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April 10, 2014

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As part of a strategy to promote a development of trust and cooperation, Walton County District 4 Commissioner Sara Comander has begun quarterly meetings with the Mayors of ..

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Walton Negotiations At Impasse The Walton School District

Negotiation Team and teachers are at an impasse. With state money on the table the union and district team were not able to agree on....

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The Wolfes Den


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Hello, Here we are once again with another 2 weeks gone

by. I sincerely appreciate your reading and showing support of this newspaper. It is a labor of love. My inner desires to help people. To be a key player in advancement of our city of Freeport. What have you done lately to help better this place? Offer a kind gesture? Give great advice? Welcome visitors from all around to our area? I know that I do get phone calls from people on vacation, asking where the best place to go.or closest places for this or that. I enjoy helping, the feeling of helping someone who really appreciates it. It does something to continue my inner spirit of goodness and caring. Its tough but I try. Sometimes in the past, I have read some news that was the first to be discussed around these parts. I hope to get peoples attention with each edition I print. To read, to provoke thoughts, to stir up emotions..most newspapers are so predictable with their format of news. Same old news, bad, bad, then some good, but mostly bad. That is why each edition has a special place for us here. I want to inform you all if I come across something such as this next topic I found. E-cigs and the kids using them. Get this headline: Liquid Nicotine in E-Cigarettes Rising Cause of Poisonings: CDC -Calls to poison control centers have jumped, ingestion could be deadly for kids, experts report. The number of calls to poison control centers for nicotine poisoning from e-cigarettes has risen dramatically in recent years, U.S. health officials reported. Calls related to poisoning from the liquid nicotine used in these devices were running at a rate of roughly one a month in 2010, but jumped to 215 in February of this year, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Even more troubling, more than half (51 percent) of the poison calls involved children aged 5 and younger, while 42 percent involved people aged 20 and older. "The time has come to start thinking about what we can do to keep this from turning into an even worse public health problem," and added that many people are not aware that liquid nicotine is toxic. "We need to make sure we can avert the possibility of an unintended death from nicotine poisoning," they said. "We have not had an unintentional poisoning death from e-cigarettes yet in the United States that we know of, but the potential is there given the amount of concentrated nicotine in these solutions -- it would not take a lot for a child death to occur." CDC director Dr. Tom Frieden noted in a news release that e-cigarettes are particularly attractive to kids because they come in candy and fruit flavors. Dr. Vincenzo Maniaci, an emergency medicine specialist at Miami Children's Hospital, agreed that the danger to children is real. "The concentration of nicotine in these solutions is significant and they need to be made childproof and regulated," Maniaci said. "Especially for kids under the age of 5, this amount of nicotine can be fatal." McAfee noted that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is planning to propose regulations for e-cigarettes. He added that he hopes these regulations will include how the product is packaged, including childproof caps and warning labels. "These things can be hardwired into these products, rather than being left to the whim of the manufacturer," he said. In the meantime, McAfee advised keeping these devices, and their refills, out of the reach of children. "These should be treated with the same caution one would use for bleach. In some ways, this is more toxic than bleach," he said. Poisoning from the liquid nicotine in e-cigarettes can happen in one of three ways: by swallowing it; inhaling it; or absorbing it through the skin or membranes in the mouth and lips or eyes, McAfee said. Once it is in a person's system, nicotine can cause nausea, vomiting or seizures. If those symptoms are occurring, the patient will typically be told to go straight to the emergency room. Being with E-cigs popularity comes the legalization of Marijuana right around the corner. Students in nearby high schools I have talked to stated that many students at most every Walton county school allows e-cigs. Funny thing is they cant tell the difference when pot is added to it. Some are getting high in class through using vaporizers. Yes, I found out that there are teachers out there allowing students to vape -to release stress from them as they told me. Its bad enough when I hear so many stories of teachers telling students to figure it out on their own? What are they doing when they are in school anyway? Learning? What? How to beat the system? Great news.our teachers and school authorities need to start taking notice of what is really going on around them. The use of cell phones may be restricted but a kid being stoned all day in school goes unnoticed? And they even have police officers on campus. That is what seems funny to most of the kids I spoke with. Keep giving yourself A+ grades, no one knows? Teenagers are very smart, even though they act dumb to keep the bar set low so not to disturb the trend of getting a buzz on, while at school. Open your eyes school people!!

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Man Who Hit Security and Kicked Out Patrol Car Window Sentenced to 5 Years
As reported by WZEP AM1460

The EMERALD STAR NEWS Inc. Legislative Update Gaetz Childrens Advocacy Centers, Guardian Ad Litem & Education From the businesses advertising in this issue.

