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Social Media Posting: The Best Time to Post to the Most Popular Social Media Networks

Most people are already aware that when it comes to social media posting, its crucial to focus on providing as much value as possible. While it can be tempting to simply blast out messages that are self-promotional in nature, those generally arent anywhere close to being effective as sharing information that people find useful or engaging. However, because the Internet is such a busy place, simply sharing great content isnt always enough to maximi e the effectiveness of social media. In order to generate the best results possible, its vital to ta!e other factors li!e timing into consideration. "lthough that may sound stressful, the good news is lots of analysis around this topic has already been done. #hat means you $ust need to learn that information, and then put it into practice.


%ince #witter is a very busy place, it shouldnt come as a surprise that theres a lot of data. &ut of everything thats been studied, one of the most interesting findings is the fact that #witter is extremely active on the wee!ends. %pecifically, engagement with brands is a full '() higher from *riday to %unday than it is from Monday to #hursday.

While thats a very interesting ta!eaway for businesses, it doesnt mean you should only tweet on the wee!ends. +ecause theres still plenty of activity during the wee!, youll want to stay engaged. When it comes to the best wee!day times, that actually depends on your goal for individual tweets. If you want as many people as possible to clic!-through, ',-M and .-M are the two pea! times. "nd if youre going for retweets, /-M is the ideal opportunity. %o as you can see from both those facts, its best to focus the ma$ority of your #witter activity later in the day.


When it comes to *aceboo!, people get more active as the wor!wee! gets closer to ending. #hursday and *riday are generally identified as the two days when engagement is the highest, with %unday being next on the list. "nd when it comes to actually posting, '-M has been pegged as the best hour for shares, while 0-M generates the most clic!s. %o if you want to stri!e a balance between those two goals, doing your social media publishing on *aceboo! during the early afternoon is a smart bet.


"lthough *aceboo! and #witter are generally credited for ma!ing social media mainstream, 1oogle2, 3in!edIn and -interest have all become ma$or social networ!s in fairly short amounts of time. %ince there are signs that 1oogle may use -lus to help influence %45-s, every business

can benefit from posting on it. #he best times for this networ! are 6"M to ''"M, while the worst is from .-M to ("M.

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If youre in the +,+ space, 3in!edIn can be very useful. #he pea! times for this networ! are right before and after wor!, so ("M to 7809"M and /-M to .-M. #uesday and #hursday are the best days to post on 3in!edIn, while any time from 6"M to /-M on Monday and *riday is considered the worst.


*or products and businesses that have to do with beauty, fashion, decorating, design or :I; in general, -interest can be a gold mine. #he average -interest user spends more than '. minutes on the site each time they visit< :uring the wee!, ,-M to =-M and 7-M to ''-M are the best times to post. #he other time that can wor! >uite well is %aturday morning.


"lthough email is a different medium than social, given the fact that it plays an important role in the online mar!eting strategy of many businesses, its worth ta!ing a >uic! loo! at the best time to hit send. "ccording to various research, if youre sending a promotional email to consumers, ."M to '9"M and then (-M to '9-M are the two sweet spots. "nd if youre in the +,+ mar!et, /-M to (-M is the best time to send emails. ?ow that you !now the best times for social media posting, all thats left for you to do is ta!e what we covered and put it into action. @eep in mind that if you utili e a social media dashboard, youll be able to trac! your exact results and refine these times to the ideal range for your specific business.