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What is a Mormon Transhumanist?

2013 Members the Mormon Transhumanist Association

Membership Count and Growth

349 Basic 30 Voting 379 Total

High Membership Growth Rate

133 New Members in 2013 (+54%)

Low Membership Attrition Rate

7 Lost Members in 2013 (-3%)

Two Thirds of Members Are in USA

One Quarter of Members Are in Utah

All members of the Mormon Transhumanist Association support the

Transhumanist Declaration
and the

Mormon Transhumanist Affirmation

2013 Survey of the Mormon Transhumanist Association

Get these Survey Results Here

In 2013, 25% of Our Members Participated in the Survey

96 Members Surveyed

Members Living Outside USA Participated at a Lower Rate

Surveyed Members

All Members

Our Age Distribution Centers in the Late Thirties

We Are Too White and Too Male

Most of Us Are Married with Children

Our Education and Income Levels Skew toward the High End

Perspectives on Politics and Ethics

Most of Us Are Social Progressives

Social Economic

Although Economic Views Are Mixed

Almost All of Us Embrace Technological Risk and Opportunity

By being generally open and embracing of new technology, we have a better chance of turning it to our advantage than if we try to ban or prohibit it.

Most of Us Think Everyone Should Become More Intelligent

It would be a good thing if people could become many times more intelligent than they currently are.

Most of Us Think Everyone Should Live in Good Health Much Longer

It would be a good thing if people could live (in good health) for hundreds of years or longer.

We Generally Base Our Morality on Universal Happiness and Well Being

The focus of ethics and morals should be the happiness and well being of all sentient beings, including humans, nonhuman animals, artificial intellects, and posthumans.

We Are More Inclined to Think of Life as a Test than as a War or Neither

This life is a test. This life is a war.

Perspectives on God and Religion

Members Are Mostly LDS Theists

But a Substantial Portion are Not

Non-Theist Composition Is Increasing

Non-LDS Composition Is Increasing

Recall Our Low Attrition Rate, Which Shows LDS Theists Are Staying
7 Lost Members in 2013 (-3%)

Most Think God Created Us, But We Are Not Sure About Cosmoforming
I may be living in a God created us and cosmoformed world, such our world. as an artificial black hole.

We Tend to Agree with Fine Tuning and Disagree with Intelligent Design
Our universe has the rare attributes required for the emergence of life within it. Life could not have evolved without some form of external intelligent intervention.

We Are More Inclined to Panentheism Than Pantheism

I believe that nature is part of God. I believe that nature is God.

We Tend to Think God Evolves, While Existing in More Than Potential

I believe that God I believe God evolved from simpler antecedents currently exists only in potential. and may still be evolving.

Almost All Think We Should Become God and We Would Not Be the First
Humanity may one day If we do become like become God, Gods, or God someday, we will like God. be the first or only God.

Many Think We Will Not Become God Unless God Already Exists, But Theres Resistance
Humanity has little or no chance of becoming God unless God already exists.

Most of Us See Importance Both in Our Works and in Gods Grace

Our works are at least as important as God's grace. God's grace is at least as important as our works.

We Also Tend To See As Much Importance in Grace for Each Other

The grace of my family and friends is at least as important as other grace.

Most Agree Agency and Opportunity Require Risk of Suffering and Evil
Agency (or free will) is Opportunity to become a good explanation for like God requires risk why there is evil. of suffering.

Most Think God Intervenes in a Limited Way, But Theres Resistance

God intentionally limits I believe that God intervenes in the world. interactions with us.

Some Think Limited Interaction with God May Be Necessary for Agency
If God did not intentionally limit interactions with us, we would become merely prosthetics of God.

Perspectives on Premortal Existence and Birth

Most Think We Existed Before Birth

Before birth, I did not exist.

Perhaps with Inferior Consciousness

Before birth, I Before birth, I experienced a quality experienced a quality of consciousness like or of consciousness inferior to that which I superior to that which I now experience. now experience.

Generally Favorable Views of Cloning as Reproductive Technology

Parents should be able to have children through cloning once the technology is safe.

Our Views on Abortion Are a Bit Complicated

Women should have the right to terminate their pregnancies.

Our Views on Genetic Engineering of Children Are More Complicated

Parents should be able to choose the sex, intelligence and other characteristics of their children.

Perspectives on Death and Postmortal Existence

Most Think Well Continue to Exist After Death and Before Resurrection
After death (and before any resurrection), I will not exist.

With Mixed Views on Consciousness

After death (and before any resurrection), I will experience a quality of consciousness inferior ... After death (and before any resurrection), I will experience a quality of consciousness like or superior ...

Nearly All Think We Should Preserve Records and DNA

We have a duty to preserve historical details about our loved ones. In addition we should preserve genetic information.

But Views on Cryonics Are Mixed

we should preserve their bodies cryonically for subsequent resuscitation, when it becomes technically feasible.

Most Would Consider Mind Uploading

I would consider having The human mind could be simulated on my mind uploaded to a sufficiently powerful computers if it was the only way I could computer. continue existing.

Most Expect Similar or Superior Consciousness at Resurrection

After resurrection, I will experience a quality of consciousness inferior ... After resurrection, I will experience a quality of consciousness like or superior ...

Perspectives on the Mormon Transhumanist Association

Intellectual Stimulation is Our Primary Reason for Associating

Intellectual Stimulation Spiritual Stimulation Friendship or networking To support diverse Mormon views To support diverse Transhumanist views To engage in Mormon Transhumanist activism Other

Most Consider the Association Important and Are Satisfied

Almost All of Us Are Ready to Invite You to Join Our Association

which you can do here: