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Shannon Middle School

Music Department
Policies and Procedures

Ryan McCann Critical Pedagogy I Professor McCall

Shannon Middle School Music 20132014
Dear Parents and Students, Welcome back to another school year here at Shannon Middle School! We here in the music department have a lot in store for the students this year. We have brand new instruments this year for the orchestra and band programs! We also have added over 200 new pieces of music to our collection for choir, band, and orchestra! We have so much waiting for the students and we hope that they will love it. This year, we wanted to make sure that we really teach the kids more then just music. Our goal is to make sure the kids have a better understanding of music as a whole. Not just the types of notes and everything, but how they impact one another and how each song comes together. We are trying to make sure we can make the kids not just play or sing the music, but to really feel and enjoy the music as well. We as music educators are not all about music. We are educators as well. We hope that what we teach in our classrooms, the students will be able to apply not only to their other classes, but their daily lives as well. This does not mean we expect students to go around hearing something and saying, “Oh that was a quarter note followed by three eighth notes!” No. We hope the students will be able to take the teaching and practicing methods they learn from our classrooms and apply it to the way they learn and practice things besides music in their everyday lives. We hope that the students will not just learn a couple things about music, but that they will be inspired by and enjoy the music they are creating together as a community. We want to build strong senses of community and friendship in the hope that we can help kids, especially new kids to the school, make friends and find something they can share with their friends and family. We hope that the 2013-2014 school year will be great for everyone! Not just kids in the music department, but all the kids throughout the school. Now we welcome you to our community here in the music department and wish you a wonderful school year.


The Music Department Faculty List of Ensembles  Choirs o Chorus o Concert Choir – (Audition Ensemble)  Bands o Concert Band o Wind Ensemble – (Audition Ensemble)  Orchestras o Orchestra o Chamber Orchestra – (Audition Ensemble)

Participation in Ensemble(s)  If the student wishes to participate in the Chamber Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, or Concert Choir, the student must audition in order to participate in one of those ensembles. All audition ensembles meet at the same time so students may only choose one ensemble to audition for. The Chorus, Concert Band, and Orchestra ensembles are open to anyone willing to join and there is no audition to enter into any of these ensembles. These regular ensembles meet after school once a week on separate days so students can join as many of these ensembles that they want to.  Audition Ensembles only accept a certain amount of people in each group each year. Those amounts are: o Concert Choir – 40 people o Chamber Orchestra – 45 people o Wind Ensemble – 55 people  Audition Guidelines o Auditions will be held towards the end of the school year prior to the year the students will participate in the audition ensemble if accepted. o Students must prepare one piece of music on the instrument/for the voice part they wish to audition for. The song should try to “show off” the student’s musical abilities.

o Students will also be asked to sight read a small excerpt of music that will be no more then 15 measures of music. They will have 3 minutes to look through the music then begin playing.  There is no limit to how many people can participate in the regular ensembles. All are welcome!

Rehearsal Times  Regular Ensembles will meet after school, once a week from 3pm-5pm

Mondays Chorus

Tuesdays Orchestra

Wednesdays Concert Band

 Audition Ensembles are electives students sign up for after auditioning and getting into the ensemble. For scheduling reasons, all the audition ensembles will meet during period 3 of the school day. For this reason, students are not able to participate in more than one audition ensemble. If students wish to be in more ensembles than just one audition ensemble, then they are more then welcome to join any of the regular ensembles that meet after school.  Thursdays and Fridays after school will be reserved for sectionals and dress rehearsals when needed for any of the ensembles listed above. (For more information, see the Dress Rehearsals/Sectionals Section in Attendance Policy)

Attendance Policy Students are expected to be at every rehearsal for every ensemble they are a member of. Every time a student is late to a rehearsal without an excuse, the student will be marked with a tardy for that class period or rehearsal. 3 tardies is equivalent to one unexcused absence. If a student is unprepared for a class or rehearsal, the student will be marked down as absent for that class period or rehearsal. When a student has a total of 3 unexcused absences, they will be removed from the ensemble. If they are in an audition ensemble, they will also receive a failing grade for the class.

-List of Accepted Reasons for Tardiness: Note from another teacher, note from main office, note from guidance office, note from the principal, or note from a nurse.

-List of Accepted Reasons for Absence: Sickness (with a doctors note), death in the family (with note from parent), or a field trip with school (only if the student notifies the director and shows a permission slip beforehand).  Dress Rehearsals*/Sectionals Dress rehearsals or sectionals will be used mainly for the purpose of finalizing details to the music to make sure the ensemble is ready before an upcoming performance. These dress rehearsals and sectionals will never be longer then 2 hours after school on a Thursday or Friday. Dress rehearsals and/or sectionals will only occur when the director of the ensemble feels the ensemble is in great need for one. The dates for dress rehearsals and sectionals will be given to the students no later then 2 weeks before the dress rehearsal/sectional will occur. All students in the ensemble/section called for a dress rehearsal or sectional are required to come to that dress rehearsal/sectional. Students are responsible for contacting their director if there is a conflict with the time of the dress rehearsal/sectional. The student and director will try to find the best solution so that the student can make up this absence and there are no consequences to the student. If a student misses a dress rehearsal/sectional without contacting their director beforehand, then the student will drop 2 letter grades if in an audition ensemble. Students in a regular ensemble will have their parents notified and the student will receive a warning if they miss a dress rehearsal/sectional without notifying the director beforehand. If a student misses 2 rehearsals/sectionals without contacting their director, no matter which ensemble they are in, they will be removed from the ensemble. If they are in an audition ensemble, they will also receive a failing grade for the class. These rules all apply to concerts and all other performances as well.

