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This is a Korean name; the family name is Song. Cheon Seong-im (born August 15, 1981), better known by her stage name Song Ji-hyo is a South Korean actress and model. She is best known for her role as the ballerina Min Hyo-rin in Princess Hours (2006), as well as for her notable roles in Jumong (2007), A Frozen Flower (2008) and Jackal is Coming (2012). Song is also known as the only female member of the popular Korean variety show, Running Man.

Song Ji-hyo
Born Cheon Seong-im August 15, 1981 Pohang, North Gyeongsang, South Korea Occupation Years active Agent Actress, host, model, designer 2001-present C-JeS Entertainment Korean name Hangul Hanja Revised Romanization McCune–Reischauer

1 Early life 2 Career 2.1 2001-09: Early work 2.2 2010-present: Running Man and Collaboration works 3 Personal life 4 Filmography 4.1 Film 4.2 Television series 4.3 Variety shows 4.4 Music video appearances 5 Endorsements 6 Awards and Nominations 7 Ambassadors 8 References 9 External links

송지효 宋智孝
Song Ji-hyo Song Chi-hyo

Birth name Hangul Hanja Revised Romanization McCune–Reischauer

천성임 千成林
Cheon Seong-im Ch‘ŏn Sŏng-im Website

Early life
Song Ji-hyo was born and raised in Pohang, North Gyeongsang. She has one younger brother and one younger sister. She dreamed of becoming an actress after watching Park Shin-yang in the South Korean 1998 film, Promise. [1]

2001-09: Early work

She appeared in the comedy film Sex Is Zero 2 the sequel to the 2002 comedy film Sex Is Zero. Navi's music video "Winter Song". She also co-Host the 2009 Dream Concert with Heechul. In 2002. 2008. Song made a cameo appearances in the last episode of the television drama Age of Innocence. In December 2008. In February 2013.[2] 2010-present: Running Man and Collaboration works Song is currently a cast member of SBS popular variety show Running Man. In 2007. In July 2011. Song also appeared in the music video for Young Jee "Don't Listen To This Song". opposite Lee Dong-wook in The Fugitive of Joseon. She was originally a guest for the episode 2-5. Song made her feature film acting debut in the 2003 Korean horror film Wishing Stairs. In April 2013. In 2012. New World. In March 2011.[3]. People love her becuase of her real pesonality". In 2004. Song joined a famous film agency. 2007 to May 4. playing a young student who studied ballet. She appeared as a charismatic female detective in Park Hoon-jung's crime drama film. for which she won the Producer's Award at the MBC Drama Awards. she was a model for Kiki Magazine. and her first scenes involved a flip off from a 2 meter-high stack and other including scaling walls and handto-hand combat.[5][6] In 2013. She played as a royal nurse. which was held at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on October 10. She also appeared in two music videos: "In Heaven" by JYJ and "It’s Nothing Serious" by Young Jee in 2011. played by Jaejoong. Song started out her first lead role in television drama in the MBC romantic comedy drama Princess Hours. Later she earned many awards. Song appeared as a young girl in the Choo Chang-min's film. Song appeared as the first wife of Jumong in the historical drama Jumong. Song participated in dubbing the animated movie Maritime Police Marco as the voice of Lulu with her fellow Running Man member Lee Kwang-soo. who dreams to be a ballerina. In November 2012. starred as a ballet dancer. where she starred as a reporter. The people said "She didn't act like an actress on the show. from November 11.Before Song debut as an actress. She starred opposite label-mate Kim Jaejoong of JYJ in the film Jackal is Coming where she played a clumsy female assassin who kidnaps Hallyu star. Namoo Actors.[4] She received extensive training prior to the start of filming in May. . opposite Song Il-gook and Lee Jong-hyuk. She had the lead role in the crime thriller Some. opposite Go Soo. She appeared in Freestyle feat. She appeared in the music video for STAY "Words that I can’t believe" and also appeared in Yoga Class too. Song joined C-JeS Entertainment in Early 2011. In 2001. She appeared in the music video for Lee Soo-young "And I Love You" and appeared another music video for JTL "Just Say Goodbye". Song appeared in Young-Ji and Kyu-Hoon's music video teaser "Be Happy". Late Blossom. A Frozen Flower. In the same year. She played as a reporter in Crime Squad. Song became popular from her pesonality. She played the Queen in Yoo Ha's film. In 2006. Song was co-Host with Super Junior's Heechul on SBS's weekly live music show Inkigayo. she played as a General Gyebaek's love interest in the historical drama Gyebaek . She officially joined the program in the episode 6 but was unable to attend until the episode 7.