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As reported by WZEP AM1460

Remember the story of the wedding guest that struck a Waltercolor security guard then tried to punch a deputy? He will now serve five years in prison. State Attorney Bill Eddins says Terry Lee Hays was sentenced by Judge Kelvin Wells to the Department of Corrections to serve 5 years. Hays had previously been found guilty in February by a Walton County jury of Aggravated Battery with Great Bodily Harm or a Deadly Weapon, Resisting an Officer with Violence, Criminal Mischief, and Disorderly Intoxication. The charges arose from an incident that occurred at the Watercolor Inn in south Walton back on May 28, 2013. Hays was part of a wedding reception being hosted at the Fish Out of Water restaurant. After causing a disturbance at the restaurant, he was asked to leave the property by staff and Watercolor security. As a security officer was trying to arrange a ride for Hays back to his hotel, he grasped a car key between his knuckles and repeatedly struck the officer in the back of the head. He was restrained by security until deputies from the Walton County Sheriffs Office could arrive. Once on scene, Hays then tried to punch one of these deputies. After being arrested, he then kicked out the back side window of a Walton County Sheriffs Office patrol car.

What Cannabis Crime Wave? Marijuana Sales Steady, Colorado Crime Down
Once again the collapse of civilization has been averted. While opponents of the legalization of recreational marijuana sales predicted outright bedlam, the reality is quite the opposite: crime in Denver, Colorado is declining since the advent of retail pot. January and February crime statistics in the city and county of Denver show violent crime -including homicide, sexual assaults and robbery -- have declined by 2.4%, according to the Denver Police Department. In fact, robberies fell more than 7% during the period, while sexual assaults declined by more than 12%. Homicide fell more than 66%. Aggravated assaults were the only violent crime category to rise in the first two months of this year, gaining nearly 4%.

State Senate President Don Gaetz says the Senate approved funding for a number of priorities outlined in the joint House and Senate Work Plan 2014 agenda. He says funding to enhance services at Childrens Advocacy Centers, to facilitate the maximum current year expansion of the Guardian Ad Litem Program and to serve more Floridians on the Agency for Persons With Disabilities critical needs waiting list are all key components of our combined effort to protect Floridas most vulnerable citizens. Additionally, Gaetz says their budget rewards state universities that cement the link between education and jobs and allocates funding for increased student access to Career and Professional Education (CAPE) industry certification opportunities in order to advance the House and Senate efforts to expand economic opportunity through education. The Senate Budget totals $74.9 billion including $27.4 billion general revenue (GR) and $47.5 billion in trust funds (TF). The budget funds $586 million for the 2014-15 unfunded actuarial liability of the Florida Retirement System, sets aside $500 million for recurring tax relief and $3.2 billion in total state reserves. Reserves include $1.5 billion Working Capital, $214.5 million for a Budget Stabilization Fund transfer (Fiscal Year 20142015 transfer), $922.8 million in the Budget Stabilization Fund (estimated June 30, 2014 balance based on anticipated transfers), and $573 million in the Lawton Chiles Endowment Fund (estimated June 30, 2014 balance). Reserves total 10.1 percent of General Revenue. The Senate Budget also includes a pay increase for the state court system totaling $9.7 million GR and $321.4 million for maintaining and building education facilities.

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As part of a strategy to promote a development of trust and cooperation, Walton County District 4 Commissioner Sara Comander has begun quarterly meetings with the Mayors of DeFuniak Springs, Freeport and Paxton to discuss important issues facing the county and local municipalities. The first meeting was held on March 13, 2014 and included Mayor Hayward Thomas, Mayor Bob Campbell, Mayor Russ Barley and Commissioner Sara Comander. Comander credits the idea to former Walton County Administrator Ronnie Bell who fostered the idea when he worked in collaboration with the other elected officials and the school board. It is Comanders belief that an on-going challenge facing all local governments is how cities and county governments work together to ensure that the interests of all citizens are addressed. I believe our residents want their governments to work together, said Comander. We share the same basic values and the same desire to protect and improve our quality of life. It just makes sense for the County and the cities to foster a closer relationship and look beyond our own self-interest to begin thinking and acting regionally. These meetings are being conducted with the belief that consolidating and combining services is nothing new, but that working together has become significantly more important as those in government evolve to meet the challenge of providing essential public services with shrinking revenues. According to Comander, As a result of this effort, we are forging stronger partnerships with our cities, our business community, our schools and our surrounding counties. Most importantly, we continue to expand and solidify the relationships we have with our residents.

