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10 12 (89% 100%) 89 (7 % - 88%)
Produces pace as in the original recording.

Reproduces the intonation pattern of the recording, including the right pitch. Produces the right intonation ut with some minor pro lems in pitch.

STRESS (15%)
Follows the stress pattern accurately.

Produces weak and strong forms almost perfectly. Produces strong and weak forms correctly without ma!or mistakes. Produces weak forms correctly ut some mistakes are found, i.e. strong forms are sometimes produced instead of weak forms. +as difficulties distinguishing strong and weak forms. Produces frequent mistakes when producing strong and weak forms. .oes not distinguish etween strong and weak forms.

VOWELS (20%)
Produces a close to native repertoire of English vowels. No inconsistencies are found. "an distinguish and produce almost all the English vowels with minor inconsistencies. "an distinguish and produce the ma!ority of vowels accurately, ut with.some difficulties distinguishing $%$ from $$, $$ from $i&$ or $$ from $u&$. #akes no distinction etween $%$ and $$, $$ and $i&$, or $u&$ and $$. Produces (panish vowel qualities ut occasionally produces $-$. Produces (panish vowel qualities throughout.

Recognises and articulates all the English consonants perfectly. Produces consonants with no difficulties, ut some occasional mistakes appear. 'ccasional (panish interference in the production of some consonants such as $d$. #ay find it difficult to articulate $$ and produces $)$ inconsistently. #ispronounces some consonants. ,here is Interference of (panish consonants in several occasions. Produces (panish consonants in almost every occasion.

Is quite fluent with only slight delays.

Follows the stress pattern without ma!or pro lems.

7 ( 0% - 75%)

#anages to reproduces the pace of the original recording ut with occasional delays. *ttempts at producing the pace of the recording ut with nota le lapses. *ttempts at following the recording, ut the pace and rhythm differ strikingly from that of the original. "annot follow the recording at all or does not follow instructions for shadow reading.

Produces the right intonation without ma!or pro lems.

"an follow the stress pattern as in the recording although some minor mistakes appear. +as some difficulties following the stress pattern of the original. +as ma!or difficulties in following the stress pattern of the original. "annot follow the stress pattern of the original at all.

!5 (!0% - 59%) 2-" (20% - "9%) 1 (1% - 19%)

Follows the intonation in the recording ut with noticea le mistakes. *ttempts at following the intonation patterns in the recording ut fails to reproduce them very often. "annot reproduce the intonation of the recording at all.

Produces (panish consonants throughout.