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Huawei IT Solution Overview




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Young History of Huawei IT

Serve for Carriers

Start Server & Storage R&D 1st-generation blade server T8000 V1 Commercial launched the first FC SAN F800 Commercial launched the 4Gb SAN product 3rd-generation blade server T8000 V3 Full series NAS/SAN/VIS Product launched Joint Venture from Huawei and Symantec SSD PCIe cards (the first in the industry)

Product Innovation

New Era
FusionInsight High-end storage, Big Data storage, Cloud storage Converged infrastructure FusionCube X8000 cabinet servers New T series SAN & Full SSD SAN Huawei Acquires Symantec Stake in Huawei Symantec Joint Venture

High-density X6000 servers for datacenters Cloud Platform Galax8800 E6000 blade servers, iNIC, and 2nd-generation SSD Cloud Solution SingleCloud 1.0

Start Cloud Computing R&D RH1285 and RH2285 rack servers High end and Middle range SAN,NAS

Huawei IT : Make IT Simple making Business Agile

Win-win Ecosystem Development
Global Partners / Carrier Partners / Distributors & VAP
Government Healthcare

Global Operation & Service Resources

Customer Support, Professional
Services, Training and Certification
Media Telecom


Focuses on Cloud IT Infrastructure

Education Enterprise

Datacenter, Storage, Server, Network, Security & Cloud Computing


Remarkable Achievements with Dedication

2000+ 260 2200+
Storage products serve 2000+ customers globally Cloud Computing deployments worldwide 2200+ Distributors, ISV, VAP

68% 330+ 400+

Compound Average Growth Rate of Tecal servers in recent three years Globally 330 DCs, 70 Cloud Data Centers Partners in products and technologies


High end Storage 1,000,000 IOPS. Industry leading 2 x performance Tecal V2 servers grabbing 83 SPEC benchmark records


N8000 ranks NO.1 in SPEC performance The largest Desktop Cloud with 80,000 Vrtual Desktops



Rapid Growth and Industry Recognitions

Huawei ranked No.1 as leading data center vendors showing proficiency Huawei ranked No.1 as storage revenue growth leader Huawei ranked No.2 in data center revenue growth by converged infrastructure

Huawei ranked No.2 in x86 server revenue growth

Global Excellent Telecom Cloud Solution Provider of year 2012

TBR Assessment of Data Center Scoring Metrics


Global IT Innovation and Support Capabilities

Technical standards approved

Global R&D centers

R&D Engineers

Patents and pending applications for technologies

Global Technical Assistance Center

Joint Innovation with Openness and Collaboration

More than 400 Business Partners

100+ Standards & Technology Organizations




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IT Product Portfolio Click to add Title Case References

Scalable and Reliable IT Coverage

Converged Infrastructure


E9000 Blade X8000 Rack Server X6000 for DC

HVS85T/88T/ OceanStor18800F


4U 4S / 8U 8S 2U 4S

E6000 Blade N8000 Dorado5100 Dorado2100 G2





2U 2S RH2485 V2 RH2285 V2 RH2288 V2

RH5885 V2

ManageOne DC Management

1U 2S

Cloud Datacenter

RH1288 V2

S5800T S5600T S2600T S2200T Micro DC Modular DC

Container DC


ES3000 SSD Card


OceanStor Enterprise Storage System

HVS85T/ HVS88T/OceanStor18800F
Critical Business Centralized Storage Virtualization Data DR

Secure and Reliable: Fully redundant multicontroller system architecture based on Smart Matrix; 99.9999% availability to ensure safety
of core applications.

Flexible and Efficient: Million level IOPS Industry leading 2x performance; Microsecond service response, 10 times faster

1,000,000 IOPS 16 Controller

No.1 performance Leading reliability

7 PB
No.1 capacity

3 TB
No.1 cache

OceanStor Solid State Storage: Extreme Performance

Dorado2100 G2
Database Digital Media HPC


Full SSD Flash Array with Low latency

and high performance

Active-active dual-controller, No SPOF.

IOPS400,000 Latency: 500 s 4 enclosures x 25 disks IOPS: 600,000 Latency: 500 s 4 enclosures x 24 disks

Hot-swappable FRUs 130+ core technology patents

Less latency

On-Line users

Less DB query time

Less power consumption

T Series: Unified Storage System

LUNs Disks
Hot Disk

Up to 192GB Cache
Up to 1440 HDDs Up to 8 File Engines 8Gb FC/10GE/FCoE/6Gb SAS SSD/SAS/NL SAS/SATA


