The Asia Promotions Initiative works to raise awareness, build capacity and encourage the uptake of certification throughout Asia. In order to improve the environmental sustainability of international forest products and related trade, it is vital to build supply chain capacity throughout the Asia region while also increasing the availability of certified fiber.
Through the Initiative, PEFC has established offices in China and Japan to promote awareness of PEFC certification, especially through growing chain of custody certification in both countries. Increasing the presence of PEFC certification within these two Asian countries was a strategic priority for PEFC globally, given the volume of wood imported and the large exportation of wood products to international markets. Despite the Initiative’s core focus in China and Japan, expanding interest and demand throughout the region has resulted in periodic outreach in other countries including India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, and South Korea. • Outreach activities have informed and influenced organizations and companies in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, and South Korea. • The Indonesian Forest Certification Cooperative joined PEFC in November 2012 and interest in pursuing membership has been expressed by the Sustainable Green Ecosystem Council in Japan. • Malaysia has achieved PEFC certification of 4.6 million hectares of natural forest under the Malaysia Timber Certification Scheme. • Awareness and interest in PEFC certification has notably increased throughout the region as evidenced by system uptake, direct inquiries, invitations to present PEFC and independent referencing of PEFC in external media.

Currently the Asia Promotions Initiative is advised and funded by a broad range of companies and member organizations who share a vested interest in improving the capacity in Asia to process certified products. Current partners are: CMPC Cellulosa S.A., Celulosa Arauco Y Constitución S.A., PEFC UK, Sustainable Forestry Initiative, Paperlinx Singapore, Swedish PEFC Co-operative, Forestry Innovation Investment Ltd (Canada), PEFC Asia Promotions Japan, PEFC China Promotions Office and PEFC International.

• Each year the Initiative has attracted over 600,000 CHF funding from partners and income generation to deliver the annual program. • PEFC Chain of Custody certification has grown in the region from 52 in 2007 to 650 in 2012; with the most number of PEFC certificates issued in Japan followed by China. • Ambitious promotional programs have been implemented annually in Japan and China combining company visits, seminars, training sessions, and exhibitions together with ongoing public relations activities. • The Chinese Forest Certification Council joined PEFC in 2011 and submitted their national Forest Certification Scheme for PEFC endorsement in September 2012.

From 2013 the PEFC Asia Promotions Initiative will maintain focus and presence in China and Japan, while expanding the Initiative’s partners and budget to enable formal presence in south-east Asia to better catalyze and respond to new opportunities for growth. asia-promotions-initiative

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