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Thursday, April 10,2014

Health Post
George Roll P.A.-C Seagrove Medical Clinic Call # 850-231-6200 Walk-ins and Appt.s Send health questions or comments to: P.O.Box 1133 Freeport, Florida 32439

What You Can Do About Bad Breath

Walton Negotiations At Impasse

The Walton School District Negotiation Team and teachers are at an impasse. With state money on the table the union and district team were not able to agree on terms to take to their respective sides. The state money could go away. The state money is the funds Governor Scott helped to bring to teachers. There is a question if this money can be used for any education or just teachers. Once the money was approved at the state level, there were questions and the details of how it could be used and if it had to be negotiated needed to be answered. The question of who should get it is part of the difference between the two Walton sides. The teacher's union wants the allocated state money, a step raise and the $150,000 offered by the District going to the teachers. The District has offered $150,000, a step raise and a portion of the state allocation. A remaining portion of the state allocation was approved for the Education Support Personnel. The Board agreed to pay the third category of employees, the administrators, from the general budget. The District says the allocated money can be split between the teachers and the ESPs as it was meant for education. The teachers say it was meant for teachers. The allocation money was also used to help level the steps. Speaking for the District Team, Mr. Copeland told the union team the leveling specifically gives more money sooner and for a longer time. He also talked about the fund balance and the Board not letting it drop below three percent. With the money for the administrators, a need to supplement foodservice, a need for dual enrollment, and the $150,000, the fund balance would likely go below the three percent. The union said Superintendent Anderson said at a previous meeting if they could find it in the budget they could consider it. The Union team presented four parts of the budget they say had large increases. They said these totaled $2 million and the difference between the two proposals is only $230,000. The union team also has concerns about a drop in the future if the state allocation is not renewed. They asked how the district would have equalized the salary schedule of they did not use the state allocation. Copeland answered that they would not have. The negotiations are at an impasse. This means they will operate on an old salary schedule. There are two options, the use of a Special Magistrate or a direct hearing before the School Board. Due to the state allocation monies needing to have a contract submitted by the first part of May, Copeland suggested they not take the usual Special Magistrate process and appeal directly to the Board. The Union said they would stay with the usual procedure. This can take six months. Copeland and the Union agreed to try and work quick. He explained he doesn't believe the Special Magistrate can order the District to pay the state allocation if it money they do not have. He said the $1.1 million in state allocation will be lost. The Union said they submitted their proposal last September and all the delay does not fall on them.

Who hasn't had a moment of less-than-lovely breath? Bad breath, or halitosis, can get in the way of your social life and make you selfconscious and embarrassed. Fortunately, there are simple and effective ways to get a fresh mouth. Brush and floss more frequently. One of the prime causes of bad breath is plaque, the sticky buildup in your mouth that harbors bacteria. Food caught between teeth adds to the problem. All of us should brush at least twice a day and floss daily. The coating that normally forms on the tongue can host foul-smelling bacteria. To get rid of them, gently brush your tongue with your toothbrush. If it's too big to comfortably reach the back of your tongue, try a tongue scraper. Onions and garlic are the prime offenders. Unfortunately, brushing after you eat them doesn't help. "The volatile substances they contain make their way into your bloodstream and travel to your lungs, where you breathe them out, Bad breath is just one of many reasons not to smoke. Smoking damages gum tissue and stains teeth. It also makes you more likely to get oral cancer. Besides freshening your breath, anti-bacterial mouthwashes add extra protection by reducing plaque-causing bacteria. After eating, swishing your mouth with plain water also helps your breath by eliminating food particles.


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Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Emerald Star News, Inc.

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Please be advised the Walton County School Board voted and approved to move the second (2nd) regular School Board Meeting of each month to the South Walton High School Media Center beginning Tuesday, April 15, 2014, and continuing until Tuesday, November 18, 2014. The regular meetings will begin at 5:00 PM with the exception of the November 18, 2014 meeting, which will begin at 4:00 PM. Listed below are the Board Meeting dates to be held at South Walton High School:


The Florida Department of Health is recognizing National Public Health Week with the release of a new resource, Florida Public Health Heroes. During 2014, the Florida Department of Health is observing 125 years of Florida Public Health. Public health professionals work tirelessly for better health in every Florida community, said State Surgeon General and Secretary of Health Dr. John Armstrong, We are pleased to feature Public Health Heroes in honor of all those who have served our state over 125 years. Florida Public Health Heroes recognizes the contributions of public health professionals in all 67 counties. This collection of stories brings to life the broad scope of public health services and highlights individuals who have served Floridas children, adults, families, and visitors with excellence. To view Florida Public Health Heroes please click here. On April 10 from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. in the courtyard outside Floridas Capitol in Tallahassee, the Department will feature public health services, interactive fitness activities and healthy cooking demonstrations to highlight the Departments top priority, Healthiest Weight Florida. The public will have the opportunity to tour EMS, emergency preparedness, mobile medical and dental vehicles, as well as explore the Faces of HIV mobile art exhibit and visit the 125th Anniversary preview display in the Florida Historic Capitol Museum. Information about the 125th Anniversary of Florida Public Health is available at More information about National Public Health Week is available here. The Florida Department of Health protects, promotes and improves the health of all people in Florida through integrated state, county and community efforts. Follow us on Twitter at @HealthyFla and on Facebook. For more information about the Florida Department of Health please visit

The Mayors Post

Russ Barley Freeport Mayor Please send any and all comments to The

Russ Barley- Mayor-Freeport, Fl.