*Note: Dress rehearsals do not actually mean to come in concert attire (for concert attire, see requirements in Performance Eligibility Section below).

“Pullout” Lessons  “Pullout” lessons are lessons where small groups of students will be called in to rehearse with their director during one of their other classes during the school day. “Pullout” lessons will only be used if absolutely necessary. These lessons will not affect the student’s attendance record in any of their other classes they are “pulled” out of. If there are multiple “pullout” lessons for the same group of students, they will never be pulled out of the same class twice. They will always be “pulled out” of a different class each lesson. “Pullout” lessons are only going to be used if the director feels that one is desperately needed or if multiple students come to their director asking for help with music or techniques they use in the class. These lessons and their guidelines apply to any of the ensembles, even the after school ensembles.

Home Practice Students are responsible for practicing at home. It is the student’s responsibility to practice at home so that little details do not have to be fixed during the class period or rehearsal time after school, but the director can get through the bigger things in the music without stopping for little details every few minutes. In order to ensure practicing at home, the director of an ensemble is allowed to have playing tests, quartet testings, or whatever they feel that the students are not practicing outside of the rehearsal and class times.

Performance Eligibility  All the ensembles will have a chance to perform. Audition ensembles will have two concerts every school year (one in the fall and one in the spring). The regular ensembles will have one concert in the spring of every school year (see calendar towards end of packet for dates). The dates of these performances will not change unless there are extenuating circumstances such as poor weather conditions, school closings, etc. The students will be informed of the concerts cancellation or postponement and it is their responsibility to inform their parents of the changes in the schedule.

 The school will also host a “Night of Music” program here at the school at the end of the year to serve as a fundraiser. Participation in this festival is mandatory for students. All the music ensembles will perform in this night of music for parents, families, friends, and anyone else interested in attending this festival. All proceeds of the festival will go towards the music department. Small student formed ensembles are welcome to participate in the festival as well, but they must audition in front of the music department faculty in order to be approved to be in the festival. The date of the festival will also be listed on the calendar.  The school ensembles may travel and participate in music festivals depending on the cost of the festival, location of festival, time of festival, and the amount of interest from the students. Students will be notified of possible upcoming festivals to participate in as soon as the school has finalized the registration for the festival. When notified, the students will also bring a permission slip home to their parents that will state the location, time, and date of the festival along with a possible cost depending on festival guidelines and fees (form can be found towards the end of this packet).  Students must be in concert attire for every performance. The concert attire is as follows: o Boys:  White Button Down Shirt  Black Tie  Black Khakis  High Black Dress Socks  Black Dress Shoes o Girls  White Blouse  Black Tights  Black Skirt falling at least past the thumb length when arms at side (Same as school dress code)  Black Closed-Toe Shoes

Shannon Middle School Ensemble Calendar 2013-2014
September 2013 9 – First Day of Classes and Rehearsals for all ensembles

December 2013 23-31 – Part of Winter Break

January 2014 1-3 – Last Part of Winter Break 17 – Concert Choir Concert 24 – Chamber Orchestra Concert 31 – Wind Ensemble Concert

May 2014 2 – Chorus and Concert Choir Concert 9 – Orchestra and Chamber Orchestra Concert 16 – Concert Band and Wind Ensemble Concert

June 2014 13 – “Night of Music” 20 – Last Day of School

Shannon Middle School Music Festival Permission Slip 2013-2014

I hereby give my child _____________________________ permission to attend
(name of student)

the __________________________________ at ________________________________
(name of festival) (name of ensemble) (end time) (date of festival) (cost of festival if applicable) (location of festival) (start time)

with the _________________________ on _______/____/______ from ___:___ (am/pm) to ____:____ (am/pm) and agree to pay the fee of $_____________.

 Students must get a signature from all of their teachers during the school day that shows that the teachers know the student will be missing their classes on that day. (If only gone for part of the day, only get signatures from teachers whose class you will be missing.) Teacher Signatures 1. _________________________________________
(name of teacher)

(name of class)

2. _________________________________________
(name of teacher)

(name of class)

3. _________________________________________
(name of teacher)

(name of class)

4. _________________________________________
(name of teacher)

(name of class)

5. _________________________________________
(name of teacher)

(name of class)

6. _________________________________________
(name of teacher)

(name of class)

7. _________________________________________
(name of teacher)

(name of class)

8. _________________________________________ 9. _________________________________________
(name of teacher) (name of teacher)

____________________ ____________________
(name of class) (name of class)

Parents Signature: _______________________________

Date: _________________

Shannon Middle School Music Contract 2013-2014

This contract states that the student has read this handbook and will obey all the rules and guidelines set out for this year as well as the entire school’s general policy. If the student disobeys anything laid out in this handbook, the signature of the student states that they realize they will be punished by either a detention, suspension, or expulsion depending on the severity of the and rule broken, and how often it has occurred. The students signature below states that they are aware of all the responsibilities set out for them as a member of any of the ensembles over the course of the school year. As the first assignment of the year, students must hand in this contract. Handing in this contract will also allow the student to participate in any of the ensembles for this year. Failure to hand in this contract will ban the student from any of the ensembles.

Student Signature:______________________________________Date:______________