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Republic of the Philippines TANGGAPAN NG SANGGUNIANG PANLUNGSOD City/Province/ Municipality of _________ ORDINANCE NO. ______ Author: _________________________ Sponsored by: _________ ___________ ___________ AN ORDINANCE ON THE SELECTION OF SECTORAL REPRESENTATIVES AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES (an ordinance increasing the sectoral participation in local sanggunian) Be it ordained by the Sangguniang _____________ of the City of _________, that: Section 1. Title. – This Ordinance shall likewise be known as THE LOCAL SECTORAL REPRESENTATION ORDINANCE OF ______________. Section 2. Declaration of Policies and Principles. – It is the policy of the State to have sectoral representatives belonging to marginalized sectors in the provincial, city and municipal Sanggunians. It is likewise the policy of the State to uphold the right of the people and their organizations to effective and reasonable participation at all levels of social, political and economic decision-making. Section 3. Sectoral Representation. – There shall be(3) representatives in the Sanggunian: One (1) from the women sector; one (1) from the workers; and one from any of the following sectors: indigenous peoples and cultural communities, differently-abled persons, senior citizens, children, urban poor and cooperatives who shall be elected among the members of the accredited people's organization in the municipality/province/city. This is clearly mandated by the Local Government Code III, Section 457(b). For the purpose of this ordinance, organizations belonging to the following sectors are defined as follows: 1. “Marginalized sectors” refer to the basic, disadvantaged, and vulnerable groups who are mostly living in poverty and have little access to basic services such as health care, education, water and sanitation, employment and livelihood opportunities; 2. “Organization” refers to a bona fide association of marginalized sectors with demonstrated capacity to promote the public interest and with identifiable leadership, membership and structure which are accredited by any government accreditation body (DILG, SEC, DOLE, CDA etc) 3. “Women organization” shall refer to an organization whose members are women and are espousing women, gender and community concerns. 4. “Urban poor” refers to persons residing in urban centers and urbanizing areas whose income falls below the poverty threshold as defined by the National Statistics Coordinating Board (NSCB) or cannot afford in a sustained manner to provide for their minimum basic needs of food, health, education, housing and other essential amenities of life. 5. “Workers” refer to those persons working in the formal and informal economies. a. “Workers in formal economy” refers to persons working in business enterprises in

d. non-indigenous religions and culture. – All organizations belonging to a particular sector as defined in Section 3 should apply for registration. at the time of conquest or colonization. For this purpose. Any organization that seeks to be selected should have the following qualifications: a. “Indigenous peoples” refers to homogenous societies identified by self-ascription and ascription by other. has been in existence for at least three years prior to the selection. b. “Fisherfolk” refers to persons directly or indirectly engaged in For evaluation only. became historically differentiated from the majority of Filipinos. ranking them as first. to qualify for registration. 6. Any organization accredited by any government agency can file a Manifestation To Participate In The Selection Of Sectoral Representatives including their list of nominees. but shall not be limited to. small retailers such as the owners and operators of sari-sari stores. These shall include. The same organization should have been accredited by the local government or any government agency for a period of not less than two (2) years and could prove active involvement in addressing sectoral and/or community issues.Generated by Foxit PDF Creator © Foxit Software http://www. or who have. whose work are regular or season-bound. cultural and political institutions. street vendors. social and cultural inroads of colonization. but who may have been displaced from their traditional domains or who may have been resettled outside their ancestral domain. exchange for wages and other forms of compensation. b. who do paid. and who have less entitlement to land and access to productive resources. occupied. Section 6. “Small Farmers and Farm Workers” refer to persons who are dependent on small-scale subsistence farming and on workers in commercial farms and plantations as their primary source of income. or the establishment of present state boundaries. The organization shall choose which sector they would like to represent. accredited organization of the local government or any government offices. and who have. second and third. should be a member of any sector as defined in the preceding section. and subsistence producers such as shell-gatherers. thirty (30) days prior to the election. An organization. persons engaged in fishing in municipal waters and coastal areas. traditions and other distinctive cultural traits. hawkers. ICCs/IPs shall likewise include peoples who are regarded as indigenous on account of their descent from the populations which inhabited the country. micro-entrepreneurs and producers. Manifestation Of Candidacy as Sectoral Representative. or at the time of inroads of non-indigenous religions and cultures. workers in commercial fishing and aquaculture. The accreditation shall run for a period of thirty (30) days. culturing or processing fishery or aquatic resources. including but not limited to home-workers. c.foxitsoftware. economic. has at least 25 members residing in the local government unit where the selection will . unpaid and underpaid work in their farms. who retain some or all of their own social. the Committee on Selection shall draft guidelines for the accreditation within fifteen (15) days from the passage of this ordinance. c. who have continuously lived as organized community on communally bounded and defined territory. “Informal Sector” shall refer to self-employed. under claims of ownership since time immemorial. wood-gatherers in mangrove forests and other related producers. through resistance to political. Section 4. Registration of Organizations Intending to Participate in the Selection. Qualification of Organization. vendors and processors of fish and coastal products. occasionally or personally hired subcontracted and unpaid family workers in household unincorporated enterprises. Section 5. possessed customs. and peddlers.