Greetings from the Mayors Office. Spring is finally here and the warmer weather has set in so the Town Planters Society of Freeport are now starting to implement blooming plants around the city which always brightens things up.
Recently we had a ground breaking ceremony for Marina Village located on Hwy 83A East (Bayloop) who has partnered with Randy Wise Home Builders as they begin to construct new homes in that subdivision, four new homes are underway to add to the development, also Freeport will soon see another new business, GroupNet/IAPP Creative LLC has leased space at the Freeport Industrial Park. It is a technology business related to pharmacy contracts and they expect to add 2 new employees to the company and they are relocating from Baton Rouge, La. So we are excited to have this business join our community. The Bayfest Committee has met again and things are starting to develop for the upcoming annual city festival to be held on September 20, 2014 at the Freeport Regional Sports Complex, also the Town Planters Society has begun their plans for the second annual Mayors Charity Ball which is scheduled for November 15, 2014, at the Lake ClubHammock Bay and information will be given as we move closer to the event. The SOZO Symposium held in Dothan, Al, was interesting and educational, information was given so we know what is involved in attracting companies to come to our area, as it takes a collaborative effort not only with the local city and county government but, the state government as well. Please mark your calendars for upcoming events as they are discussed and also join us for the scheduled city council meetings held on the second Tuesday and fourth Thursday of each month beginning at 7:00 P.M., please remember the door is always open for your ideas, suggestions and complaints to let us know how we can better serve you.

Date Of Regular Meeting Time Tuesday, April 15, 2014 5:00 PM

Tuesday, May 20, 2014 5:00 PM Tuesday, June 17, 2014 5:00 PM Tuesday, July 15, 2014 5:00 PM Tuesday, August 19, 2014 5:00 PM Tuesday, September 16, 2014 5:00 PM Tuesday, October 21, 2014 5:00 PM Tuesday, November 18, 2014 4:00 PM Tuesday, November 18, 2014** 5:00 PM

(or immediately following the regular meeting) **This meeting is for re-organization of the Board If you have any questions, please call 850.892.1100 extension 1302.

FREEPORT BAYFEST CITY FESTIVALThe first annual city festival is being planned for September 20, 2014, at the Freeport Regional Sports Complex. A festival poster contest is part of the festivities and the deadline for the entries is May 8, 2014, at 5:00 PM- Anyone may enter, the rules are any medium such as tempera paint, crayon, ink, charcoal, pastel or oil. No reflective materials such as glitter or gold stars are anything that must be glued to the poster. Must be at least 8 x 11, but no larger than 18x24. No notebook paper or graph paper may be used. Print name and telephone number on back of entry, entries can be turned in at City Hall. Judging based on incorporation of theme, creativity, originality of design, neatness, colorfulness. Winner will receive $100 cash prize, recognition at City Council Meeting and at the festival. The poster will be on display at the Freeport City Hall and artwork will be used on all posters and T-shirts for the festival. For further information contact Mayor Russ Barley at 850 -835-2822.

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The Freeport Planning Board will not meet in April, 2014.

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Thursday, April 10,2014

From Alaqua: I just wanted to update you all and say that the last three Pets of the Week were adopted shortly after promoting and sending to all of you. So, thank you a million times for sharing. This is the best way for us to find forever homes for our angels at Alaqua. We hope you will all continue to share.

Sophie is a female Poodle/Terrier

WCSO Deputy Cleared in Pit Bull Case

The Walton County Sheriffs Office is releasing the video of a deputy defending himself from an attacking Pit Bull, shooting and killing the dog as it charged him at the end of the complainants driveway. The video, which was recorded by the deputy's video cam, worn by the deputy at the time of the incident has been reviewed by the Sheriffs Office Internal Affairs. It clearly shows the deputy defending himself from an aggressive animal and exonerates the officer from any wrongdoing. In a statement from the Sheriffs office, they say this is an unfortunate incident and they regret the failure of the dogs owner to keep his animal secured on his property, a failure which directly led to the dogs aggressive behavior off property and the dog's death. The Office also says it is also unfortunate that in an incident like this, passions run high and facts are often distorted. They say the incident has gone viral on Facebook and a great deal of misinformation and outright falsehoods have been spread. The Office feels it is important to set the record straight with the following summary of the facts of the case: The WCSO deputy responded to 77 East Mack Bayou Road on Monday, March 11th, after a caller stated a gray and white pit bull had run up to her vehicle barking and acting in an aggressive manner. The caller was fearful that if she opened the door, the dog would bite her or one of her two children in the car. The dog diverted his attention to another female who was walking by the residence. The caller witnessed the pit bull chasing the female walker down the road and heard her screaming. While the deputy was on scene collecting information, he overheard barking and walked to the end of the driveway and saw the dog. The animal immediately charged the deputy in an aggressive manner and lunged towards him at which point the deputy fired one shot in self-defense, which killed the animal immediately. The fact that the dog charged the deputy is confirmed not only by the deputy's video cam but also in a sworn statement of the neighbor who originally reported the dog holding her and her two children at bay in their vehicle. Walton County has a leash law and does not permit dogs to roam freely. The pit bull was off-leash, offproperty and not under control.

