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Where would you find the Sino-Atrial node?

What prevents the blood flowing back from the ventricles to the atriums?

What happens during Atrial systole?

Why do only small animals have an open circulatory system?

Because open systems rely on diffusion and diffusion is only fast enough for small organisms

Atrioventricular valves

The atria contract forcing blood into the ventricles

The right atrium

In the blood clotting process how many enzymes are used?

What do platelets release during the start of a blood clot?

What part of the Artery does the blood pass through?

Which of these factors doesn't increase the risk of heart disease?

Thromboplastin Exercising


If plaque was in the vessels supplying blood to the brain it could lead to..

What do white blood cells turn into in order to ingest debris during atherosclerosis?

Cells are not receiving enough oxygen

They ingest too much cholesterol What makes the macrophages turn into foam cells? What does Ischaemia mean?


A stroke

Which one of these is not a Polysaccharides?

What is the name of the reactions that joins two carbohydrates together?

What is the difference between alpha and beta glucose?

What are the main components of Carbohydrates?

Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen


The OH and H are upside down on the carbon 1 bond


At what stage does the amino acids form a 3D structure?

What is the primary structure of a Protein?

What is the difference between saturated and unsaturated lipids?

The bond formed in a Triglyceride is a..

The sequence of amino acids Ester bond

Unsaturated has got one or more double carbon bond and saturated has none


Which of these is not a type of Passive Transport?

What do saturated fats make your liver produce?

What is the main use of cholesterol?

It helps build cell membranes

Eating more unsaturated fats What change of diet could help lower cholesterol?

Endocytosis LDL

Cilated Epithelial cells help keep lungs clean

What is the phrase used to describe the number of substrate molecules transformed by one enzyme molecule per minute?

An Intracellular enzyme is an enzyme that works inside the cell

Reaction that builds up molecules

What is an anabolic reaction?

Turnover number

True True

What type of bonds are there in-between the bases of DNA?

Genes are instructions for proteins?

Controls the stickness of the mucus

What does the CFTR protein do?

A triplet that codes to start or stop the production of proteins What is a codon?

Hydrogen True

Which of these is an example of Heterozygous?

A genotype is the outward appearance expressed by a gene

Transcription occurs in the ribosome?

What isn't present in RNA that is present in DNA?





A liposome can be used as a vector in gene therapy

What is somatic gene therapy?

Preimplantion is..

Respiratory, Digestive and Reproductive only

Cystic Fibrosis effects which systems?

Changing alleles in body cells

A test before the embryo is placed in the woman