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FCL(Function Programming Summary

Control Manual



PC-SCU software can control the camera unique function from PC, through the means that user makes the FCL file. Also PC-SCU software can control maximum 8 differential type Cameras by reading the FCL files. The FCL file is using text format and can program easily by text editor ex. !"T#PA$ etc%. Please program your request FCL file referring to the Command &ist for each camera and also consulting the sample FCL files.

1. Maximum number and Directory of FCL files
'% FCL file is necessary e(ery the type of camera to control the unique function on the PC-SCU soft ware. )% *ile type is text format + file name ,.FCL- #xtension name is FCL not TXT%. .% PC-SCU software can recogni/e maximum 01 FCL files. The FCL file is used by copying to the directory that PCSCU. X exists. 2owe(er, the number of the FCL files that PC-SCU uses actually is maximum 8.

!. Details of t"e FCL file
!.1 #ote of Pro$rammin$ '% Character is en alphabet and numeral. )% PC-SCU determines ' character of the line head and analy/e the function. The character that line of head is not prescribing means that the line becomes a comment line. .% $o not omit the symbol 3 % 3 !.! Declaration of &loc'
①*orm ( Characters )

②4ind of 5lock four kinds% ・*orm ・*orm ・*orm ・*orm (camera ty*e):$eclaration of Camera type 5lock (form control):$eclaration of 6ain7menu control 5lock (function menu):$eclaration of *unction7menu control 5lock (+ariable s"utter):$eclaration of 8ariable shutter control 5lock

!., Descri*tion for eac" &loc' !-,-1 (camera ty*e) 5lock
①Code of Camera type The Code must be described to distinguish the kind of the Camera. Also the FCL file where is in the same directory must describe the Code that differs all indi(idually. ・*orm ・#xample C.D %+. Characters alphabet and numeral%, C.D %/,0 ②!ote of Camera type ・*orm #.T %+ strings ,

・#xample#.T %/-,1110 #ormal Function


(olume% <eturn (alue from Camera * number % 454S%1 . Control B $isplay .! (form control) 5lock ① Code of 9ain control default : 1 % The command of the gain control differs by the camera.47??? 1 position position control % 287$@D wB*$7=) .end Command )>>'xx?* )>>'xxC* )8')>x*.end Command 7 <ecei(e Command 7 ③ TallyBCall control default : > % ・*orm code 1 1 ・#xample $isable #nable T3LL6%1 T3LL6%+ code .>x *#% ④ *ilter control default : > % ・*orm code 1 1 ! $isable . position ( "!B"** control ) ・#xample F4LT 5%1 F4LT 5%+ code .% ② $isplay of Aris (alue default : 1 %77777777777 not supported ・*orm code 1 1 ・#xample 454S%+ code .end Command 7 )>>. This cord combines the type of gain control to the camera.end Command 7 )>>>>x*8 )>'1>x*# <ecei(e Command 7 ))>>>x *8% ))>>>x *8% 221462250 .% 234#%1 234#%+ code .. Control B $isplay . $isplay type 7')8~')? (alue of A<A.>>>series 9AA! 6A$B2A92-)8'..14/04/09 !. <ecei(e Command ))>'xx ?*% ))>'xx C*% )8')>x *. ・#xample =7. Camera type .>x*5 <ecei(e Command 7 ))>. 9AA! 6A$B2A92-)8>0B)8>?% =7.% )8')>x *. ・*orm code 1 1 ! .>>> series 287$'@series 9AA! 6A$B2A92-)8>0B)8>?% 287$. )8')>x*.

The Atem of maximum ') lines are able to be described on each function. A% depends below.%+ Control code . Atem line for the control is described. 7# 3-DTL 935 S-9er.%+ Control code . ..s"utter T-3UT. item name.+F. T%.paceBTab that is between Atem name to E%E and after E%E is disregarded.: :Auto function control : 8ariable shutter :Analog control :"!B"** mode control FS% + *unction name . !ext to the Atem line. T-+ Atem name .+ Atem code .#4T.5%1 M.+ Atem code . 0.+ Atem code . control Dhen PC-SCU is running.5%+ code .+F.+ Atem code . !. (function menu) 5lock ① *unction line The function of maximum )> lines are able to be described to the (function menu) 5lock.end Command 7 )>>*xx#> <ecei(e Command 7 ))>*xx #>% ⑥ &ens control77777777777 not supported ・*orm L #S%+ code . ・*orm 6aximum )> lines ・#xample FS%FU#CT4. : *unction name of scene file correspondence :*unction name of scene file un7correspondence The detailed description of the item line of the item distinction code 6. Control B $isplay .%+ Control code .FF !ext to the Atem line. F% + *unction name . 6ode control code is described 3-+ Atem name .#4T. the 8ariable shutter data that was described with G(ariable shutterH block is used. 221462250 .1 %..%+ Control code . A.F !C . This function name is displayed to the *unction &ist column of the *unction7menu.4T %!1 %. ・*orm M-+ Atem name .#1 F%DTL ② Atem line !ext to the function line. Atem line is composed of the item distinction code 6.FF 6aximum ') lines ・#xample M-3UT.. .+ 6ask code . The item name is displayed to the Atem &ist column of the *unction7menu..1 %81 11 18 . Analog control code is described S-+ Atem name . command code.14/04/09 ⑤ 6onitor control default : > % ・*orm code 1 1 ・#xample $isable #nable M.

+ display name.e. 3 M-+ Atem name . The display name is displayed to 6odeB8alue column of the *unction7menu.8 (+ariable s"utter) 5lock The shutter data of the (ariable shutter that is implemented with 3 S-+ item name .:I is described.1 . 6ode control code is described.%<. Analog control code is described.@>. The mode control of maximum '> lines are able to be described on each Atem line. Also the corresponding shutter data is sent to camera..%<.FF #..A: %:1 :1 .%.=. are described.=.%+shutter data '.FF %:1 11 ・#xample (+ariable s"utter) 221462250 . + . The symbol and (alue of the range. ・*orm + &ine !o .pace or Tab ' or more %.. The mode code is the Command code by 2#J >7*% style. ・*orm ・#xample > + mode name . The shutter data is the Command code by 2#J >7*% style.@> lines ! | !8: 1B1@A@ %F& :1 1B@1. % . The head symbol of the mode control line begins with 3 >I. step etc. 1 6aximum . The line number is added to count the line..5M3L . The mode name and mode cord are described to one line. Pay attention the transformation range (alue so as not to exceed the data bit range. %+ (alue .1 A: %: %1 % !AA %: :data bit length :minimum (alue $ecimal style % :maximum (alue $ecimal style % :stepping (alue $ecimal style % default : ' % 3-L 9 L > > > > S4/ M4# M3X ST P !.14/04/09 ③ "!B"** mode control line !ext to the Atem line i. M-C.#T53ST > > > ④ Analog control line !ext to the Atem line i.e. 6aximum line number of shutter data is . 6ode name is displayed to 6odeB8alue column of the *unction7menu. %{ mode code } %!1 1: F? %11 %1! %1@ 6aximum '> lines . ・*orm > > > > ・#xample S4/ M4# M3X ST P %+ 8 or '0 .42. %+ (alue . %+ (alue . 3 3-+ Atem name . + shutter data ). The head symbol of the analog control line also begins with 3 >I.