mix about eight years of age who is looking The Priceless Purrs Program at for the Alaqua Animal Refuge offers adult cats right free of charge! Please help us spread the family to word! come her It is a fact that adult cats have a longer way. stay in the shelter environment than kittens She came to us as one of the resor dogs of any age. Cats are less time incues from the August cruelty case tensive in their care requirements and and she was pregnant. She was the make wonderful pets for busy people, but most perfect mommy to her sweet there are still fewer adult cats adopted than babies, but they have all found her other animals. Unfortunately, there are their forever homes and now she is many cats euthanized in our area shelters left waiting for hers. for this reason alone. Due to her age, she would truly Alaqua Animal Refuge has decided to take enjoy a forever home that is very low-key and has lots of time to a bold step to save as many of these presnuggle up with her. If you think cious felines as possible. The refuge will no longer be charging an adoption fee for that you would be a great match for Sophie, she would love to meet cats over the age of six months of age to approved homes. All cats are fully vetted, you! so if you are in the market for a new friend, there could not be a better time. You can For more information about this or start your search here or visit our facility any of our other adoptable animals and let one of our cats pick you! please visit our website, And, we have made it easy for those of you who are not in the market for a new FindAPet. cat to support the program. Donations will go to the care of the cats in the program Alaqua Animal Refuge is a no-kill and are a vital part of its success. animal refuge located in Northwest For more information on this lifesaving Florida. The refuge has placed over effort or to donate to the cause, visit: 9,000 animals of all kinds since it's inception in 2007, and has grown to Priceless_Purrs. become a recognized leader in animal welfare and animal cruelty prevention.

Healthmark sponsors 5K run

By Ron Kelley

Healthmark Regional Medical Center (HRMC) is sponsoring a 5K run as part of DeFuniak Springs Marvel of Flight celebration at the airport on Hwy. 90W. The HRMC First Annual Colorquest Run For The Yak 5K Run will be held on Friday, April 25, the evening before Marvel of Flight. The race will be held at the DeFuniak Springs Airport and the course will include walking trails and a circuit that ends at one of the airport hangars. The $35 entry fee for participants includes a t-shirt for the first 100 participants and an after-the-run party featuring a barbecue dinner. The proceeds will go to help local families dealing with cancer. HRMC Respiratory Therapy Director John Ard and Emergency Room Supervisor Daniell Gedeon Jack Adair, III, Arrested for Multiple Charges are organizing the event. Both said that in addition to working with patients that have been diagJack Donald Adair, III, 22, of 56 W Orange Avenue, Defuniak Springs, was arnosed with cancer, they have lost hospital staff rested on Thursday, April 3rd, for armed burglary, two counts of larceny of a fire- members to the disease. I also have family memth arm and criminal mischief. On March 14 , Adair broke into a home off Steele bers who have battled the disease, said Ard. Church Road, Defuniak Springs, and stole two firearms and prescription Thats why this is so important to me personpills. On the same day, Adair, sold one of the firearms to a pawn shop in Defually. Gedeon agreed, noting, We have lost sevniak Springs. Adair was previously arrested for two counts of dealing in stolen eral HRMC staff members over the years and this property. is our way of recognizing them, as well as helping families who are caring for relatives fighting cancer today. Both stressed that volunteers are Smiles are yours NOW!!! gratefully accepted. Runners and participants can register at the hospital Monday through Friday. Runners can also register online at and at the airport on the day of the event. For more information, contact Daniell Gedeon at (850) 951-4500. E.R. SUPERVISOR DANIELL GEDEON (L) and Respiratory Therapy Director John Ard are event organizers for Healthmark Regional Medical Centers First Annual Colorquest Run For The Yak 5K Run, which will be held on Friday, April 25, at the DeFuniak Springs Airport.

