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Your book talk must be 2-3 minutes in length. It should include the following things:
1. Introduction: Show your book as your tell the title, author, number of pages, and genre.
2. Setting: Describe the setting (time & place) of the book.
3. Characters: Name and describe the main characters.
4. Plot: Give a brief summary of the basic story line. Include the conflict, but NOT the resolution. Don’t give away the story. If
you can define the climax without ruining the ending, do so.
5. Theme: What, in your view, is the primary theme of the book?
6. Recommendation: Tell whether you liked the book or not—give some reasons to support your answer. To whom would
you recommend the book?
7. BOOK PAGE: Include a book page (8 ½ x 11—can be made on computer or by hand) with a simplified version of your book talk
for display in the room. Include a picture of the cover of the book. Page should be neat and organized. Drawing or printing in
color would be a nice touch.

*All students should be prepared to present on

Monday, November 2, 2009.


Book Talk Rubric Name________________________
Criteria + √ —
INTRODUCTION  Creative introduction  Boring introduction  No introduction
 Clearly tells title, author &  Tells author, title, or  Forgets title, author, &
genre genre genre
SETTING  Tells when and where the  Tells where or when  Didn’t mention the setting
story takes place  Not sure, not clear
CHARACTERS  Named main characters  Mentioned characters, but  Did not tell anything
 Included details about the no details about main character
PLOT  Summary includes conflict and  Summary was there, but  Summary was
climax rambling or confusing incomprehensible
 Succinct and clear  Some parts missing or  Many parts missing
told too much  Gave away the ending
THEME  Clearly defined and elaborated  Defined, but not  Not defined
RECOMMENDATION  Gave rating with reasons  Gave rating, but no  No rating
 Recommended to specific reasons  No recommendation
people  Sort of recommended it
PRESENTATION  Clear, strong, pleasant voice  No expression in voice  Difficult to understand
 Speaks with expression  Somewhat prepared  6 inch voice or screeching
 Well prepared  Gum in mouth
 Unprepared
BOOK PAGE  Includes all required  Includes most of required  Missing information
information information  No cover image
 Includes picture of book cover  Does not include picture of  Lacks organization
 Creative and neat organization cover
 Formats aids understanding  Organized, easy to read

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