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Getting An E01 Error Code on the Control
Electrolux EIDW6105 EIDW6305 EIDW6405 EWDW6505

TH806xxxxx - TH927xxxxx An E01 error code is shown on the display and/or all lights on the console are flashing and the LED above Leak Detector is lit on the Main Control Board. The Leak Detector, mounted in the machine compartment, has detected water in the lower base cover. Diagnostis Steps: 1. Check the drain hose for correct routing. See Figure 1 and 2. 2. Check float to see if Upgrade Kit has been installed by looking for 3 holes on top of float cap. 3. Remove unit and bottom cover. Look for evidence of a water leak. When a dishwasher leaks water, a white residue from the detergent will be left behind. If the leak light is still on, you will not be able to run the dishwasher. 4. Check the water valve and fill hose for water in the base as well as in the cover. 5. Check air duct on left side of tub and lock inside the unit. 6. After repairs are complete, clean and completely dry the leak sensor which is mounted to the side of the wash motor mounting plate; this should reset the control. Manually resetting the control may be necessary. This is done by pressing and holding the Hi-Temp pad for 10 seconds. If the unit was built between TH806xxxxx - TH927xxxxx, order and install kit 154825501, ONCE.


Correct Routing of the Drain Hose to the Sink Drain

Incorrect Routing of the Drain Hose to the Sink Drain

Figure 1
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Figure 2


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10200 David Taylor Drive. This policy is ONLY for product built between TH806xxxxx .www.Appliantology. another kit is not necessary. All other repairs are filed in accordance to product warranty terms and conditions. Policy DW1002 will be paid at an “A” rate. When filing a policy service claim in Service Bench. NC 28262 2 5855 Terry Fox Way Mississauga.12 SOLUTION CONT’D Getting An E01 Error Code on the Control Note: Follow the instructions provided with the 154825501 kit. Check diagnostic steps 1-5. Charlotte. This policy expires on 06/30/2013. Ontario. If kit 154825501 has already been installed. ALL components within the kit must be SERVICE FLASH DW1002 11. additional 154825501 kits are not needed. Canada . the section “Warranty Type” will need to be changed to “Policy”. The policy number is DW1002.16.TH927xxxxx that has kit number 154825501 installed. CLAIM FILING Consumers are responsible for service calls related to product that has not been installed correctly. Once the 154825501 kit is installed.