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Building a Cutting-Edge SOA Proof of Concept Learn From SAP Best Practices

Amir Glatt, SAP America Oleg Figlin, SAP UK


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1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

The promise behind SOA Starting with a Proof of Concept Recommended phases for an SOA POC project Tips for running a successful SOA POC SAP POC Consulting Service

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Customers Want Stability and Flexibility at the Same Time from IT

Innovation for Differentiation Innovation Ecosystem of Innovation Variations/ Flexibility

Industry-specific Enhancements

Stability and Reliability Stability of the Core Standards Lower TCO Single trusted vendor

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The Target Architecture for Innovation Without Disruption to Ensure low TCO and Flexibility

Traditional Architecture

Enterprise Services Architecture Innovation for Differentiation

Composite Applications




Enterprise Enterprise Service Service Repository


Stability and Reliability

Best Practice



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The Promise Behind Enterprise SOA

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Why Start with a Proof of Concept?

Business Proof How can I convince the business that SOA architecture can provide tangible business benefits

Test drive How can I test drive the tools and technology behind enterprise SOA with a minimal risk?

Smart decision How can I take a decision regarding SOA roadmap which is based on real hands-on experience and analysis?

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Building a Successful SOA Proof of Concept is not that Simple

How to prove real business benefits? Starting from business requirements Choosing the right business process

How to build the right infrastructure? Multiple components Risk to existing systems Connectivity between systems Master data

How to minimize effort and cost of the POC? Optimize planning Reuse existing components vendor
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Hardware Cost Need for multiple skills

Recommended SOA Proof of Concept Phases

1. Requirement Design
Business requirement specification Scenario & process design (High level UI mockup)

2. Infrastructure Preparation
Installation Configuration Master Data Creation Connectivity Setup and Testing

4. Development/Handover
Enterprise Services Implementation Consumer Implementation (User Interface and Services Consumption) Process Composition Wrap-up and Demo

3. Consumer/Provider Model
Consumer Model Definition Identification of Enterprise Services and Process Components Mapping of Consumer Model to Enterprise Services Service Interface Definition

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1. Requirement Design

Business scenario requirements, solution design and system architecture

Business Requirements specification Specify business requirements and understand business user expectations. Scenario & process design - Define business process steps (high level). Technical Architecture Create process technical architecture and design.

High level business process design and roles. Written description of the business requirements IT system landscape and technical solution architecture.

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2. Infrastructure Preparation

Install, configure and test the infrastructure for the project Steps
Installation Install or upgrade the needed software components required for the project implementation based on the business requirements. Configuration Configuration of the different components, connectivity between components Test Ensure the infrastructure is ready for the project implementation.

Running environment for the project implementation Document describing the required steps to build such an environment for productive usage

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3. Consumer/Provider Model

Identify data models and services interfaces to support the required Business process. Steps
Consumer Model Define detailed business process steps, actions, user interfaces and roles. Identified Process Components and Business Objects identify for each process step the related business objects and the respective process components. Mapped consumer model to services based on identified business objects and process components: identify for each process step the required services (existing) and specify required service enablement (Provider Model). Service interface definition Design interfaces for required service enablement.

Consumer data model and required structure List of existing service, process components and data types. Interface definition and data models for custom services.

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4. Development/Handover

Develop composite solution by enabling provider services and consume with mapped consumers. Steps
Provider Implementation Enable existing services and developing composite/custom ones. Optional additional development & customizing Develop and customize additional required functionality (user interface, db adjustment, coding, application/service configuration & customizing, process integration). Consumer implementation Develop solution user interfaces and relevant screens Process composition Compose user interface screens into the business process step and workflow.

Composite solution for the required business process scenario.

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10 tips for a Successful Project

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Identify the Business Process

Choose the right business process

Picking the right business process is the most important decision in the POC
Business oriented Improves usability of existing cumbersome process Automates a manual process New innovative process Simple Not more than 3 roles and 5-6 process steps Reuse Doesnt require new backend functionality Demoable
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Business Network Transformation Example Sales Order Tracking

Logistic Service Provider




Receive customer call

Verify customer SO data in WD system

Check supplier system for order status

Obtain tracking number

Check 3PL system for delivery date

Update customer on status info

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Process efficiency Example Customer Issue Management

Current Customer Issue Management Process State
Multiple non-integrated systems, poor reporting, unclear processes, lack of accountability

Solution: Simple and easy to use process to speed up customer issue tracking and classification with fast response, defined ownership, including accountability and timelines, effective and efficient resolution, which also provides for easy data base search and data analysis and relevant business reporting People, Processes, System and Metrics & Reporting
Extends SAP Quality Management Issue Resolution to SAP Portal using SOA and reports using SAP BI Uses SAP Integration of Quality Management (IQM) Enterprise Services Bundle delivered by SAP Customizes Issue Resolution Business Process using SAP Workflow Standardized processes and procedures, clear accountability, task & due-date management

Submit Issue
Customer facing personnel capture Priority & Impact Customer Material Issue Description

