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Friday, May 2nd, Saturday, May 3rd, & Sunday May 4th, 2014 Lawrence C*. 4H clubs
Lawrence County 4-H Fairgrsurisiss 112S1 US hwy SOW, Bediorti, IN 47421 One rniic west of the junction of St. Rti. 37 & US SO -south of geciterd, Indiana Dairy Goat, Sheep, and Swine Shows.

'2014 PREMIUMS*****'

Swine: Entry Fee $20.00/hd Gr. Champ Breeding Gilt S15Q.OG Res. Champ Breeding Gilt £75.00 Gr. Champ Barrow S150.00 Res. Champ Barrow S75.00 Barrow and Gilt Class Money 1st S15. 2nd S10.00

Sheep: Entry Fee S20.00.hd
Gr. Champ Mtct Wether S150.00 Res. Champ Mkt Wether S75.00 Gr. Champ Ewe S150.00 Res. Champ Ewe S75.00 Class Money 1st S15, 2nd S10.00

* * * * * * SHOW
Swine: Show Time: Friday £:OCPf,' Jackpot Show mansrup after the show $5.OO entry

SCHEDULE * * * * * *
Show Times: Saturday. 1Q:CCAI.1 Jackpoi Show manship after the show S5.00 entry

Judge: TBA
Arrival: After 12:00 noon Friday Must be weighed by 4:00 PM Friday Weigh-in: Friday. 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM Swine born on or after November. 1. 2013 Breeds: Chester White, Duroc, Hamp, Spot, York, Crossbred, £ AO8 i of a breed tc make a class. QUL.Y Shaving Allowed in Swine Barn Clean your own pens. Contact: Stephen Todd 812-583-0259 Brooke Hayes 812-583-4650

Judge: TBA
Arrival: After 12:00 noon Friday Must be "weighed by 8:30 AM Weigh-in: Saturday. 7:30 AM - 8:30 AM Breeds: Suffolk, Hampshire, Dorsett,
Cross, Natural & AOB £ tc make a Creed, a!! wethers must te slick' shewn ONLY Shavings Allowed in Sheep Barn.

Clean your own pens.
Contact: Mark Baker 812-797-2263 Chance Humphrey 812-797-6638

Dairy Goat: Show Time: Sunday, 8:00 AM Jackpot Showmanship

Judge: TBA

Breeds Sanctoned with ADGA: Alpine. Lsnrtancha. Oberhasli, Nubian, Saanen. Recorded Grade.Toggenburg Entry Fee: S4.00/head with a S4.00 pen fee if postmarked by May 1. 2014. if postmarked after May 1. 2014 ST.OO/head & 55.00 Pen. ONLY S i RAW Clean your own pens Send Entries To: Rick Wessei 422 G Street Bedford In. 47421. Phone: 312-329-9064 Fran Peters Phone: 8l2-279-5£^8

Lawrence County Livestock K\po Open Dairy Coat Show Sunday May 4. 2014 8:OOAM Lawrence County Fairgrounds LS 50 West, Bedford Indiana Judder TBA Showmanship, Senior Doe and .Junior Doe Senior doe and J u n i o r doe shows are separately sanctioned Slum Chairman Denny Inman. Slum Sec. Fran Peters, petersfm47462 Send Entries to Kran Peters, 271S Harrotlsburjj Road Springs illc, IN 47462, make checks should he made payable to the Lawrence Coat Cluh Contact Information Fran Peters 812-27(>-5538 or email peters1'ni47.462(fl' Base Date for computing a«e Sunday May 4, 2014
Showmanship I. J i i n i o r - l nder 9 years old 2 lntermediate-9 years to 12 scars 3. Senior-13years to 18 years Senior Doc Show 4. I n d e r 2 years Old 5. 2 years to under 3 6. 3 years and under 5 7. 5 sears and older Senior Champion Reserve Senior < 'hampion Best Senior Hoe in Show .Junior Doe.Show never fresh Breeds Sanctioned with AOGA

Nubian Oberhasli Recorded Grade Saancn Sable Toggenburg Alpine LaManeha Nigerian Dsvarf

M. Born on or after April 1 of current yeai
9. Born bet \seui March 1-31 of current year 10. Born between Jan. I and February 29 o!'eurrent year ] I . Never fresh born between June I ami Pec.31 previous sear I I . Never f;e^h born on or before Mas 3 1 ot previous year and under 2 sears J u n i o r Champion Reserve J u n i o r ( ' h a m p i o n Best Junior Doe in Show Entry Fee is $4.00 porhead and $4.00 pen fee if postmarked by Mas 1. Fate Fee is $7.00 per head and $5.00 pen Re. I here should be plenty o| pens available bul you need to proside your o\sn bedding,! \vood chip-, only in swine bam),(stravA or wood chips in goat barn). All out of slate goals must carry an o l l l c i a l health certificate from state of origin w i t h i n 30 days and federal scrapie U)#. I n d i a n a goals do not require health papers The original regisiration certificate is required for a doc 6 months o| av.e or older. The original registration certificate or duplicate application stamped by the \1)< iA office is required for a tioe under 6 months of age. These must be shown to the sht>w secretary before the sta'i o f t h e s h o u . No copies of registration certificate or stamped duplicate application, telegrams or phone calls sv ill be accepted in lieu ofthe original certificate. All a n i m a l s ma> an ve 7:00 to 10:00 I'M Samrday All a n i m a l s must be penned by 7:00 AM Sunday. I he oio'er of show is not subject 10 change.

AlXiA Rules shall govern

Lawrence County Livestock Expo 2014
Name: additional animals for sanction Address: Breed Does Phone: Does Entries Pens

I could bring

Senior Junior x $4.00 Per Head= x $4.00 Per Pen= Class #
Name of Animal Registration #