Thursday, April 10, 2014


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Happenings in DeFuniak Springs

On April 1st, the Walton County Board of County Commission Administration Department will begin the submission period for their annual beach driving permit lottery. Each year, the county issues 150 permits via the beach driving permit lottery. The Walton County, FL Walton in-person submission deadline for inclusion into the lottery will be close of business on County Emergency Management May 9th. Applications will be accepted online through May 10 th at midnight. is encouraging homeowners to participate in one of the BRACE Applications will not be accepted unless all eligibility requirements are met and all for the Storm Workshops to be documentation is provided at the time of application. Incomplete applications will not held on April 24th. During the be eligible for the lottery draw. two-hour internet based workshop In order to qualify to be entered into the lottery, the following documents must be sub- participants will gain a stronger mitted in the name of the applicant at the time of application: understanding of how to underProof of full-time residency (Driver's License with Walton County address or Walton take one or more mitigation project on their homes to strengthen it against Floridas next HURRICANE. The importance of preparing homes against the damage caused County Voter's Registration) by a flood, wildfire and other disaster that threaten Florida residents will also introCopy of Driver's License (if using voter registration card as proof of residency) duced. Copy of Voter Registration (if not a property owner) Proof of real property ownership (if property owner) Workshop participants will also learn how to save money on the windstorm portion Proof that property taxes are current (if property owner) of their homeowners insurance premium. Current 4-wheel drive vehicle registration (registered in the State of Florida, in applicants name, 4x4) Workshop Date / Time: April 24th 9:00 AM Workshop Date / Time: April 24th 6:00 PM Completed 2014 lottery application Copies must be provided by applicant, and will not be made on behalf of the apThe workshop will be conducted via the internet giving individuals the option of plicant participating in the workshop from the comfort of their home or gathering with Lottery applications will be available on the Countys website beginning April 1 st at others to participate as part of a group. Homeowners Associations or other commu12:01am and may be submitted in one of three ways: Obtain an application from County Administration or the South Walton Annex Plannity organizations are welcomed to host group sessions. ning Department and complete and return it with the required documents to either location. To register to participate in one of these up-coming workshops and for additional WALTON COUNTY HOMEOWNERS ENCOURAGED TO PARTICIPATE IN BRACE FOR THE STORM WORKSHOPS

1. Download and complete the application and return it, along with required documents, to the County Administration office or South Walton Annex Planning Department. Submit an application online by completing the web form and attaching required documents. (Link will be active on April 1st at 12:01am - FormCenter/Administration-3/2014-Beach-Driving-Permit-Lottery-Applic-49) If you should have any questions, please contact the Department of Administration at 850-892-8155.

information please visit then click on the Register for a Workshop link at the top of the page. For additional information, please contact the Walton County Emergency Director Russell Beaty at 850-892-8065.

Storm Water Drainage

As reported by WZEP AM1460

Due to recent heavy rainfall, the City of DeFuniak Springs would like to remind all motorists to use extreme caution when driving City streets in inclement weather. Rain water is draining slowly off of roads due to a high water table in our water retention areas that our storm drains empty to. The Street Department is also inspecting and repairing any damaged storm drains to ensure proper drainage. City Public Works Director Tillman Mears says the crews are working, but there can be situations where drains are slow as the water is being pushed into discharge areas. He asks residents to be patient as the water slowly drains. Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Public Works at 892-8534. Walton Emergency Management reports no serious problems. Area roads could have high water or washouts. Law enforcement and public works are monitoring the roads and making repairs. The storms also brought lightening and there were a few power outages. An outside fire was called for a transformer near the courthouse Monday morning. This resulted in a local area of outages, but was repaired within an hour. A small outside fire was reported near DeFuniak Springs. Responders were also called to several accidents, including on at highway 20 and 331 in Freeport.

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

INVITING FOUR BEDROOM! BRICK HOME - SOUTH OF HWY 20 2,143 sf. 4BR/2BA home on approx. a .5 acre lot near Freeport City Park. No HOA fees! 3BR/1.5BA, 1,150 sq. ft. home near Four Mile Creek. Split floorplan. Two outbuildings. Half Great room with FP. Open deck & shed. ONLY $99,500 ID #T1548069 $229,500 acre lot. ID# T902669


3 BR/2BA 2,172 sq. ft. Split BR Plan 9 and 10 Ft Ceilings Granite Countertops S/S Appliances

Living + Family Rooms Covered Deck Ample Storage Private Boat Launch Dock on Alaqua Creek Easy Access off Hwy 20

ID# T1548069


SPACIOUS 4 BEDROOM Over 2,200sf. all brick home. Close to Freeport schools. High ceilings- 8 to 10 plus tray ceilings. Relaxing screen porch. No HOA fees or fines! ID#T1129369 $219,500

SUNSETS ON THE BAY! 3BR/2BA home on two lots w/seawall & rip rap. Approx.1,586 sq. ft. CW &S. Single garage. Fantastic screen porch to enjoy view of the Bay! ID#T1106437 $299,900

NEW PRICE! 1,500+ sq ft, 3BR/2BA home & extra lot located on Hwy 20 East of Freeport. Bonus rm. Nice kitchen w/breakfast bar. Outdoor storage bldg. ID# T1707586 $149,900

RIVER HIDE-A-WAY Secluded cabin on the Choctawhatchee! 1BR/1BA, 504 sf. on two lots. Large screened porch & utility shed. One of a kind location! ID# T1630288 $98,800