Assign Overseer
System assigns issue to an Overseer based on customer country

Assign Accountable Person

Overseer assigns the issue to an accountable person who bears the overall responsibility for the issue

Assign Fixers
Accountable person creates a task for one or more people to fix different aspects of the issue

Close Issue
Fixers close there tasks Accountable person the issue

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User Productivity Example Job Booking Creation

Account Executive
Create Job Booking

Finance Manager
Complete Job Booking

Account Executive
Job booking Notification

Initiate Job Booking

3 Different UI approaches: Web Dynpro UI, Visual Composer UI, Adobe Interactive Forms UI
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Key Finance Data & Complete Job Booking

Web Dynpro UI

Job Booking Notification

Offline Interactive Forms sent by e-mail

Build the Project Team

Setup a small dedicated project team

Setting a small , balanced team can significantly reduce effort and cost
Recommended project team: One NetWeaver expert One Backend functional expert One business process expert Limit the POC implementation time to 2-4 weeks

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Use the SAP Discovery System for the POC Infrastructure

Use the Discovery system for the POC Infrastructure

The Discovery system for enterprise SOA can save you days of installation and configuration effort when building the infrastructure
Building an infrastructure with the latest components and upgrades could take a lot of time and effort The Discovery system can ensure you can work on the latest infrastructure with minimum risk and cost

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SAP Discovery System A Unique Offering !

Proof Of Concept (POC) SOA Discovery Workshop Enterprise SOA scenarios SAP Best Practices Configuration and Integration Demonstrations and Exercises SAP ERP and SAP NetWeaver Development Tools Additional SAP Components

Discovery System

Laying the foundation with hardware by our partners

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Real-Life Customer Value

We are very satisfied with the SAP Discovery system. Not only has it saved significant time and costs of building an SOA environment by ourselves, it also delivers results that benefit our customers
Mr. Matthias Hoffrichter, Portfolio and Technology Manager Siemens IT Solutions and Services, Siemens Ltd., Thailand

The Discovery System for enterprise SOA is the perfect infrastructure for internal training
Volker Schnuck, Principal Consultant Concepts Development Integration AG

I can attest to the power of software and hardware together in this package. Getting up and running is almost plug-and-play, which jump started my company's ability to get going with SAP testing, almost immediately.

Nojan Moshiri, SDN Community member

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Use Real Data in Your POC

Use real data in the POC

Showing real business data in the POC can significantly improve management and business buy-in
The credibility of your POC depends also on how real it looks Import real data (customer names, material names) from your productive/test systems to the POC environment You can use the DS external connectivity kit to learn how to achieve that

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Model the Business Process with Your Convenient Tool

Model the business process with your convenient tool

High level modeling of the business process is important task that can be achieved using various tools
IDS Scheer ARIS IT Architect, Microsoft Office Visio, Microsoft Office PowerPoint or any other tool you are familiar with can do the job Dont waste too much time learning new modeling tools at this point since you can focus now on a single business process

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Use the ES Workplace to Find Existing Services

Use the ES workplace to find existing services

Understanding which enterprise services you can reuse from SAP is important step that should be done as early as possible
The ES workplace can help you understand which enterprise services are available, what they expect as input and what will be their output Use the testing environment provided with the ES workplace to ensures the services behavior in runtime is as expected

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Enterprise Services Workplace SAP Community Network (former SDN/BPX)

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Reuse SAP Global Data Types

Reuse SAP Global Data Types when defining new services

As reusability is one of the main assets of enterprise SOA, SAP global data types are showing exactly that. Use them to save a lot of effort and to test drive the reusability concept
Start by browsing the ES Repository and find global data types that suits your need Use the Data type enhancement concept if you need to modify an existing data type

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SAP Global Data Types Reusable Business Semantics

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Implement Consumer and Provider Models in Parallel

Implement Consumer and Provider Models in Parallel

Working in parallel will speed up dramatically the implementation time of the project. Use the services interface as the contract between the consumer model and the provider model.
Implement the consumer model by using the service interface and a dummy implementation Implement the provider model based on the service interfaces you defined

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Implement Consumer and Provider Models in Parallel

Purchase Order

Service Consumer

Service Provider

Enterprise services interfaces serves as the contract between the consumer and the provider

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Dont Waste too Much Time on Service Implementation

Dont waste too much time on services implementation

Services implementation could be the longest phase in a productive project; Simplify that task when running a POC
Most probably, services implementation will need to adapted when moving from POC to production Check with SAP if the required enterprise services are planned in the near future Ignore complicated data validation and optimization when implementing services in a POC phase

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Choose the User Interface Technology According to the end Users Needs

Pick a User Interface technology according to the end users needs

One of the main advantages of enterprise SOA is that it allows you the flexibility to choose the right user interface according to the end user needs
You can use Web Dynpro, Visual composer, Interactive forms or other UI options Check with your end users what will be their preferred environment The end result with the right user interface will increase the acceptance of your POC in your organization

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Different Options of User Interface Technologies

