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Position Pos ion Number: Case ase Officer Office Sydney ydney Centre Cen of f Excellence xcellenc Department epart of Immigration mmigratio and a d Border order Protection Prot Protect on Dear De r Name Name of of Applicant Appli nt Application A pplication ID D Name Name of of Nom Nominee inee Nomination Nom ation TRN TRN File Fi Number Number PTY LT LTD BCC2013/ We refer t your Invitation to y ur email mail of 17 Dec D Dec regarding arding In Invita ion to comment commen on n information nformatio for fo a Temporary Nomination (Business and Tempo Business iness Entry Ent N mination (Bu (Busine ss Sponsorship), ponsorshi a nd we would like to o comment ment as follows: follo follows [A] A] E Evidence vidence of of terms erm ms and and conditions condit ns s of of employment employme that that are are no no less less favourable vou urable The term t terms s and nd conditions of f employment mploym th that t are re no less favo f favourable urable ble than t thos those provided, Australian resident pr provid ed, or r would be provided, rovided, ded, to an Au A tralian an citizen or permanent manent reside resid nt for or performing equivalent same location. pe forming orming equivale equiv t work ork at the sam e loca locatio n. The he busine conducted ucted a Market M Mark t Rate ate Research (MRR) MRR) to come up with h an appropr appropri te business conducted appropriate salary for fo t e nominated pos tion. This incl include s appropriate ppropriate references ref rences ces to the Au tralian an the position. includes Australian Bure of Bureau f Statistics (ABS) ( mployee ployee Earning d Hours S Surv y available vailable at Employee Earnings and Survey w www; appr ap priate ate reference refere he Australian Governments Job Jo Outlook tlook; appropriate references to the website w bsite e available availab at www.joboutlook; ww.joboutlo au; ; and co copie copies of remuneratio remuneration remunera surveys veys and similar ar job vacancy va vacan y advertisements. advertisem advertisement A full copy of th the e report port inclu includin including the e signed Employme Agreement Employment greement ment is here h by enclosed f for y ur reference eferen . hereby your reference. was This is because n suitable It tc can be b seen in the MRR M that at an award awar w s not ot utilized. Th no s table ble award nominated be website. awa d for r our nomina nom ed position can ca b e found und in Fair Work W rk Ombudsman w ebsite. [B] [B] No No other other Australian Austra an citizens citizens or or permanent pe manent residents residents in n the the business business in in an n equivalent equivalent position p osition As can be seen een in the a attach attached ed organisatio organisation chart, c art, there is no Australian Australian ian citizen citizens or permanent perm perma ent residents in t the he business in an equivalent ivalent po position. position. Hence, ence, the fo formulation mulation tio of Market Research Officer various aM rket Rate Re Resear h (MRR) MRR) for t the Public ublic c Relatio Relations O ficer r containin containing v rious us indus industry surveys, statistical averages, similar to urveys, statis ages, and sim lar job vacanc vacancies which were used u o distinguish tinguish a reasonable asonable annual a ann al salary for t the nominated ominated inated position positio po n as s indicated in Section ection on [A].

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[C] [ C] Ex Experience, perience, qualifications, qual cations, additi add ional skills, lls, expertise expert and/or /or background backgr You a also in icated ed in you your e ail tha that the he ra includ s of expe exper indicated email rationale may inclu include years experience, qualifications, qual qualific tions, ns, addition additional skills, kills, lls, expert expertise and/or r backgrou background. The e quoted s salary range e derived industry statistical may include levels up deri ed from om various i dustry stry and statis sta c surveys urveys m ude de entry l p to experts qualifications experience up to 20 yea years. e perts s in the f field with full qualif qualifica ons s and long ong periods of experie Surely, whole of considerations urely, rely, appropriate a appro riate e remuneration remun remunerat on should reflect refl a w ole e host o derations erations surrounding appointment, su sur undi g the e appoin appointme t, including: ncluding Scale length of the employer Sc e and leng h of f operation operatio o The c company mpa y has s been in ac active ve operation for a number mbe of f ye years and d is making profit and able sponsor a qualified overseas ofit a le to spon sponso ualified ove overs as worker. Academic A ade c qualification qu qua icat on of the nominee nom nomine Our nom nominee e is a graduate raduate duate of C Com Communication munication nication and M Media edia ia Manage Managem Management at the University of Universit o South uth A Australia ustralia strali an and d is due to fin finish her er Master o of Art Arts (Inte (International nationa ationa university Studies) in i the he same me u un ers y this s January January. Relevant experience R Rele ant working ex enc ence The T e nominee ominee has o over er a year ar of o experience pe ience ce in the indu iindustry. try. 8 month months is in n fact company. earned ed from the sponsoring onsor company, om y, and the rest r from rom m another co pany. y. attributes employee Other att butes es of employ e In t the companys ompanys panys situation, sit situati n, it t is ess essential esse al t that a the he e employ employee should hould uld not only k know ow how to o converse in i E English, glish, h, but also in Chinese nese because ecause cau the e company ompany produces prod p uces printed in rinted nted mate materials such uch as magazines and newspapers n spape spa n Chinese. hinese. The Th nominee n minee nee this will enab her possesses ssesses this th attribute, tribute, bute, and the company ompany pany believes b be es e th enable h r to gain and its profit more clients cli nd increase i rofit margin. above remuneration of $55,000 reasonable With the a abov e points nts raised, raised we we believe elieve that the remuneratio unera f$ 5 000 00 is reaso re able nominee The same for the no inee ee who ha has the th qualifications ualifications and an an over a year yea of o experience. perie e. Th perien me local performing similar position. terms and ter a d conditions onditions will wil apply ply to future futu lo al recruits ecruits perfo ming gs si ar po p on. With t information and therefore that the above ve inform informatio nd docume documents provided, ovided, it i is the efore e prayed a and hoped ed t th approval our application. ap appro al be given t to ou plication Regards Rega s Regar MARN M