WATERFRONT CABIN! New windows & doors! 3BR/2BA, 1,703 sf. Cedar Home. All bedrooms have water view. Open floor plan w/high ceilings. Boat launch, & dock. Garage. ID# T1141878 $279,900 ESTATE SALE Exclusive Bay Harbour! C W&S, underground utilities. Tennis court, nature trails, lakes, and more. Corner lot adjoining nature preserve. Greatly reduced price! ID#T849592 $22,500

$5,000 towards Buyers Closing Cost Paid at Closing! On the 14th Fairway in gated community. 4BR/2.5BA, 2,651 sf. built w/high quality & designer touches! 10 & 16 ceilings. Oversized double garage. Custom kitchen w/granite tops. Enjoy golf, tennis, & the good life at Windswept! ID#T1129369 $284,900


Ph: 850-835-4153

Thursday, April 10, 2014


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The 14 day Overview

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Betty and William Perry

Editor, Please send a very much Thank you to Alaqua Refuge for posting Pet of the Week again. I was able to find a pet that I love so much. Keep up the good work! Sally Hopkins Dear Editor, We visited here a few years back and was pleased to see your newspaper still going! The advertisers helped us decide where to get some food too. (L.C.s) great! My parents said the handyman was money well spent. Come to find out you helped us again and again. Great work! Tom Chandler

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Thursday, April 10, 2014


Specializing in residential Building, repairs, Additions, kitchen up to complete home builds .
Give us call, we are Licensed, bonded and insured Free estimates

Obituary for William Bill


William (Bill) Clinton Koerner, age 80 of Freeport, FL, passed away Friday March 28th, 2014. Bill was preceded in death by his wife Joann in 2012. Bill was born in Phelps, NY in 1933 and was raised in Mt. Pocono, PA with his five younger siblings, Russell Koerner, Sheldon Koerner, Albert Koerner, Betty Kuchinskas, and Doris Koerner. He served in the U.S. Air Force when he was seventeen as a tail gunner on a B29 bomber during the Korean War Conflict. After being honorably discharged from the Air Force, Bill started his career as journeyman lineman in 1958. Bills experiences during the late Great Depression gave him a love to work with his hands. He enjoyed carpentry, collecting classic vehicles, and was an avid reader. He is survived by his three children, Linda Whaley, Wesley Koerner, and Lesley Koerner and four stepchildren, Russell Almon, Kevin Almon, Colleen Friesen, and Brett Almon. Graveside services will be held 10:15 AM, Tuesday, April 8, 2014 at Barrancas National Cemetery in Pensacola, Florida with military honors. In lieu of flowers the family requests that donations be made to the American Diabetes Association at 1-800-DIABETES. You may go online to view obituaries, offer condolences and sign guest book at Clary-Glenn Funeral Home is entrusted with the arrangements.

"30A Sand Rover Rally" Coming to Santa Rosa Beach on April 12-13
Scenic Highway 30A, - Dozens of vintage Land Rover and beach cruiser enthusiasts are expected to attend the inaugural "30A Sand Rover Rally" along Scenic Highway 30A in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida on April 12-13th. Rovers Magazine -- North America's Largest Land Rover Publication -- will be here to cover this informal gathering of Land Rover owners and vintage beach cruiser enthusiasts.
"We're hoping to see all kinds of old Land Rovers, including Series models, Defenders, Range Rovers, Freelanders and Discoveries, as well as funky old beach cruisers of all makes and models," said Santa Rosa Beach resident Mike Ragsdale, who drives a 1986 Land Rover 90. Owners will park their vehicles at The Green at Gulf Place on Saturday, April 12th from 36pm, followed by an informal "Meet and Greet" cocktail party at Messina's restaurant in Gulf Place. On Sunday, April 13th, owners and fans will visit the famous Red Bar for live music and Sunday Brunch, followed by an afternoon on Grayton Beach. To wrap up the weekend, fans will return to Gulf Place for a free outdoor concert, featuring The Steenos and Old Truck Bluegrass Band from 6-9PM. This is not a formal club event or organized trail ride, but rather, an informal gathering of Land Rover owners and beach cruiser enthusiasts. There is no registration fee to participate, and the event is open to the public. For more information, visit -sand-rover-rally-2014.

(850) 252 2652 Freeport Annual Arts & Craft Festival 2014
Saturday, April 19, 2014
9:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M.

This years event will be in conjunction with the

Well be located at the Freeport Regional Sports Complex at Hammock Bay. 671 Hammock Trail East, Freeport, Fl. 32439 Arts & Craft Vendors & Great Food Concessions Face Painting and Activities for the Young Entertainment, Silent Auction, and Drawings for Prizes throughout the day. Sponsored by the Town Planters Society of Freeport A portion of proceeds go to benefit the American Cancer Society / Relay for Life For information call: Judy Aultman 850-835-1737

Annual Car Show and Easter Egg Hunts.