rules and regulations relating to elections. A bona-fide member of the registered sectoral organization. disqualify. b. The succeeding selections shall be held every 1st Monday of October after the local elections. e) It violates or fails to comply with laws. The Sanggunian Committee on Selection shall post the list of registered organization and the qualified candidates for sectoral representative not later than ten (10) days after the submission of the Manifestation to Participate in the Selection of Sectoral Representatives. Section 9. a person may be nominated in one list only. b) It advocates violence or unlawful means to seek its goal. Not holding any government position Further. c. d. organization or association organized solely for religious purposes. i) organized by the government Section 8. g. – The election of the representatives shall be held during a general assembly of all accredited organizations. Only persons who have given their consent in writing may be named in the list. Of legal age. g) It was dissolved. Manner of Selection. or become incapacitated. foundation. Grounds for Disqualification of Organization. whether directly or through any of its officers or members or indirectly through third parties for partisan election purposes. Must not have been removed from office by final judgment in an administrative case. Public Information. be held. The Committee on Selection. and has proof of active involvement in addressing sectoral and/or community issues Section For evaluation only. A registered voter in the city or municipality where she/he intends to be elected. withdraws in writing. e. foreign political party. may motu propio. organization. f. f) It declares untruthful statements in its petition. – Any person with the following qualifications may be nominated by his/her organization: a. Must not have been convicted by final judgment for violating the oath of allegiance to the Republic of the Philippines h. The first selection of the local sectoral representatives shall held thirty days after the posting of list of qualified sectoral organizations. d. c) It is a foreign organization. or upon verified complaint of any interested party. absorbed by or merged with other sectoral organizations. The list shall be posted in public places for fifteen days. and h) It fails to participate in the last two (2) consecutive elections. Sectoral Nominees. the Manifestation To Participate In The Selection Of Sectoral Representatives on any of the following grounds: a) It is a religious sect or denomination.foxitsoftware. Must not have been convicted of a crime involving moral turpitude. d) It is receiving support from any foreign government. the organization seeking for the elected position shall be given the opportunity to . Section 10. Section 11. No change of names shall be allowed after the same are submitted to the Sanggunian Committee on Selection except in cases where the nominee dies. A Filipino citizen. During the assembly.Generated by Foxit PDF Creator © Foxit Software http://www. Date of Selection. after due notice and hearing.

. Vice Mayor/ Vice Governor’s Office f. the vacancy shall be filled automatically by the next nominee of the organization represented by the person who caused the vacancy. address the general assembly and to respond to specific concerns through a forum that shall be facilitated by the Sanggunian Committee on Elections. Representative from the Academe c. Committee on Selection. Section 15. Representative from the Local Development Councils b. The meeting shall serve as an avenue for the members of the sectors to strategize and discuss pertinent issues During the first general assembly preceding an election. and shall ensure that the issues and concerns of the marginalized sector are brought out to the Sanggunian. Duties and Functions. As such. d) recall by the organization. he/she shall not be eligible for nomination as sectoral nominee. removed and terminated from office on ground of loss of confidence of the representative’s organization. Section 14. Section 18. the representatives elected on the first election shall serve until the next local elections. City Legal Office g. – The LSR shall be entitled to the same salaries and benefits accorded to a regular council member. Section 12. Vacancy. Department on Interior and Local Government d. .In case of permanent vacancy due to any of the following: (a) resignation (b) death (c) disqualification.foxitsoftware. If the list is exhausted. Sectoral Assembly Meetings. Privileges and Entitlements.Generated by Foxit PDF Creator © Foxit Software http://www. the sectoral organization or coalition concerned shall submit additional nominees to the sanggunian. Rights. Removal from Office. However. who shall serve the unexpired term. if he/she changes organizational affiliation within six months before the election. the elected Sectoral Representatives shall render to the general assembly and the sector of which s/he belongs a yearly report. That. the GA shall meet yearly whereby the representative shall render report to the sector on the accomplishments for the year. Section 13. Further. any elected sectoral representative who changes his/her organizational affiliation during the term of office shall forfeit his/her seat.In addition to the functions vested upon Sanggunian members under the Local Government For evaluation only. Each accredited organization is entitled to vote for the three seats available for LSR.. Sangguniang Members Section 17. conduct regular consultations. Members of the accredited organizations can attend the general assembly but only the official representative of the organization has the right to vote in the election. – The committee on selection shall be composed of the following: a. – A representative may be recalled. – The term of office of the elected sectoral representatives shall be co-terminus with the term of office of the regular members of the Sangguniang Panlungsod/Panlalawigan/Pambayan. Term of Office. the sector shall define its legislative agenda. Mayor’s Office /Governor’s Office e. – The different accredited sectoral organizations shall compose the sectoral general assembly. Section 16.

Any complaint for violation of this provision may be lodged to the committee on selection.If. – This Ordinance shall take effect ten (10) days from publication or posting. Rules and Regulations. this Ordinance shall be rendered self-executory.foxitsoftware. Effectivity. whether local or national. which shall conduct its investigation. Section 22. including party-list organizations.Generated by Foxit PDF Creator © Foxit Software http://www. any part or provision of this Ordinance is declared unconstitutional or illegal. Section 19. Section 20. Separability Clause. .Should there be a need to promulgate rules and regulations to effectively carry out the purposes of this Ordinance.. for any reason. Notwithstanding the absence of implementing rules and regulations. Sections 21. the Sanguniaan shall form a seven-person committee which shall automatically include the three (3) sectoral representatives. – No candidate may run for election under the banner of any political party. Violation of this provision is a ground for disqualification. other parts or provisions hereof which are not affected thereby shall continue to be in full force and effect. Non-Partisan Nature of For evaluation only..