2” in a collaboration called.” The motto matches perfectly with her who is often seen trying new things and doing her best. Goyang.2” stands for two Chinese characters that sum up Song’s motto “to never lose the original heart so that you will do everything. She graduated from Kyung Moon University and Kookje College majoring in tax and accounting. the cap has been garnering interest in potential buyers. “NBA X Song Ji Hyo". Personal life Song now resides in Ilsan. NBA’s collaboration with Song brings about a different style than the usual sports affiliated look. Flippop and Military. In Spring 2014. The “CHO.2” was seen on the recent episode of “Running Man” when the actress wore the cap while in Australia. Song starred as a girl who divorced and later meets her ex-husband again but this time they met each other as an intern in tvN's medical romantic drama. She worked with NBA and released her own series. Filmography Film Year 2003 2004 2006 2007 2008 2011 2012 2013 Some Yoga Class Sex Is Zero 2 A Frozen Flower Late Blossom Jackal is Coming Maritime Police Marco New World Title Role Seo Yoo-jin Han Jae-Joon Lee Kyeong-ah The Queen Kim Yeon-ah Bong Min-jung Lulu (Korean dubbing) Shin-woo Whispering Corridors: Wishing Stairs Yoon Jin-sung Television series . Later became hit and have been sold to nine countries. As the cap series also plans to sell different styles of caps like HyFlat. Emergency Couple along with Choi Jin-hyuk.In January 2014. Emergency Couple. South Korea. “CHO. As She has worn the cap on both Running Man and her drama. Song is often seen wearing a flat bill cap in Running Man. Known for creating basketball merchandise. Gyeonggi-do. Her own cap series called “CHO.

Episode 186) Guest (Episode 156) Guest along with Han Sang-jin (Episode 672) Guest along with Lee Dong-wook and Lim Seulong (Season 3. ep. Episode 295) Herself SBS Herself MBC Host SBS Herself MBC Herself tvN Herself Herself SBS Herself MBC Host 2010– Running Man present 2011 Happy Together Strong Heart Gag Concert Happy Together 2012 2013 Music video appearances . 16) SBS Lady Ye So-ya Jo Min-joo Eun-go Oh Jin-hee MBC KBS2 MBC KBS2 tvN Detectives in Trouble Gyebaek Emergency Couple Heaven's Order: The Fugitive of Joseon Hong Da-in Variety shows Year 200407 2004 200708 2007 2009 2010 201011 Title Yasimmanman Yoo Jae-suk & Kim Won-hee's Come to Play Inkigayo Three Women’s Talk World Special LOVE Family Outing Yasimmanman 2 Danbi Midnight TV Entertainment Role Network Notes Guest (Episode 80 and 208) Guest (Episode 20) Hosted along with Kim Heechul Guest (Episode 55) In Philippines Guest (Episodes 58-59) Horror Special Guest (Episode 51) Guest along with Nichkhun (Episode 14 and 15) Hosted along with Seo Kyung-suk SBS Herself Herself KBS2 Herself SBS A Killer Herself KBS2 Guest (Episodes 2 . Lee Jong-hyuk. Kim Joon.present) Guest along with Song Il Gook.5) Permanent cast member (Episode 6 .Year 2002 2006 2007 2011 2013 2014 Princess Hours Jumong Title Age of Innocence Min Hyo-rin Role Network Min-jung (guest appearance. Kim Junho and Kim Dae Hee (Season 3.

Year 2001 2006 2010 2011 2012 2013 Title "Just Say Goodbye" "And I Love You" "Don't Listen To This Song" "It’s Nothing Serious" "In Heaven" "Be Happy" (Teaser) "Winter Song" JTL Artist Lee Soo-young Role Herself Herself Herself Herself Herself Herself Herself "Words That I Can’t Believe" STAY Young Jee JYJ Freestyle feat. Navi Young Jee & Kyu-Hoon Herself Endorsements .

Collaboration with NBA Until 2014 2012 2013 2014 Awards and Nominations .U.2 Her own cap series. Pizza [9] NBA .CHO. based cosmetics brand [7][8] Mr.S.Year Boryung NUK Product LOTTE NATUUR Ice cream Notes 2001 Paris Baguette SK Telecom TTL Hite Hankook P&G Pantene LG Telecom GM Daewoo Binggrae DAUM Lotteria Flour Green Tea LG Telecom Phone & Fun Shiseido AQUAIR Naknine Nature Be Hite Jambangee Jeans DHC Korea with boyband 2AM 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2011 Samsung Think Next Bohae 3M Label Bobbi Brown Cosmetics Yesse Benefit .

Year 2007 2008 2009 2010 Award 43rd Baeksang Arts Awards 44th Baeksang Arts Awards 45th Baeksang Arts Awards Category Nominated work Result Nominated Nominated Nominated Won Best New Actress in a Television Series Princess Hours Sex Is Zero 2 Most Popular Actress in a Film A Frozen Flower 4th SBS Variety Special Award Entertainment Awards 5th Mnet 20's Choice Hot Variety Star Awards Running Man Nominated Won Nominated Nominated Won Nominated Nominated Excellence Award in Variety 5th SBS 2011 Entertainment Awards Netizen's Popularity Award Excellent Actress Award in a Miniseries MBC Drama Awards Gyebaek Producer's Award KBS Drama Awards Excellent Actress Award in a Miniseries Detectives in Trouble 48th Baeksang Arts Awards DramaFever Awards 49th Baeksang Arts Awards NATE Awards Best Female Entertainer Best Couple NOT Meant to Be! with Gary Best Female Entertainer Most Popular Actress in a Film Best Couple with Gary Female Top Excellence Award 7th SBS Best Couple Award with Gary 2013 Entertainment Awards Viewer's Most Popular Award with Running Man members KBS Drama Awards Excellent Actress Award in a Medium Length Drama Netizen's Award 2nd DramaFever Awards Best Kiss with Gary Best Couple NOT Meant To Be with Gary Running Man Running Man New World Running Man 2012 Nominated Nominated Nominated Won Won Nominated Won Heaven's Order: The Fugitive of Joseon Nominated Nominated Pending Pending Pending 2014 Singapore OMY Hot Star with Gary Entertainment Awards .

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