Keith Sutherland 15-07 Period 4 Art Workshop 5


Glass Artist Reviews:
Pam Bennet and Robert Oddy


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Pam Bennett

Working with stained glass is dream come true for award winning, Pam Bennett. She had been a free lance fine jewelry designer for years, while raising her family and working in the medical field as a diagnostic ultrasound technologist. When Pam was finally able to retire from her "real" job to pursue her dream of being a full time artist, her husband Mark was instrumental in her decision to pursue glass as her art medium. After cutting her 1st piece of glass, Pam knew she had truly found her role as an artist. After several years of perfecting her skills in her home studio in Fernandina Beach Florida, she began to realize she would need to learn more about glass painting and glass fusing so that she could have more freedom in her glass art. Living in the Jacksonville area of Florida, on beautiful Amelia Island, gives Pam much of her inspiration. The glass artists she has taken courses from, inspired her to go even further with her glass art. She began with a course that taught her how to use glass paints, stains, frits and luster with nationally renowned Dan Fenton. He taught her how to go beyond the lead lines. Soon after, a trip to Enders Island near Mystic Connecticut provided a week long experience that she and her Husband will never forget. St. Edmonds is a small Catholic dieses that has a mission of promoting the ancient Christian arts. Lifetime Achievement Award winner from the Stained Glass Society of America, Nicholas Parrendo, was her instructor. He is known for his magnificent stained glass windows that are seen in


hundreds of houses of worship and private residences around the country. He opened Pam's eyes to how an endless amount of symbolism, that told a story, could be incorporated into a single stained glass window. Pam and Mark both took a fun course in Dalle de Verre at the Blenko glass factory in West Virginia. Dalle de Verre is the process where one inch thick glass is chiseled into shapes then placed onto the pattern. Epoxy cement is poured around the pieces to set them into place. Though fun to learn and beautiful, it is not practical to transport these very heavy panels to art shows. This was a fun one day course with the added feature of touring the factory where the Blenko glass artists work. Sometimes, she feels like the mad scientist of glass as she is constantly experimenting with different ways to use glass (not always successful). You never know what you will see from art show to art show, but it is guaranteed that it will be a feast for your eyes. All of Pam's glass artworks are one-of-a-kind, and designed by her unless otherwise stated in the description. They serve to give examples of the scope of her work and can be adapted to the specific needs of each individual customer. Art Gallery 18 N. 2nd Street, Fernandina Beach, Florida Arts and Antiques 702 Centre Street, Fernandina Beach, Fl. A secure site to purchase Pam's art glass.

Art Shows
44th Annual Isle of Eight Flags Shrimp Festival Saturday and Sunday, May 5th & 6th, 2007 Historic downtown Fernandina Beach, Florida

Fall Fairy By Pam Bennet

Robert Oddy
I began to do stained glass work part-time in 1983, using the copper foil technique. I was self-taught, and have been innovative from the beginning with respect to both design and technique. Towards the end of 1984 I made my first window: "Bamboo". I have made a few lamps and other objects in stained glass, but most of my effort is expended creating windows. I think of the process as similar to painting: exploring


form, color and light. Windows give me greater opportunity to do this. More recently, I have combined stained glass with carved wood and bronze in sculptural work. In my earlier career I was a university teacher and researcher in the field of Information Science. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics from the University of Durham, England. In my first three jobs, beginning shortly before college in 1963, I was employed as a computer programmer. Computing has been a part of both my graduate education and my work ever since. I have a Master of Science degree from Durham in Computing and a Ph.D in Information Retrieval from the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England. I taught college students at all levels, and contributed quite a few research papers to the academic literature on Information Retrieval. I resigned my Full Professorship at Syracuse University in May 1997 to devote myself to creating stained glass art. I began to discover the potential of stained glass as an artistic medium for myself about two years after moving (in 1981) to Syracuse, New York. Interestingly enough, my experiences in computing and in stained glass are not entirely unrelated (at least, in my mind.) Programming computers to interact with people in comfortable ways was very different in my graduate student days from what it is now - our tools were much simpler– and part of the pleasure for me was to see sometimes quite smart program behavior emerge out of the mass of intricate detail that we had to code. I get a similar thrill out of seeing a desired visual effect, or a whole picture; emerge from the assembly of a multitude of painstakingly chosen and shaped small pieces of glass. If you do it right, the viewer does not "see" the individual pieces. Most of my stained glass work has been commissioned for private dwellings. I have developed a distinctive range of styles and


techniques in response to the needs of my clients. Robert works and has a studio in his house / apartment in New York. This is where all his projects are completed. Robert Oddy 223 Scottholm Terrace Syracuse, NY 13224 (315) 446-0279

Spring Unicorn (1994) By Robert Oddy


Pam Bennett’s style as a glass artist is clean and simple. On the other hand, Robert Oddy is a much more complex artist and his designs are much more difficult and unique. For example, when comparing their artwork you may notice each artist’s distinct taste and different style. Pam’s Fall Fairy is a much more straightforward piece of artwork. It represents something special to her and creates a certain mood in the observer when they gaze at it. While Robert’s Spring Unicorn is probably one of his best works and hidden in the tree leaves is a unicorn that is hard to detect if you did not previously know of it. It is one of the best pieces of glass work I have seen and definitely admire Robert more than Pam because of its intricacy. I was drawn to Robert Oddy more than Pam Bennett because of the complexity of his work and the hidden message in his glass. Not only is his art beautiful to look at it also has a very deep meaning to it.




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