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What will be the (a) the gauge pressure and (b) the absolute pressure of water at depth 12m below the surface? water = 1000 kg/m3, and p atmosphere = 101kN/m2. [117.72 kN/m2, 218.72 kN/m2] 2. At what depth below the surface of oil, relative density 0.8, will produce a pressure of 120 kN/m 2? What depth of water is this equivalent to? [15.3m, 12.2m] 3. What would the pressure in kN/m2 be if the equivalent head is measured as 400mm of (a) mercury =13.6 (b) water ( c) oil specific weight 7.9 kN/m 3 (d) a liquid of density 520 kg/m 3? [53.4 kN/m2, 3.92 kN/m2, 3.16 kN/m2, 2.04 kN/m2] 4. A manometer connected to a pipe indicates a negative gauge pressure of 50mm of mercury. What is the absolute pressure in the pipe in Newtons per square metre is the atmospheric pressure is 1 bar? [93.3 kN/m2] 5. What height would a water barometer need to be to measure atmospheric pressure? [>10m] 6. If 96.5 grams of gold has a volume of 5 cm3, what is the density of gold? 7. If the density of a diamond is 3.5 g/cm3, what would be the mass of a diamond whose volume is .5 cm3? 8. If a 96.5g piece of aluminum has a density of 2.7 g/cm3, what is its volume? 9. What is the density of a piece of wood that has a mass of 25.0 grams and a volume of 29.4 cm3? 10. A piece of wood that measures 3.0 cm by 6.0 cm by 4.0 cm has a mass of 80.0 grams. What is the density of the wood? Would the piece of wood float in water? 11. A cup of gold colored metal beads was measured to have a mass 425 grams. By water displacement, the volume of the beads was calculated to be 48.0 cm3. Given the following densities, identify the metal. Gold: 19.3 g/mL Copper: 8.86 g/mL Bronze: 9.87 g/mL 12. I threw a plastic ball in the pool for my dog to fetch. The mass of the ball was 125 grams. What must the volume be to have a density of 0.500 g/mL. ( I want it to float of course!) 13. What is the mass of a cylinder of lead that is 2.50 cm in diameter, and 5.50 cm long. The density of lead is 11.4 g/mL 14. The volume of a solution was measured in a graduated cylinder (shown above). If the mass of solution is measured to be 60.75 grams, what is the density of the solution? 15. An ice cube measuring 5.80 cm by 5.80 cm by 5.80 cm has a density of 0.917 g/mL. What is the mass? 16. Gasoline is a non-polar liquid that will float on water. 450 grams of gasoline is spilled into a puddle of water. If the density of gasoline is 0.665 g/mL, what volume of gasoline is spilled? 17. A piece of cork of volume 0.000015m3 and density 120kg /m 3 is floating on water. How much lead do you need to tie to the cube to sink it? [Density of lead is 11,300kg /m 3] 18. The weight of a certain crown in air was found to be 14N, and its weight in water 12.7N. Was it gold? (s.g = 19.3 ) 19. You and your diving gear have a total mass of 110kg and a volume of 0.115m 3. How much lead (mass) do you need to carry in your belt to sink in sea water? [Take the density of sea water as 1,025 kg/m 3] [Density of lead is 11,300 kg/m 3] 20. Do ice cubes float higher or lower in an alcoholic drink (compared to pure water)? Why? [ ρ alcohol = 0.8 g/cm3 ρ ice = 0.9 g/cm3 ρ water = 1 g/cm3 ]

What fraction of a block of wood (density = 800kg/m3) will be under the surface of mercury (density = 13. Determine la fracción del hielo que queda sobre la superficie del agua. Encuentre la densidad del material. En una piscina se encuentra flotando una balsa que tiene forma de un paralelepípedo de densidad relativa de 0. 27.25 flotará sobre un mercurio de densidad relativa 13. (ρhielo = 917 Kg/m3) 26. How much of her volume will be under the surface of the water? 23. 100 cm de ancho y 25 cm de alto. Consider a 75 kg person floating in the lake. Un cuerpo de material desconocido pesa 4N en el aire y 2. Formatted: Font color: Text 1.57? 28. al = 2. La masa del trozo de aluminio es de 1kg.7) 25. Un cubo de Hielo flota en agua. ¿Qué fracción del volumen de una pieza sólida de metal de densidad relativa al agua 7. Calcule la tensión de la cuerda antes y después de sumergir el trozo de aluminio.220 kg/m 3. Un pedazo de aluminio se suspende de una cuerda y se sumerge completamente en un recipiente con agua.0027kg] 24.29kg/m 3? [The volume of a sphere is 4πR3 ] 3 b) What fraction of its weight is the buoyancy force? [The mass of a ping pong ball is 0.g.52 N sumergido en agua.600 kg/m3) when floating? 22. The water of a very salty lake has a density of 1. Spanish (Mexico) . Determine: a) La fuerza de empuje. (s. b) La altura medida desde el fondo de la balsa a la que se encuentra la línea de flotación. c) El peso que debería colocarse sobre la balsa para que esta se hundiera 6cm más. a) What is the buoyancy force due to air acting on a ping-pong ball of radius 20mm if the density of air is 1.21.3 y cuyas dimensiones son 120 cm de largo.