Traditional way

Block-level virtualization

2x Resource Utilization 3x Improved Performance 60% Reduced Cost

SmartQoS SmartTier SmartMotion


N8000: Clustered NAS

N8500 Clustered NAS
M&E HPC Backup


Multi-protocol support meeting diversified service application needs

One set of management software managing NAS and SAN devices

Dynamic storage tiering (DST) lowering TCO by 60%

Linear Expansion

File system mirroring improve reliability

3,000,000 OPS
NO.1 Performance

15 PB
Max Capacity

24 nodes
Max NAS Engine

1 Billion
Max Files

OceanStor Big Data Storage : X in One


X in One: Architecture combining

Storage, Archive, and Analysis

Extreme Performance: 5 million+

OPS, 170 GB/s concurrent access, triple performance as peer products

5,000,000 OPS 170 GB/S

No.1 NAS Performance Throughput

45 PB


Single File System Disk Utilization

OceanStor Massive Storage: EB-level Scalability

Universal Distributed Storage
75disks / 4U
Web Disk Space Lease

Unlimited Scalability: EB-level capacity Extreme Reliability: 99.9999% durability Low TCO: a 4U enclosure supports 75 disks; maxium2 PB capacity/cabinet . ARM-based

ARM-based high-density enclosure

controllers and consumer-class disks cut power consumption by 60%, saving over 45% total costs.

2.1 PB
Max capacity / rack

40 GB
Output BW / rack

Lower energy saving

TCO reduced

RH5885: High-end Rack Server

RH5885 V2
Critical Business Business Virtualization Intelligence Database


Best choice for critical business First SAP HANA server in China Tool-free installation and maintenance

4 x E7-4800 CPU 64 DIMMs 8 or 10 2.5HDDs

8 x E7-8800 CPU 128 DIMMs 16 2.5 HDDs

Compatible with multi PCIe cards

TPC-E Benchmark

SPEC CPU2006 Records

RAS HA Features

Hyper-V performance

FusionCube: Converged Infrastructure

Cloud Computing Warehouse Critical Acceleration Application

Compute, Storage, Network Converged

Integrated virtualization and cloud management HW/SW optimization improves performance

Preintegrated, Validated, Shipping in one box

VM templates, application templates

12U/64 CPUs
Highest computing density in the industry (2-socket)

15.6 Tbit/s
Midplane bus bandwidth per chassis

12 TB
RAM per chassis

NEBS and ETSI Compliance


FusionSphere: Virtualization of IT Infrastructure

Cloud Basic Service
OpenStack API
Elastic Computing

Virtualization of IT infrastructure


Huawei API LB

Self-service Open API

Cloud Connector

Data Center level virtualization ICT converged cloud solution

Virtualization Infrastructure Virtual Resources Scheduling

FusionCompute FusionStorage FusionNetwork

Virt connector HW connector

OpenStack based architecture

Heterogeneous Infrastructure

Servers /cluster

Max virtual machines

SPECvirt test

FusionAccess: Integrated Desktop Cloud Solution

Wide network adapter Flow Experience flexible access Performance Scalability Open Different hardware

Desktop Access
Cloud Management

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Leading large scale desktop solution

End To End Security

Cloud Platform Hardware

Blade Servers + IP/FC SAN


CI + Distributed Storage

Secure & Reliable

Excellent Experience Agile & Efficient

End-to-end security design

Low bandwidth requirement

Elastic resource management

Multiple access authentication

Division of management roles

GPU pass-through
Extensive peripherals

Unified O&M platform

Open API for 3rd party apps

Huawei Internet Data Center Solution

Consultation Architect Design

5 Solutions
Mini DC Small DC Medium & Large DC
All-in-one Container DC Clustered Container DC

Indoor scenario: IDS2000 Modular Data Centers

Outdoor scenario: IDS1000 Container Data Centers

3 Core Products



Air-cool AC

Chilled water A/C

Software Platform + Hardware


Precision A/C

NetEco Management System

4 Platforms

Flexible Architecture

Precision Cooling

Smart Management

Efficient Power Supply and Distribution


Indoor Scenario: Modular DC Solution

Scene 1Mini DC (20) Scene 2Small DC (30100 ) Scene 3Large DC ( 1002000 ) ) Rack AC PDU UPS

Scenarios: Business

SME Support: 1000 desktop cloud Deployment size: 1- 5 IT racks Three core modules + two auxiliary systems :

Scenarios: Business

Financial and Industrial verticals support: 2000 to 20000+ desktop cloud Deployment size: 6- 28 IT racks

Scenarios: Business

large-scale Internet IDC support: 1000 - 5000 server deployment Deployment size: 28 -1000 IT racks

Lower construction costs Higher power density Greener DC Construction is simplified, rapid deployment Modular expansion
IT Load Load
Load Load

CAPEX save 25% Up to 30KW/rack PUE: 1.25-1.6 Construction: only 8-12 weeks Investment as you grow Protect investment, green operation


Load Load




Active management


Outdoor: IDS1000 Container DC solution

4-10 IT racks, 200-400 servers 80KW power consumption, using air cool or chilled water Scenario:


Institute of digital libraries, University Large hospitals, group headquarters Medium-sized financial institutions

all systems: cooling, power supply, equipments, management, etc. Two specifications: 20 ft and 40 ft

Standard three container with 18 IT racks

Stacking can achieve very large data center construction Scenario:



Large enterprise
Disaster backup center Trading center, etc.

container, power supply container and cooling container flexible composite and stacking Specifications: 40 ft


