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Eastgate proud supporter of CANSA Shavathon

The 11th annual CANSA (Cancer Association of South Africa) Shavathon took place at the Eastgate Shopping Centre recently where funds raised totalled R 21826.20. Eastgate Centre Manager; Hester Wasserfall, announced the centres record number of 218 participants with 50 cancer bracelets and 53 CANSA wraps sold. Participants were given the option to colour, spray, shave or gel their hair for a donation. Each year astounding amounts are raised at malls in support of our Shavathon Campaign. We are very thankful of even the smallest donation, because every contribution counts in the fight against cancer, said CANSAs Marketing and Communications Coordinator, Esti Lindner. The CANSA Shavathon annual campaign is one of South Africas best supported events, with its purpose to show solidarity with those affected by cancer. Hair loss is a common side-effect of cancer treatments; hence the symbolic gesture of shaving your head in support of cancer survivors. CANSA awarded Eastgate Shopping Centre with a certificate of appreciation for supporting CANSA Shavathon 2014. It is always very enjoyable to work with such a willing shopping centre. We are so grateful for their support during the Shavathon campaign. We appreciate and value their partnership immensely, said Lindner.

tame TIMES

08 April 2014

A note from tHe editor


By Ndu Ngwenya Birthday season has hit tame TIMES quite severely. As many of you already know, the company turned five years old last week Tuesday and man what a successful celebration we had thanks to all our clients and friends who shared the day with us. Congratulations to the beneficiaries of our CSI project which was announced at our birthday cocktail event. Today is our Editor in Chief and a very special friend of mine; Laurelle Williams birthday and tomorrow is tame TIMES COO; Karin Blignauts birthday Ladies I wish you everything of the best and many happy years that goes for all our April born readers as well. In this weeks issue, read up more on our birthday celebration. We have many exciting competitions as usual. On the entertainment front catch our review of Joss Stone who performed in the country last week Wednesday. To our friends in school, welcome to the second term, remember that every little effort counts for something in the bigger picture, so push hard and so that when the end of the year come, we can proudly say Well Done Have a wonderful Week 14. Stay Blessed

Demystifying Autism myths

Misconceptions about Autism are still rife in South Africa, and research has only recently provided answers to many of the questions about this condition, according to Kathy Jooste, Chief Executive Officer of Avril Elizabeth Home for the Mentally Handicapped. World Autism Day, now in its seventh year and celebrated annually on 2 April, is essential in highlighting the disorder and encouraging early diagnosis and intervention. People are encouraged to wear blue on 2 April to further raise awareness of it. I know that I will be kitted out in blue that day and will encourage my staff to do so also. Having cared for the intellectually challenged for the past 44 years, some of whom have Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), the Home is well-versed in the special needs of people with the disorder. Jooste says that each person with ASD is unique, as is his or her type of autism and that the Home treats each one according to his or her individual needs. The Home works closely with Autism South Africa in treating ASD, especially in respect of challenging cases. Research shows that there is no one cause or type of autism and it is believed to occur in very early brain development, with most signs and symptoms only emerging when a child is between two and three years old. In addition, says Jooste, from information received from Autism South Africa, autism seems to be more prevalent in boys than girls. According to Autism South Africa, people should be aware of the following signs and if encountered, should ask their family doctor or paediatrician for a referral to a developmental paediatrician for assessment:

HAIR RAISING SUPPORT:One of the participants of this years CANSA Shavathon held at Eastgate, where R21826.20 was raised from donations.

Communication signs: no babbling by 11 months of age; no simple gestures by 12 months of age ie waving bye-bye; no single words by 16 months; no two-word phrases by 24 months ie baby sleeping; no response when name is called and loss of any language or social skills at any age.

BehaViour signs: odd or repetitive ways of moving fingers or hands; oversensitivity to certain textures, sounds or lights; lack of interest in toys or plays with them in an unusual way ie opening and closing parts rather than playing with the toy as a whole; compulsions or rituals ie has to perform activities in a special way or certain sequence and is prone to a tantrum if that ritual is interrupted; preoccupation with unusual interests such as light switches, doors, wheels and unusual fears. Social signs: rarely makes eye contact when interacting with people; doesnt play things like peek-a-boo; does not point to show things he or she is interested in and rarely smiles. To find out more about Avril Elizabeth Home, or how to donate, go to www.avril. or contact 011822 2233.

Autism Awareness Day-12 April

Join the Ernie Els Centre for Autism for a 3km fun walk and family picnic at Rietvlei Zoo Farm on Saturday 12 April. The purpose of the event is to raise funds to support the centre and to raise Autism awareness. Bring picnic baskets, chairs and gazebos and have some fun! Wear something blue to show your support. Time: 10:00 to 16:00 Entrance fees: R30; R20 for children under 12-years; R10 for pensioners. An extra cost of R10 to participate in the fun walk. All proceeds will be donated to the charity. Extra activities include: a train, ponies, tractor and cart rides, putt-putt and a farmyard. Food and market stalls will be available. Entrance can be paid on the day. Groups must preferably book in advance. Contact the Ernie Els Centre for Autism on 011484 7254 for more information. Alternatively you can contact Claire on 011484 7254 or e-mail her at claire.youngman@ernieels. com for more information or to book.

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