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T5 Data Centers™ Leases Third Stand-Alone Data Center Within T5@Dallas Wholesale Data Center Campus

Booming North Texas Data Center Demand Leads to Construction of Additional Capacity. Dallas, TX, USA (April 8, !"#$ -- T5 Data Centers™, innovators in providing state-ofthe-art, customizable and highly reliable computing support environments for any enterprise, today announced that three of the four independent data centers housed in its T5@Dallas facility have already been leased, indicating the high demand for reliable, robust data centers in the Dallas market To meet data center demand, T5 has commenced interior build-out of the !",""" s#uare-foot Te$as% facility &ithin the T5@Dallas &holesale data center campus Demand also &ill drive further e$pansion &ith future phases 'hat makes the T5@Dallas campus uni#ue is its (data center-in-a-data center( design The T5@Dallas facility currently houses four independent data centers named Te$as), Te$as*, Te$as+, and Te$as%, &ith plans for additional e$pansion There is no shared infrastructure bet&een the four data centers, so T5 clients have complete control of their data environment, including redundant, dedicated primary utility feeds, and dedicated electrical and mechanical plants for each data center Te$as% is housed inside the T5@Dallas &holesale data center facility, a purpose-built, +)5,""" s#uare-foot building on a *"-acre site located in ,egacy -usiness .ark in .lano, Te$as Te$as% is the remaining data center, available soon &ith %",""" s#uare feet of raised floor space and % 5 /' of critical po&er available, e$pandable to 0 " /' The entire T5@Dallas facility is ,11D-2ilver Certified and built to &ithstand &inds up to **) miles per hour 3t has dual primary po&er feeds connected to t&o separate substations, and is concurrently maintainable 4mechanically and electrically5 and fault tolerant 4electrically5 (Today6s high density data center users are searching for robust and secure environments &ithin purpose built facilities 7ur T5@Dallas data center is a (battleship( of a facility and given our .lano ,egacy location, &e believe &e have the best data center facility in the best location for business in Te$as(, said /artin .eck, 8eneral /anager of T5@Dallas T5@Dallas is one of seven T5 Data Center locations situated at strategic locations across the 9nited 2tates 1ach data center is purpose-built and customers have total control of their dedicated data hall The T5 Critical :acility 7perations Team provides

support from design and construction through commissioning, and beyond The ob;ective is to give the customer absolute control over Total Cost of 7ccupancy A%out T5 Data Centers T5 Data Centers 4T55 is a leading national data center o&ner and operator, committed to delivering customizable, scalable data centers that provide an (al&ays on( computing environment to po&er mission critical business applications T5 Data Centers provides enterprise and &holesale colocation data center services to organizations across <orth =merica using proven, best-in-class technology and techni#ues to design and develop facilities that deliver the lo&est possible total cost of operations for its clients T5 currently has business-critical data center facilities in =tlanta, ,os =ngeles, Dallas, and Charlotte &ith ne& pro;ects announced in .ortland, <e& >ork, and Colorado =ll of T56s data center pro;ects are purpose-built facilities featuring robust design, redundant and reliable po&er and telecommunications and have *%-hour staff to support mission-critical computing applications :or more information, visit http?@@&&& t5datacenters com Conta&t' =aron 'angenheim T5 Data Centers 4%)55 *A*-!!"" aaron@t5datacenters com http?@@&&& t5datacenters com