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Creating Survey Periods and Printing the Survey Period Report

Creating a new survey period
You will find it very quick and easy to create a survey period. Click on SURVEY Period in the tree and click the New survey period icon, select File, New survey period, or right click on the tree and select New survey period. The following dialog box will appear.

The New survey period dialog box You must first give the survey period a name. Next, select the Start Date and End Date from the drop down calendar. Notice that today’s date is highlighted. Start/End Date Calendar Finally, add the machines on a survey period. Select the Tasked Machine List tab and add the machines. You have two ways to add machine to the list. Click on this icon to add the selected plant, area or machine to the survey period. The two methods are as follows: 1. Click this icon to add the selected plant, area or machine to the survey period If you click on a plant, area or machine in the tree while the dialog box is displayed, and click the red ‘plus’ icon in the top right of the dialog box, the selected items will appear in the survey list below. For example, if you select an area, all of the machines in the area will be added to the survey. 2. You can drag a plant, area or machine from the main tree to the survey list. If you drag a plant or area, all of the machines in that plant or area will be added to the survey.

Literature Number PM-AN128


and are described in the section “Design Screen Mechanics” in the manual. and then click on the survey period in the tree. . all of the machines will be removed from the tasked machine list. NOTE: You may not include machines from multiple plants on the Tasked Machine List. it can be easily edited or copied. Once you have created a survey period. or you can select the Save and Exit icon to save the changes and exit. Additional dialog box options You will notice that there are a number of menu items and icons on the toolbar. a name June 2001 has been entered. then click the Open (edit) icon.In this example. The options at this dialog are common to all of the design dialogs. they are simply removed from the Tasked machine list. The Save icon will save your changes When you have completed the survey period. This method is useful after you have already created or edited another survey period and already have the dialog box open. 2. Open the survey period create/edit dialog box (either by electing to create. or by clicking on the desired survey in the tree. copy or edit the survey). you can either press the Save icon to save the survey and remain in design mode. simply select the machine in the list and click the minus ‘-‘ icon. Click to remove all machines If you click the delete icon. Editing a survey period Editing a survey period is very similar to creating the survey period in the first place. These options all help to further edit and create the survey. You may select the survey to edit or copy by clicking the “VCR” buttons on the toolbar. these machines are not deleted. and the area FANS was dragged to the Tasked Machines List (the same result would have been achieved had the same area been selected and the plus ‘+’ icon been clicked). Select the survey period in the tree. Survey period during creation Removing machines from the survey period Click this icon to remove the selected machine from the tasked machine list If you add a machine to the tasked machine list that you now wish to remove. There are three ways to select the survey period to be edited: Press Open to edit the survey period 1. As you would expect.

select the survey in the tree and click the Delete icon. however you will be reminded that the machines on the survey are NOT also deleted.“VCR” buttons 3. you may change the name and add or remove machines. Deleting a survey period The Delete icon Copying a survey period To delete a survey. and the changes will be updated in the database. change the name of the survey and add or remove any machines. As just described. Editing a survey Copying a survey period Copy icon To copy a survey period. The Save icon Once the survey period has been recalled. then click the Save icon. The Save Icon NOTE: Once the survey period to be copied is in the dialog box.e. You will be warned that the survey will be deleted. except you can click on the “VCR” buttons on the toolbar to scroll through the survey periods in the database. bring it up in the survey period dialog box as described in the previous section) and then press the Copy icon on the dialog box. Survey Period deletion warning . or begin editing the survey period to be copied (i. either select the survey in the tree and press the Copy icon. Click the Save icon.

The individual reports are the “Cover and Table of Contents”. Finally. Next. This new report will note which machines have been tested or not tested and it will cite the machines that need the most attention. the report comes with a user editable cover and title sheet that provides information to the person receiving the report in how to interpret the results. When the month has ended and the Report Editor (see the section “Using the Report Editor” ) has been used to edit or confirm diagnosis. This report is actually made up of three parts and when printed together they form a complete survey report. This new report is also useful for those who are conducting vibration analysis for a client as it allows the analysts to easily summarize the work accomplished and the recommended repair actions. Generating a report dialog . Printing a survey period report First. See the section “Using the Report Editor” . follow these steps to print the survey period report: Open the Reports menu and select Print report . we can then use the Survey Period list as the source of machines for the survey period report. Select Machines in survey period and use the combo box to select the appropriate survey period. See the section “Creating a Survey Period” . create work orders and add notes. review the expert system results for the machines on the survey period with the Report Editor. you must create a survey period.Printing survey period reports This report is used in conjunction with the Report Editor and is a comprehensive summary of the results of machines on a survey period. “Introduction and Vibration Test Procedure”. and the “Vibration Analysis Results” Note: The machine selection criteria must be set to “Machines in survey period” to print the Survey Period Report. Additionally. This report should be handed to the maintenance manager on a monthly basis so that he or she can have a quick summary of what machines have been tested or not tested and what repairs are warranted.

Double-click Reviewed Reports Select any of the reports listed and click Open .Click on the Dates tab and ensure the start and end dates are correct as defined by the survey period. Generating a report – Dates tab Select the Options tab and click the Browse button Generating a report – Options tab Double-click on the Reviewed Reports folder. .

Check the box next to Print preview to review the report on-screen prior to printing. Select the report(s) desired Finally. WA 98110 800-654-2844 206-842-7656 Literature Number PM-AN128 . press OK to print the report. DLI Engineering 253 Winslow Way W.Reviewed reports directory Select the report you desire to print or check the box next to Generate all report listed to print all of them. Bainbridge Island.