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The information requested on this form must be completed in order to submit a document electronically for review under the Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act, 301 CMR 11. 00.




Project Name: Pride Refueling Station, Convenience Store and Retail Development Street Address: Russell Street (Route 9) and Bay Road (Route 47) Municipality: Watershed: Connecticut River Universal Transverse Mercator Coordinate Latitude: 42° 20' 34" N UTM 18 698494E 4690639N (NAD 83IWGS84) Longitude: 72° 35' 32" W Estimated commencement date: July 2G14 Estimated completion date: October 2014 Project Type: Refueling station, retail Status of project design: 80 %compiete Proponent: Pride Stores LLC Street Address: 246 Cottage Street State: MA Seringfield Zie Code: 01104 Name of Contact Person: John Furman Firm/Agency: Vanasse Hangen Brustlin Street Address: 1 Federal Street Municipality: Springfield State: MA Zip Code: 01105 Phone: 413.747.7113 Fax: 413.747.0916 Email:jfurman@vhb.coml Does this project meet or exceed a mandatory EIR threshold (see 301 CMR 11.03)? DYes i2.?]No







If this is an Expanded Environmental Notification Form (ENF) (see 301 CMR 11.05(7)) or a Notice of Project Change (NPC), are you requesting : a Single EIR? (see 301 CMR 11.06(8)) DYes i2.?]No a Special Review Procedure? (see 301CMR 11 .09) DYes I2?JNo a Waiver of mandatory EIR? (see 301 CMR 11.11) DYes i2.?]No a Phase I Waiver? (see 301 CMR 11 .11) DYes i2.?] No

Which MEPA review threshold(s) does the project meet or exceed (see 301 CMR 11.03)?
301 CMR 11.03(6)(b)(l3): generation of2,000 or more New adt on roadways providing access to a single location. The project will generate approximately 2,990 adt. 301 CMR 11.03(3)(b)( f): alteration of one half or more acres of any other wetlands. The entire site is located within Bordering Land Subject to Flooding. The proposed project will alter approximately 3.2 acres on the site.

Which State Agency Permits will the project require? A Vehicle Access Permit from Massachusetts Department of Transportation (Mass DOT), Highway Division is required for utility connections and vehicular access from Route 9 and Route 47, both of which are under state jurisdiction. Identify any financial assistance or land transfer from an Agency of the Commonwealth, including the Agency name and the amount of funding or land area in acres: None.

Effective January 2011


Summary of Project Size & Environmental Impacts




New acres of land altered Acres of impervious area Square feet of new bordering vegetated wetlands alteration Square feet of new other wetland alteration Acres of new non-water dependent use of tidelands or waterways

... .

+ 1.94 ac


osquare feet

o square feet o square feet

• •


Gross square footage Number of housing units Maximum height (feet)

15 ,555 sf 3 20-feet

+5,845 sf -3 -0-

21,400 sf 20-feet

Vehicle trips per day Parking spaces Water Use (Gallons per day) Water withdrawal (GPO) Wastewater generation/treatment (GPO) Length of water mains (miles) Length of sewer mains (miles)
100 (estimated) +2,990 +120 2,990 220

o o

1,545 GPD 0.15 miles +/0.25 miles +/-

1,545 GPD 0.15 miles +/0.25 miles +/-

o o

Has this project been filed with MEPA before? DYes (EEA # ) Has any project on this site been filed withty1EPA before? DYes (EEA# ) .
(I ): Includes 0.79 acres of tightly compacted gravel which is acting as an impervious surface. (2): No credit taken for existing trip generation due to length of time businesses have been closed (3): The site is currently vacant. (4): Water Use calculated as 1.10% of sewage generation as calculated by 310 CMR 15.203 (5): No irrigation system planned for development (6): Per 310 CMR 15.203, Retail Flow calculated at 50 gallons per day per 1000 SF (750 GPO) + Gas Station Flow calculated at 75 gallons per day per island (525 GPO) + RetaiVConvenience Store Flow calculated at 50 gallons per 1000 SF(270 GPO).


GENERAL PROJECT INFORMATION - all proponents must fill out this section

Describe the existing conditions and land uses on the project site:
The approximately 5.3-acre subject parcel is located at the comer of Route 9 (Russell Street) and Route 47 (Bay Road) in Hadley, Massachusetts (the "Project Site). Refer to Figure 1, USGS Locus Map for the site location. Existing structures on the Project Site include three vacant single family residences, an abandoned motel and an abandoned restaurant. The Project Site is over-grown with vegetation and is in a state of disrepair. The Project Site consists of four separate land parcels which were collectively purchased by Pride Stores LLC. The uses located on these parcels access Route 9 (Russell Street) through a total of 5-curbcuts, Route 47 (Bay Road) through a total of 1-curbcut, and Old Bay Road through a total of2-curbcut. The entire Project Site is located within flood plain (regulated as Bordering Land Subject to Flooding under the Massachusetts Wetland Protection Act). There is also a small area that falls within the 100 foot buffer zone of a vegetated wetland located off-site to the southeast. A portion of the Project Site is mapped as Priority Habitat for a threatened plant species and is subject to the Massachusetts Endangered Species Act. The Project Site is located within the Hadley Center National Register Historic District. The existing site conditions and environmental resources are shown on Figure 2, Environmental Context, while an existing conditions plan is provided as Figure 3.

