Chapter 1: Introduction
1.1 Package Contents
Upon receiving your TVGo A03, please make sure the following items are included in the USB TV Super Mini package. • • • • •

TVGo A03
Driver CD Remote Control Quick Guide Video & Audio in connecter

1.2 System Requirements
• • • • • • • •

IBM PC or compatible
Intel Pentium 4 2.4GB MHz CPU or better processor Minimum 128 MB memory (256MB is better) Minimum 100 MB hard disk space available VGA and with DirectDraw driver supporting 16 bit color or higher One free USB2.0 / 1.1 slot Microsoft Windows 2000 or XP CD-ROM drive


Once you connect TVGo A03 to the USB port. 2 . Connect the antenna cable to the connector. 2.1 Connect USB TV Super Mini To install the TVGo A03 into your computer. you can just follow the system’s prompted messages to finish the driver installation. follow the steps below: 1.English Chapter 2: Getting Started 2. 2. Connect the Device to PC USB Hub. 2. system will show the “Found New Hardware” dialogue box.2 Device Driver Installation for Windows XP 1. When you insert TVGo A03.

English 3. 5. Select “CD-ROM driver” and click “Next” button to search driver. 4. 3 . Click “Next” to start installation. Select “Search for a suitable driver for my device [recommended]” and click “Next”.

Check your driver ”TVGo A03” from Device Manager after installation. 7. Click “Next” button to start installing. 4 . Click “Next” to continue the installation. 2. Click “Finish” to complete the driver install.3 Install TVGo A03 utility software. 1.English 6.

Please read the License Agreement and click “Next” to begin copying files. 5 . 3.English 2. “Restart” to restart your computer. “Shut Down”. Then click “Finish” to complete the installation of TVGo A03 and “Start”. Click “Next” or choose setup folder for installation. 4.

English 6 .

7 . Click the AP of TVGo A03 3. Then the scanning device will start. and then select Programs\TVGo A03 1.1 Running TVGo A03 for first time. and then select Programs\TVGo A03 2. Click Start on Windows Taskbar.English Chapter 3: Launch the Software 3. Click Start on Windows Taskbar.

8 . Then press Search to scan the TV channel. Although the TV tuner on TVGo A03 is fixed.English At the first time running. you have to set up the country or region right after the first time you launch TVGo A03 2. 3. you should complete the setting and channel scanning. click OK to start watching TV. 1. After searching is finished.

Search TV Channel 1. 6. 7.3 Record Video Click “Record” button to start recording video. You can use the control panel or setting table to set the video format. Volume control: Adjust the Volume or mute. Search TV channel: Click to search available TV channel.TV wall display 5. 3. TV wall display: Show 4x4 TV wall on screen 2. It can be set to the following format. 5.Volume Control 1. 9 . Double click to full screen display. Channel List: This is listing all available TV channel.2 Watch TV or VCR 6. Double click to full screen display 3.Channel Control 2. 3.English 3.Channel List 4. Channel control: Set channel up or down 4.

HiDVD… 3. AVI. VCD. Click the “Setting” button to setup the image format.4. TVGo A03 supports BMP and JPEG image format.5 Playback Video Click the “Playback” button to Play the recording Video. 10 . DVD. 3.4 Snapshot Image Click the “Snapshot” button to capture still image. 2. Please choose your desired format.English MPEG-1.

click again to pause.English Click “Play List” button to select video file. Browse Image: To launch image browse window and browse the snapshot or saved image in your computer. you can test the video playback. refer to "Playback Setting" page. Exit: To exit the video playback window. right click video window and select "Control Panel" to restore display Setting: Click to pop-up setting dialog. refer to "Image Browse" page Step Backward: To reverse play video Step Forward: To forward play video Slow Backward: To slow reverse play video Slow Forward: To slow forward play video file Play/Pause: Click to play the current video file. Choose the video then click “open” button. press [Esc] or [ALT]+[F4] on keyboard Minimize: To minimize the video playback window. click "MoviePlayer" in desktop taskbar to restore display Hide Control Panel: To hide video control panel. click once more to continue play 11 .

and select rename after snapshot or not.English Fast Backward: To fast reverse play video file Fast Forward: To fast forward play video file Mute: To close sound. Image Panel: Show/Hide image panel on left of window. Set Wallpaper: Set the current image as wallpaper for Windows desktop. the default list for the record file is under the record directory. Click again to restore. refer to "Playback Setting" page Play List: Click to pop-up sub panel below main panel. You can use the “Browse Image” software to control picture zoom in/out. Path Panel: Show/Hide path panel on left of window. or rename.6 Browse Image Click the “Browse Image” to retrieve the saved pictures. image format. The top toolbar contains many function buttons for you to easily operate: Refresh: To renew display snapshot image in current folder. or use Left and Right arrow on keyboard Stop Play: Stop playing current video file Snapshot: Save current video as BMP or JPG image. click the right drop arrow and you can select the wallpaper display mode. Volume Adjust: Drag the slider to adjust volume. file is default named as snapshot time and saved into C:\My Pictures folder. through which you can easily preview snapshot image. from which you can select the needed item to play. You also can open "Snap Setting" option in "Options" dialog. set snapshot save directory. which is for you to easily browse and select folder. 3. 12 .

Full Size: Shows image at 100% magnification Fit Image: Magnifies image to fit screen or window Fit Width: Magnifies image to fit width of screen or window Fit Height: Magnifies image to fit height of screen or window Lock: Locks the viewer at the current magnifying level.English Skin: To set appearance of image browse window. 13 . Zoom out: To shrink display current image Zoom in: To magnify current image Match Zoom: You can select the matched display mode in the right drop box. you can select your favorite panel from the right drop box.

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