MicroDC: One-stop ICT Solution for Branche Offices

Simple and Fast--Fast--- speed business expansion
Simple Planning : unified planning according to the standard ,helps

branch realize standardization Fast delivery: ICT converged, one-stop delivery, rapid deployment in 3 hours & supports centralized application provisioning Easy relocation and expansion: convenient mobility and expansibility , protects investment Unattended Operation--Operation---safe safe and easy management

Unified management: remote management and easy O&M, no need

dedicated IT personnel in branches, which can save TCO by 30% Safe: remote monitoring and active detecting unsafe events, timely response to the envi. alarms, enhances branch ICT system security

Multi-service in One

Simple & Fast

Unattended operation

Converged ICT platform

Simple planning, standardized

Unified management remotely

Open API for 3rd party apps

Rapid deployment in 3 hours

Easy relocation and expansion

High Security
Saving TCO by 30%




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IT Product Portfolio Click to add Title Case References


CERN OpenLab: Cloud Storage Solution

Customer Challenges

Huawei Solution
An innovative UDS storage with: EB Level Scalability Data duration: 11 nines 45% OPEX lower

High reliability: Achievements of 7000+ world's top science engineers. High scalability: 7PB in 2007, 15PB in 2009, 25PB in 2012. High performance: More than 20PB data growth per year from the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) experiments.
CERN is hitting the technology limits for resourceintensive simulations and analysis. Our collaboration with Huawei shows an exciting new approach, where their novel architecture extends the capabilities in preparation for the exascale data rates and volumes we expect in the future." Bob Jones, head of CERN OpenLAB

Customer Benefits
Proved reliability in real environments Comparable Performance: UDS>OpenStack Excellent architecture to meet the data increment to EBs


MOI Forensic KSA: Huawei E2E ICT Solution

Existing data center cant provide more IT resource to meet rapid business requirements Existing campus network is outdated and cant support the future growth Low efficiency of existing analog communication system

Huawei solution
Huawei provided E2E ICT infrastructure solution including campus network, UC, main data center and DR In campus network and UC, including switch, router, security, IPPBX, IP telephony eSpace and VDI solution Data center solution including IDS 1000 container DC, IDS2000 modular DC, S6800T, HVS, CE12800 DC switch, VTL6900, E6000, RH2288V2 & FC switches

Value to Customer
One-stop solution and simplified management

Unified campus network communication improves collaboration efficiency

Reduce IT operation and maintenance cost by 50% Active/standby data center guarantee business continuity to SHARE78 Tier V

HCT UAE: Virtual Desktop Solution

No unified policy for institutes to enable information sharing and resources utilization is low Lack of security while connecting the traditional network No support for multi-terminal or mobile access Difficult to manage educational resources

Huawei solution
Green computer on demand for teachers and students End-to-End security mechanism protecting the system from Virus and attack threats Cloud service-oriented, improving the sharing of resources, community applications, and remote applications systems

Value to Customer
Improving operation and maintenance efficiency by 90% Increasing the resource utilization dramatically Successful implementation of multimedia education

IMG Media: Clustered NAS Solution

Customer Challenges

Huawei Solution
Clustered NAS storage solution with 2 NAS engines (over 800MBps bandwidth, 48TB for special effect and 400TB for MAM) E6000 Blade Servers to cope up with highperformance computing (48 blades)

Renowned entrepreneurial pioneer of more than 50 years 90% programs is High Definition format Aging facilities and network complexity Business under pressure, 30+ countries sports broadcasting

Customer Benefits
Support 4 streams EVS HD stream to play out at the same time. Zero failure in operation Initial bandwidth reach 800MBps, can extend to 24 engines.


Tencent: High-Efficient Computing Platform

Customer Challenges

Huawei Solution
RH2285 + SSD reduce power consumption and costs, also improve performance. X6000 enables front maintenance, improves density (from 12 nodes to 44 nodes). X6000 for all server types to maximize ROI.

Reduce TCO: Existing network servers exceeds 300K units, and annual electricity costs is up to 1 billion RMB. Fast deployment: The basic architecture must be deployed quickly to meet Internet service requirements.


operations: As the No.1 internet company, highly reliability is essential.

Customer Benefits
Reduces power consumption by 15%, and TCO by over 30%. Reduces the time to deploy a cabinet with 20 servers from 5 hours to 10 minutes. Minimizes fault rates than HP and Dell.


Phoenix International Media Center: Cloud DC Solution

Customer Challenges

Huawei Solution
Integrate multiple data centers, Resource sharing between DCs Template-based and automatic service provisioning Establish the active-active disaster recovery data centers between Beijing and Hong Kong

24-hour collection programs that require high reliability Operation and maintenance costs are very expensive, require Cost Effective, efficient, cost-saving data center There are thousands of global services deployment that require regional data centers to quickly deploy applications

Customer Benefits
Resource utilization increases by 3 times Unified management of 9 data centers, efficiency 25% The RPO of key services is minute-level Reduce the services launch time to 1 month



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