Describe the proposed project and its programmatic and physical elements:

NOTE: The project description should summarize both the project's direct and indirect impacts (including construction period impacts) in terms of their magnitude, geographic extent, duration and frequency, and reversibility, as applicable. It should also discuss the infrastructure requirements of the project and the capacity of the municipal and/or regional infrastructure to sustain these requirements into the future.
Project Description The proposed redevelopment (the "Project") includes the demolition of all existing structures, removal of all existing pavement and gravel surface formerly used as a parking area, and construction of a 5,400 square foot (SF) Pride Convenience Store with 14-refueling positions (12-gasoline and 2-diesel) and 16,000 SF undefmed general retail business. New landscaping will be developed on the perimeter and throughout the Project Site. Other proposed site improvements include new sidewalks, a new centralized parking area and an improved stormwater management system. Figure 4 presents the proposed redevelopment site plan. The Project is consistent with the existing uses along Route 9, and will provide public benefits in the form -of the reuse/revitalization of a vacant and underutilized parcel, new employment opportunities (both temporary and permanent), increased tax revenue (through local property taxes and state sales taxes) and an improved stormwater management system. The parking needs for the Project will be accommodated with 220-surface spaces in landscaped parking lots. The separate buildings allows for the structures to be located on the edges of the property, with the majority of the parking in the middle of the Project Site. This promotes the use of a shared-parking area. The main drive aisle through the Project Site travels in an east/west direction, connecting the Primary Site Driveway to the parking areas. Another main drive aisle travels through the Project Site in a north/south direction. Figure 4 shows the proposed redevelopment site plan, which complies with current Town of Hadley Zoning ordinance Parking Requirements. Because the property is accessed from Route 9 and Route 47, both of which are state highways under MassDOT jurisdiction, a Vehicular Access Permit is required from MassDOT.


Potential Environmental Impacts The Project will result in limited and temporary environmental impact, which will be fully mitigated. The Project will result in a number of environmental benefits as it brings new economic vitality to this underutilized site, including a new storm water management system.

Water Quality The redevelopment of the Project Site includes an additional 84,506 square feet +/- (1.94 acre) of impervious area. The impact due to the increase will be fully mitigated. The existing storm water runoff from the Project Site is primarily sheetflow and flows untreated to the collection system within the abutting roadways . There is no existing stormwater management system, and there is currently insufficient water quality treatment, as the majority of the Project Site runoff flows untreated to off-site areas. The Project includes new stormwater detention systems to better control the peak stormwater discharge rate, in compliance with the DEP Stormwater Regulations . Because of the State jurisdiction of Route 9 and Route 47, connections to the state stormwater collection system are not permitted. The new stormwater management system will be designed to collect and manage flow on-site from a 100-year design storm event. Best Management Practices include catch basins with deep sumps and hood outlets, storm water quality units, storm water retention system with sediment fore bay and limited rain garden treatments . Wetlands The entire Project Site is located within flood plain, which is regulated as Bordering Land Subject to Flooding (BLSF) under the Massachusetts Wetland Protection Act. There is also a small area that falls within the 100 foot. buffer zone of a vegetated wetland located off-site to the southeast. Virtually all of the BLSF on the property will be altered as a result of the Project. All flood storage lost as result of the site redevelopment will be replaced on-site on a per contour (foot-per-foot) increment. As part of the Notice of Intent permitting process, the Proponent will conduct a detailed wildlife habitat evaluation of undeveloped portions of the BLSF in accordance with DEP guidance. Any important wildlife habitat features identified on the site will either be preserved or will be replaced in accordance with established protocols. Transportation The Traffic Impact and Access Study (TIAS) included in Appendix B of this ENF provides a thorough and conservative evaluation of the potential traffic impacts associated with the Project. The TIAS assessed the existing and future traffic operations without the Project, estimated traffic volumes associated with the Project, and assessed the Project's potential impact on future traffic operations in the area. The Project is projected to generate 2,990 unadjusted vehicle trips within the Project study area during a typical weekday. Based on the results of the analysis, the Project is not expected to have significant impacts on traffic operations along the study area roadways. Infrastructure/Utilities The construction and operation of the Project will require water, electrical, telephone and communications (TeVCom), gas, and sewer all of which are available via the existing infrastructure. Based on a review of the existing utility systems serving the Project Site and initial coordination with the appropriate utility authorities, the existing utilities located within the roadways surrounding the Project Site can accommodate the increase in demand associated with the Project. The Project will connect to the existing utility infrastructure within Route 9, Route 47 and Old Bay Road . Utility connections within the public right-of-way will be coordinated with the Town of Hadley and MassDOT as appropriate. Temporary Construction Impacts Some level of noise, dust, truck traffic and other impacts are the inevitable consequences of any construction project; however, these impacts are temporary in nature. The Proponent will require its contr.actors to develop construction protocols to control these impacts.
The redevelopment project includes the demolition of all existing structures, removal of all existing pavement and gravel surface formerly used as a parking area, and construction of the Project as described above. Dust and erosion control and prevention of sediment migration and tracking will be monitored by the contractor and addressed daily. The Project will comply with the EPA ' s National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) General Permit Program for Stormwater Discharges from Construction Sites .


Describe the on-site project alternatives (and alternative off-site locations, if applicable), considere by the proponent, including at least one feasible alternative that is allowed under current zoning, and the reasons(s) that they were not selected as the preferred alternative:

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