East Bakersfield High School Beginning Choir Spring Semester 2002 Period 2 and 7 Timothy M. Williams, Director
Purpose of the Class: The purpose of this class is to teach you how to sing. While you will learn other things, this is the most important. You will learn what it means to perform in public and you will learn how to do so effectively. You will learn to sing by yourself and with others singing together and in parts. This class meets or exceeds all the state of California Framework for Beginning Vocal Music Class. You will learn the basics of music notation, markings, and terminology. You will learn the basics of sight-reading music. You will learn the basics of vocal production and performance technique. If you feel you are not a beginner, please see me so you can possibly transfer to a more advanced class. Expectations in the Class: You will come to class everyday, on time. You will participate daily in the activities of the class. You will not chew gum, eat anything at all, or drink anything but water in my classroom. You will refrain from talking while people are singing or working on their part. You will refrain from talking when I am talking. Expectations of outside performances: You will attend three concert events during this semester. These concerts are not optional and are worth half of your grade in the class. Only verifiable emergencies will allow for an excuse from a concert. Please see me if you know of an upcoming conflict. The concert dates are Thursday, March 7 from 6pm to 9pm; Tuesday, March 19 from 8am to 2pm; and Wednesday, May 22 from 6pm to 9pm. I will not add to this list. I may subtract from the length of time you are required to be here, though. Check your calendars at once; get the days off from work, tell your parents, clear night school, arrange transportation in advance; do it now! Grading policy: My grading policy is simple. Every day you can earn 10 participation points in class. If you are not here to participate you do not get those points. If you are late to class you get only half of those points, regardless of how late you might be. Also, you only get participation points if you participate. Sitting around and doing nothing or disturbing my class will earn you no points. Concerts count for 400 points each. There are two concerts in the first quarter and there is one concert in the second quarter. There will be a culminating final during finals week in June that will count for 200 points toward you final semester grade. 1st Quarter 450 pts 800 pts 1250 pts Semester 900 pts 1200 pts 200 pts 2300 pts 2nd Quarter 450 pts 400 pts 850 pts

Participation Concerts Possible

Participation Concerts Final Possible

Final note: This is a SINGING CLASS. If you don’t want to sing, please leave this class and get into another class in which you can find happiness and success. You will not pass this class if you will not sing.

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