APRIL 10, 2014

NR # 3432

House leader seeks ban on charging of parking fees in malls, hotels
A House leader is seeking a ban on the imposition of any fee for the use of parking spaces and facilities located within shopping malls, hotels and other similar establishments. House Deputy Speaker Sergio Apostol said his proposal aims to address the mounting complaints against the exorbitant parking fees charged by business and commercial establishments to their customers. “Parking fees exacted by these establishments are definitely irreconcilable with the essence of the onsumers Act, which protects consumers against abuses by setting the standards of suitable conduct for business and industry. !t is a matter of courtesy that malls or hotels for that matter should not collect parking fees," said Apostol, representati#e of the Second District of $eyte. He said parking fees should actually be free since the fact customers are going to these business places means that these malls, hotels and similar commercial establishments are already earning from them. “!t should be part of their ser#ice. %orse, when your car is #andali&ed in their car park, they refuse to take responsibility for it when it's their car park you pay for the pri#ilege to park. (hey pro#ide security supposedly to protect car owners and yet they refuse to account for their liability," said Apostol. %hile malls are charging customers some sort of maintenance fees for the parking lot, the lawmaker said unfortunately this is something these establishments are entitled to charge simply because of the system in the Philippines. “!t is totally wrongful that malls and other commercials ha#e practically built whole new businesses anchored entirely on making money out of their car parking facilities that ought to be made a#ailable for free to their customers," said Apostol. !n House )ill *++,, Apostol sought the prohibition on the imposition or extraction of any fee for the use of parking spaces and facilities located within shopping malls, hotels and similar commercial establishments. House )ill *++, filed by Apostol seeks to prohibit owners of shopping malls, hotels, and similar commercial establishments, their agents or authori&ed representati#es from imposing, exacting, collecting and-or charging any and all fees for the use of parking spaces located within these establishments, except owners of buildings or spaces which are exclusi#ely de#oted or utili&ed to pro#ide parking spaces and ser#ices and not in any

way connected with any other business. !t further pro#ides that no other building permit shall be issued for the construction of business and commercial establishments that include as integral parts thereof, parking spaces and facilities, buildings and other facilities for parking purposes within existing business and commercial establishments unless owners thereof submit sworn statements that parking spaces and facilities shall be made a#ailable to the public free of charge. !t also pro#ides that permits for the construction of buildings and facilities to be de#oted or utili&ed exclusi#ely for parking purposes shall be issued only upon submission of a sworn statement that said buildings and facilities are to be de#oted or used exclusi#ely for parking purposes and are not attached in any way to any shopping mall, hotel and similar commercial establishments. .wners of erring business establishments shall pay a fine of P/00,000 to P100,000, while members of the )oard of Directors or any other corporate officers face imprisonment of not more than fi#e years. 2*03 rbb

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