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The Past Tense

Exercises Change the verbs in the following sentence into past tense. 1. Yesterday, I go to the restaurant with a client. 2. We drive around the parking lot for 20 minutes in order to find a parking space. 3. When we arrive at the restaurant, the place is full. . !he waitress asks us if we have reservations. ". I say, #$o, my secretary forgets to make them.# %. !he waitress tells us to come &ack in two hours. '. (y client and I slowly walk &ack to the car. ). !hen we see a small grocery store. *. We stop in the grocery store and &uy some sandwiches. 10. !hat is &etter than waiting for two hours. Correct the mistakes in the following sentences: 1. +ast night, ,amantha have pi--a for supper. 2. (y pet li-ard was died last month. 3. Yesterday I spend two hours cleaning my living room. . !his morning &efore coming to class, .ack eats two &owls of cereal. ". What was happened to your leg/

Write the verbs in bold in simple past. Yesterday, I have 0.. a very rough day. I get00.up early to go shopping, &ut as soon as I step. out of the door, it begin0 to rain, so I go &ack to the apartment

and get my um&rella. !he elevator be0.. out, so I had to clim& si1 flights of stairs to get to my place. When I get &ack downstairs, I e1hausted that I have. to sit down on a &ench to rest. It stop0. raining, &ut the ground be. still wet. 2 &rown dog come to where I sit.. and beg00.. for something to eat. I try00. to ignore him, &ut he splash0..water all over my &rand new shoes. 3inally, the &us come , and I be0000. on my way to the supermarket. When I get0 to the supermarket, I reali e0 I forget my shopping list, so I can not.. remem&er everything I want to &uy. !he cashier be0too &usy to help me, so I gather0 up a few items and carry them to the counter. 2fter the cashier finish. ringing up my purchase, he give0. me the wrong change and st!ff. my groceries into my small shopping cart. " be not. in a good mood when I leave 0.the supermarket. If that be not &ad enough, I have.. a terri&le time on the &us ride home. 3irst, the &us driver me &ecause I take . too much time to get on. Can he not 0.see that I had a cart full of groceries/ !hen, there be.. not seats. I4m sure that someone on the &us could have offered me a place to sit, &ut everyone was so rude. They pretend. not to see me. I 5ust stand.. there, lean0 against one of the poles in the aisles, p!t. my head down, and sigh.

#ead the text and then write the verbs in simple past.

61ford is a &eautiful university town that is famous all over the world. !he 7niversity of 61ford is the oldest university in 8reat 9ritain: it already e1isted in the 12th century. In the town centre there are many old &uildings. !here is also a museum where you can learn more a&out 61ford;s history.

1. !he 7niversity of 61ford <&e= 2. !he lecturers of the colleges <speak=

the first 9ritish university. a very clear >nglish.

3. !hat4s why 61ford >nglish <&ecome= educated people. . In the 1*th century, +ewis ?arroll <write= Wonderland4 in 61ford. ". @owan 2tkinson <(r 9ean= <study=

known as the >nglish of 42lice4s 2dventures in electrical engineering at 61ford.

!he third largest city in the 7nited ,tates <after $ew York and +os 2ngeles= lies on the shores of +ake (ichigan. !he Aotawatomi once lived in this area and the city;s name derives from the Aotawatomi word ?hecagou <meaning Bwild onionsC=. !he name was used &ecause the place used to smell like onions.

!he ,ears !ower <on the left= was &uilt &etween 1*'0 and 1*'3 and is the highest &uilding in the 7nited ,tates. It is 2 meters from &ottom to the top floor, and reaches a total height of "2' meters <including its television antennas=.

Write the ver&s in simple past. 1. !he first settlers <&e= 2. !hey <call= like onions. 3. ?onstructions on the ,ears !ower <&egin= . 7ntil 1**', the ,ears !ower <&e= in 1*'0. the highest &uilding in the world. the Aotawatomi. this place ?hecagou <wild onion= &ecause it <smell=