Visual aids do not clarify or add the presentation  Presenters are hard to hear; little eye contact; poor body language and struggles to relay researcher perspective  Some members did not contribute equally to the presentation  Some comparison/contrasting elements with a few specific examples and only after prompting from teacher  No adherence to time standards

 Content: little correct information included, no specific examples to justify selections. Few connections to major themes addressed each day.  Researcher contributions are unclear  Critical and significant information, artifacts, or presentation of important events missing  Conveys little new understanding  - Use of software features ineffective  presentation linear/bland ineffective  ineffective use of color or fonts  Contains 1 or 2 pictures .links, maps, from the time period or elements from the field trip visit  Doesn’t contain elements that were discussed throughout scaffolding exercises and during classtime

Digital Report


 Presentation is thoughtful  Presentation is well done; interesting to audience  Some use of visual aids  Most of the time, presenter speaks clearly and loudly; some eye contact; some use of appropriate body language  Most of the members contributed equally to the presentation  Thoughtfully connects ideas and includes some specific examples to persuade or justify museum exhibit choices  Adequately relays researcher perspectives  Presentation is at least 10 minutes & does not exceed 13 minutes

 Lacks creativity; bland, reads slide verbatim  Presentation is hard to follow; poorly organized  No use of visual aids  Presenters cannot be heard; no eye contact; poor body language  Some members did not contribute to the presentation  Does not compare/contrast groups well or use specific examples to justify choices or to relay researcher perspectives  No adherence to time standards  Presentation has too many words

Group Rubric Score (Possible 400pts) ______________

Oral Presentation


Individual Rubric Score(possible 100pts) ______________

=Final Score (possible 500pts) ________________