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ThinkLab Training and Consulting

A division of GSMetrix Technology Solutions Inc. Unit 6, Open TBI DOST-ASTI Compund, CP Garcia Ave, Diliman, Quezon City | 861-15-31 | 0916-686-0420

Greetings from ThinkLab!

ThinkLab is a group of engineers, consultants, lecturers and technicians that serve students, schools, professionals and hobbyists. Our mission is to share knowledge and educational resources and help create a network of shared minds and collaborative thrusts for the advancement of academic and industrial pursuits in electrical and electronics engineering. Taking these endeavors to heart, ThinkLab fosters the R&D culture and cultivates technology and innovation in the country by conducting lectures and workshops, covering the broad fields of mechatronics, microcontrollers, data acquisition, wireless communications, instrumentation, sensors, biomedical engineering and many other comprehensive topics. Our team is composed of teaching faculty, graduates and engineers from the University of the Philippines Diliman who are experts in their respective fields. ThinkLab consultants and lecturers have dedicated immense time and effort in various disciplines of electrical and electronics engineering, through their professional work, advanced studies, numerous affiliations and diverse projects and pursuits. We are inviting you to be a part of the EXTENSIVE Gizduino Microcontroller Programming and Applications Workshop.This workshop will cover Gizduino microcontroller programming and some of its applications. Please see the details attached. Thank you very much and we hope to see you in our workshop. Sincerely,

Engr. Mark Jayson de Jesus, ECE ThinkLab - Marketing Head Tel: 861-1531 |0916-686-0420 Email:


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500 per head. its fundamental routines and popular applications of ARDUINO. inclusive of your own Gizduino Microcontroller Student rate: Php | secretariat@thinklab.ThinkLab Training and Consulting A division of GSMetrix Technology Solutions Inc. CP Garcia Ave.500 per head. COMPLETE LIST OF TOPICS TO BE DISCUSSED:            Introduction to the Arduino Microcontroller platform The Gizduino Microcontroller Interfacing Fundamentals Arduino C language Serial Communication Digital Input/Output Advanced Digital Input/Output Interfacing with LCD Display Analog Input/Output Analog to Digital Conversion (Analog Input) Digital to Analog Conversion (Analog Output) POWERED BY: ENDORSED BY: 2 of 4 . Diliman. Unit 6. VENUE : UP Diliman (TENTATIVE) FORMAT : Lecture discussion and hands-on exercises PLATFORM : Gizduino Microcontroller with programming in C PERSONNEL : 1 Lecturer and 1 Assisting Facilitator / Admin (as needed) REQUIREMENTS:  Must have basic knowledge in C programming and electronics (preferred but newbies are welcome)  Must have his own laptop with these minimum system requirements: o Runs in WINDOWS 7/8 OS o Working USB Ports o Minimum 1GB ram installed DESCRIPTION: . Open TBI DOST-ASTI Compund. Quezon City www.Please check email -10AM to 5PM Regular rate: Php 7.thinklab.A hands on workshop on GIZDUINO microcontroller 861-15-31 | 0916-686-0420 GIZDUINO EX : Extensive GIZDUINO Microcontroller Programming and Applications Workshop DATE : TIME : FEE : -.

 Be ready to meet new friends as you will be teamed up with other participants to provide a conducive environment of learning and collaborative work. CP Garcia Ave.ThinkLab Training and Consulting A division of GSMetrix Technology Solutions Inc. Diliman. Quezon City www. OTHER NOTES :  Bring your OWN LAPTOP.500. Unit 6. POWERED BY: ENDORSED BY: 3 of 4 . software and sample codes used in the exercises PAYMENT TERMS :  P | 861-15-31 | 0916-686-0420     Interfacing with Motors Using Wireless Communication devices Using the Bluetooth Shield Demonstration of Arduino Based Projects of ThinkLab FREEBIES AND GIVEAWAYS :  GIZDUINO Microcontroller and USB Cable  CERTIFICATE of course completion  SOFT COPY of lecture slides. Open TBI DOST-ASTI Compund.thinklab.00 RESERVATION FEE to be paid at least 2 days before the workshop (used for preparation of materials that will be used during the workshop)  Remaining balance shall be paid on the FIRST DAY of the workshop.

Email a scanned copy of the deposit slip to secretariat@thinklab.Marketing Head Tel: 861-1531 |0916-686-0420 Email: engr. ECE ThinkLab . Deposit the reservation fee (P 1.500. kindly specify the above details (names. Unit 6. contact information.00) on the THINKLAB Bank account: BANK: BANK OF THE PHILIPPINE ISLANDS (BPI – LOYOLA KATIPUNAN) ACCOUNT NUMBER : 3081-1159-49 ACCOUNT NAME : GSMETRIX TECHNOLOGY POWERED BY: ENDORSED BY: 4 of 4 . we will be sending you an email/text to confirm your reservation. In case you fail to receive a confirmation from the secretariat. as well as how many slots to reserve. Send a message to 0916-686-0420 that you have deposited the reservation fee and emailed the scanned copy of the deposit slip.thinklab. with the following information: TITLE OF WORKSHOP: DATE(S) OF WORKSHOP: FULL NAME OF PARTICIPANT: EMAIL: CONTACT NO (MOBILE): SCHOOL / COMPANY: YEAR & COURSE / POSITION: If you wish to reserve multiple slots.dejesus@thinklab. school/company) for all the interested 861-15-31 | 0916-686-0420 STEPS FOR SECURING SLOTS: 1. Mark Jayson de Jesus. PREPARED BY: Engr. Diliman. 4. Quezon City www. CP Garcia Ave. 3. kindly follow up or re-send your registration info. Upon | secretariat@thinklab.ThinkLab Training and Consulting A division of GSMetrix Technology Solutions Inc. Open TBI DOST-ASTI Compund. INC.