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Subject Class Enrolment Level Date/Day Time Theme Topic Focused Skill Integrated Skill Content Standard

: English : 2 Cerdik : /18 : Mixed Ability : 17 March 2014 / Monday : 8.00 a.m 8.30 a.m : World of Knowledge : Unit 15- Save the Sea Creatures : Reading : Writing Learning Standard 2.1.2 Able to blend phonemes into recognizable words and read them aloud 2.1.3 Able to segment words into phonemes to spell

2.1 By the end of the 6 year primary schooling, pupils will be able to apply knowledge of sounds of letters to recognize words in linear and nonlinear texts.

Lesson Objectives: By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to; 1. Blend phonemes to form words 2. Segment words into phonemes 3. Read a simple text with guidance 4. Write at least 3 simple sentences using words found in the story Educational Emphases: 1. Thinking skills: grouping and categorizing 2. Moral values: love for sea creatures Language Content: Vocabulary audio, autumn, automatic, taut, cane, rake, cave Teaching Aids: Pictures, story Little Paul the Astronaut Previous Knowledge: Pupils know how to articulate the different phonemes. Stage/Time Content Teaching -Learning Rationale Activity Set Induction Picture of autumn, 1. Teacher pastes a 1. To introduce the (5 minutes) lake and cake few pictures on the topic of the day. white board based 2. To sound the on the words letters of the words learnt yesterday. correctly. 2. Pupils need to 3. To associate name the item or meaning of picture the situation in the to written words. picture. 3. Their pronunciation will be checked and they need to spell the words correctly. Pre-reading/ Phonemes: 1. Teacher lists the 1. To develop the Presentation -/ au :/ and / a-e / words that pupils ability to hear, (10 minutes) learnt in the identify and Vocabularies: previous lesson. manipulate the -autumn 2. Teacher asks individual sounds -lake pupils to read in spoken words. -cake aloud all the 2. To make learning -whales words. fun and -save 3. Teacher explains meaningful. -astronaut the meaning of 3. To develop pupils -Paul difficult words to phonemic

Remarks Pictures


Whilereading/ Practice (20 minutes)

Silent reading Reading aloud Blending and segmenting




PostReading/ Production (20 minutes)

Constructing simple sentences with guidance



3. 4.

Closure (5 minutes)

WH questions: -What did we learn today? -What are the words that has / au :/ and / a-e / sounds?



pupils and gives emphasis on words that will be found in the reading text afterwards. Teacher drills pupils on the pronunciation of each word. Pupils will read a reading text in their text book entitled Little Paul the Astronaut silently. Then, pupils will read the text again aloud and every time they encounter a word wit / au :/ and / ae /, they need to segment them and continue reading. Once they have completed reading, they will read the text group by group. Based on the text read, pupils will now need to copy words with / au ;/ and / a-e / in their writing book. Then, they need to choose 3 words and construct sentences using each of the word. They low ability pupils will need to construct at least two sentences. An example will be given as guidance. Once completed, they will read their answer aloud Teacher sums up the lesson by asking pupils the new words that they learnt for the day. An emphasis will be given again on the pronunciation of each word.

awareness. 4. To recognize letter sounds

1. To develop pupils phonemic awareness through phonics. 2. To recognize letter sounds. 3. To recognize the relationship between phonemes.

Story Little Paul the Astronaut

1. To recognize letter sounds. 2. To incorporate fun and meaningful activity in the lesson.

Story Little Paul the Astronaut

1. To consolidate what they have learned. 2. To instill moral values to pupils.

3. Teacher instils the moral value where pupils need to save whales that are in danger