Weed Use Up, Cocaine Use Down, U.S. Report Finds

Americans' use of cocaine fell by half from 2006 to 2010, but marijuana use increased by more than 30 percent during that time, according to a new report. The spike in pot use may be due to an increase in the number of people who said they use the drug on a daily or near-daily basis, said the researchers, whose study covered drug trends from 2000 to 2010. Heroin use remained fairly stable during the decade, while methamphetamine use rose sharply during the first half of the decade and then fell. Americans spent $100 billion a year on cocaine, heroin, marijuana and methamphetamine -- or a total of $1 trillion over the decade, the RAND Drug Policy Research Center report estimated. "Having credible estimates of the number of heavy drug users and how much they spend is critical for evaluating policies, making decisions about treatment funding and understanding the drug revenues going to criminal organizations," study lead author Beau Kilmer, co-director of the RAND Drug Policy Research Center, said in a RAND news release. While the overall amount spent per year on drugs remained the same from 2000 to 2010, spending patterns for certain drugs shifted. Much more was spent on cocaine than on marijuana in 2000, but that had reversed by 2010. Because the report did not examine trends after 2010, it doesn't include recent reported increases in heroin use, or the effects of marijuana legalization in Colorado and Washington. The report also didn't look at the reasons behind changes in drug use and did not assess the effectiveness of drug-control strategies.

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Picking on the Porch
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Distracted driving is a dangerous epidemic on America's roadways. In 2012 alone, 3,328 were killed in distracted driving crashes. The U.S. Department of Transportation is leading the effort to stop texting and cell phone use behind the wheel. Since 2009, we have held two national distracted driving summits, banned texting and cell phone use for commercial drivers, encouraged states to adopt tough laws, and launched several campaigns to raise public awareness about the issue. is your resource for learning more about distracted driving. Get the facts, get involved, and help us keep America's roadways safe. CAMPAIGNS/Distracted+Driving/ One+Text+or+Call+Could+Wreck+It+A ll


The Heritage Center of Freeport is asking all Freeport area families to take part in a VeterBabysitter available, ens Day display that will open this year on references, CPR certified, after November 1st and run throughout the month. school and weekends if needed. Museum curator Tim Ard has asked that all Call 850-419-6676 local families possessing photographs of their Freeport/S. Walton family member who served to bring them in for scanning so that the display can be assembled in plenty of time prior to the exhibit Handyman-25yrs. Exp. opening. Photographs of those in uniform are All phases of home repair./remodel desired. Photographs can also be submitted Free estimates. Excellent work for a of those who are currently serving in the great price. For more information armed forces. Anyone needing additional Call: 850.585.0262 information can contact Ard at 850-585-3304 or drop by The Prissy Hen at 131 Highway 20 West in Freeport to have photographs Need a sign? scanned. This process only take a minute, Any size, style, design and you keep possession of your photoVinyl lettering, car wraps, banners, graphs. Design/layout services available. Call for FREE estimate. 654-0860 Mention The Emerald Star News

Explore nature in and around

Walton County Florida with Walton Outdoors. For more information, go to:

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Thursday, April 10 ,2014

The Palms of Freeport

Starting at.


2 Bedrooms/2.5 Baths Over 1,100 sq. ft. Swimming Pool & Play Area FHA & VA Financing Available


LaFayette Creek
AMAZING BAY FRONT This .5 ac. lot has a quiet, end-of-cul-de-sac location. Nature preserve area across the street. Unique subdivision w/restrictive covenants, trails, tennis court, boardwalk to the Bay, street lights, & more. $159,900 POINT WASHINGTON 1.4 ac lot. Wooded, seclusion for the buyer w/a nature-scape setting in mind. Beautiful native oaks, pines & magnolias grace this creek front lot from the paved road to the water. Survey available. $149,900 Almost 10 acres of wooded property with 662 ft on the Creek. Located on JW Hollington, a paved road. NWFL Water Management property is nearby, at the end of JW Hollington Road. Restrictions allow for manufactured homes 4 yrs of age or newer & construction of home requires a minimum of 1,000 sf. heated & cooled space. Property will need septic tank & well. Hurry while the prices are still low!! ID# T1189969 $64,500


Brick building with offices and covered deck on Highway 20. Metal building with 5 roll-up doors and attached awnings. Property completely fenced and mostly MALLET BAYOU cleared. Near entrance to popular Protected water with easy access to the Hammock Bay. Call to see! Intracoastal & Choctawhatchee Bay. City Water & Sewer available. Tremendous $269,900
potential! ID# T88485 $139,000

RARE FIND ON BAY GROVE Wooded .77 ac lot with 103 on the Bay and a sandy beach. City W&S available. Deed restrictions prohibit mobile homes. ID# T603211 $249,000


Ph: 850-835-4153