Portal and Web


Interactive Forms

Mobile and Voice

Online Users

Business Users

Offline Users

Mobile Users

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SAP Consulting Services

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1 day

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Connectivity to customer backend systems 2 days Extended data consolidation 1 day Extended Process spec Integration with SAP NetWeaver CE Extensions Process Related

SAP Discovery System workshop Req. analysis & business process model. workshop Business process to tech. process workshop

SOA deep-dive training Web Dynpro JAVA/ABAP training SAP NetWeaver dev. Infrastr. training SAP NetWeaver VC training Non Process Related

11 days

Proof of Concept for Enterprise SOA on SAP Discovery: Consulting Service

Composite application implementation

1 day

Consulting Service to implement a real-life SOA Proof-of-Concept in fixed time and budget leveraging SAP Discovery System for enterprise SOA

Enterprise SOA POC on SAP Discovery System Service (16 days*)

Wrap-up + final presentation

SAP Discovery System Workshop

Help customers identify the potential value of SOA by using SAP Discovery System. Understand how can you start with SOA today and get hands-on experience with building SOA scenarios.

09:00-09:30 09:30-10:00 10:00-10:30 10:30-11:00 11:00-11:15 11:15-12:15 12:15-01:00 01:00-01:30 01:30-03:00 03:00-03:30 03:30-04:00 Registration Welcome, introductions, agenda enterprise SOA overview what it is, why it is important enterprise SOA in Practice - demos Break Exercise 1 Lunch Exercise 2 Exercise 3 Exercise 4 Summary

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Req. Analysis & Business Process Modeling Workshop

Helps customers define the business process and define each step in the process in detail
Process flow

COGS Connect Process (High level Future Mode of Operation)

Roles Detailed description of each step in the process Step is part of the scope of the PoC or not Background/ interactive steps Due date

2.Review customer information submit for processing

3.On net capacity?


4.Request a quote (RFQ) from suppliers

6.Review responses & Submit to Business Office

7.Add product markup

9.Submit to customer

12.Firm order created from quote. Provisioning systems updated

Interactive ADOBE Form

17.Verify order complete system is updated automatically

Yes 5.Respond to RFQ 13.Provisioning request to Supplier Interactive ADOBE Form

Interactive ADOBE Form

Interactive ADOBE Form

8.Determine & enter cost

Interactive ADOBE Form or Call, etc.


14.Turn on required circuits / Update order as required

15.Create account / issue billing advice

1.Request for service

10.Customer accepts or rejects & submits

11.Customer accepts?

16.Customer Notification Interactive ADOBE Form


Part of POC all other steps are done in background and/or based on assumptions, accepted.

Exits next steps

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Business Process to Technical Process Workshop

Help customers translate the business process into a technical process and bridge the gap between business and IT

p s es n i s Bu

ss e c ro

w flo

Define UI type for each interactive step

User interface mock-up

Screen flow model (SFM)

Services definition

ch e T
SAP 2008 / SAP TechEd 08 / SOA111 Page 38

al c i n


es c o

low f s

Services identification Callable objects definition

Composite Application Implementation

Technical implementation of lightweight business process
Custom services development

UI development



SAP SAP NetWeaver NetWeaver MDM MDM

SAP and custom services consumption Process implementation


Usage Types* Usage types* ESR ESR


SAP NetWeaver system SAP NetWeaver system

Portal fine-tuning, roles creation QA


SAP ERP 6.0 SAP ERP 2005

Non-SAP Non-SAP System system


SAP 2008 / SAP TechEd 08 / SOA111 Page 39

Wrap-Up & Final Presentation

Present deliverables to the customer, wrap composite application, and provide detailed document describing the definition, design, and implementation process

Document the process

Wrap deliverables

Prepare export package

Presentation to the customer


it e pos om

ap p

A SO tion

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Summary / Wrap-Up

SAP SOA Architecture intends to allow organizations to innovate for differentiation on top of a stable core

Starting small with a Proof of Concept is one of the best ways to capture the business benefits of SOA

Following SAP best practices and guidelines can ensure the Proof of Concept will be successful

SAP Consulting designed a POC consulting service that can help organizations who lack the required skill set
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Building Your Business with SDN Subscriptions

SDN Subscriptions offers developers and consultants like you, an annual license to the complete SAP NetWeaver platform software, related services, and educational content, to keep you at the top of your profession.
SDN Software Subscriptions: (currently available in U.S. and Germany)
A one year low cost, development, test, and commercialization license to the complete SAP NetWeaver software platform Automatic notification for patches and updates Continuous learning presentations and demos to build expertise in each of the SAP NetWeaver platform components A personal SAP namespace

SAP NetWeaver Content Subscription: (available globally)

An online library of continuous learning content to help build skills.
Starter Kit

To learn more or to get your own SDN Subscription, visit us at the Community Clubhouse or at
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Further Information
SAP Public Web: SAP Developer Network (SDN): Business Process Expert (BPX) Community: Related SAP Education and Certification Opportunities Related Workshops/Lectures at SAP TechEd 2008 SOA260, Build an End-to-End SOA Scenario , Hands-On Workshop SOA 112, How Productized Enterprise Services are Used Today Case Studies, Lecture

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