James L Bradley Sept – 2009
Let’s suppose that for one-day in your life your brain allowed you to drift among the cosmos marveling at the wonders of the Universe – just suppose! Wernher Magnus Maximilian Freiherr von Braun might be able to give you a push with what he wrote during his life, “Our sun is one of a 100 billion stars in our galaxy. Our galaxy is one of billions of galaxies populating the universe. It would be the height of presumption to think that we are the only living thing in that enormous immensity.” Somewhere in the “Fermi-Hart Paradox”, you’ll find that our closest estimate put the stars in our galaxy at around 250/400 billion, and in the visible Universe around 70 Sextillion, now that is 7 raised to the 22 nd power – a lot! But then again, you might not have to travel far to witness the wonders of the Universe. If we, let us suppose, dismiss all the ancient literature and inscription such as the Bible, Torah, Qu’ran and the Mahabharata and the thousands upon thousands of clay tablets of Mesopotamia as to “incredible to believe”, you’d still find it hard to dismiss the physical evidence of our ancient world. The one glaring example of “physical evidence” in my mind is the Pyramid Complex at Giza, especially The Great Pyramid, but it is not the only evidence that our civilization as we know it could have been different than what we have stuffed down our throats on a day-to-day basis, both politically and with our worldwide religions. Remember now we’re just supposing! John Frederick Carden Michell wrote that, “Only within our recent past, since the development of universal communications allowed us to compare the ‘antiquities’ of our own countries with those of others. Since, we’ve been able to see the extent of the ‘vast ruin’ within which we live. If we ignore all alterations to the landscape arising within the last 3000 years and consider the world as it must have looked in pre-historic times, the pattern that emerges is one so incompatible with ‘our’ idea of civilization that it is easy entirely to miss its significance.” He went on to “suppose”, that we would find a, “great scientific instrument lies sprawled over the entire surface of the globe.” Michell remarked, “We have all, for example, heard of the ‘Big Bang’, where according to this explanation, everything in the cosmos developed from a tiny package of incredibly dense matter that exploded. Adults are quite happy to accept this idea but it does not satisfy ‘children’. Whereas the next thing they ask (after hearing the Big Bang theory) is ‘How did that suspicious package get there in the first place?” Good Question! While you sit there “supposing” think about the colonizing of our earth, and then take a big leap forward to the colonizing of our galaxy and before you jump up and run screaming from the room, think about it. According to “our”

calculations of the age of the Milky Way Galaxy a civilization somewhere within our “galaxy home” has had at least 1 million years to spread across galaxy. The popular opinion is if they have, where are they? Reasonable you think? The argument is based on if they had they would physically occupy the habitable planets “rather” than develop them and then move on. Kuiper and Morris (1977) published a paper in the journal Science that postulated that, “the search for extraterrestrial intelligence should begin by assuming that the galaxy has been colonized”, a speculative paper for sure but it did make it into the journal “Science”. Apparently we’re the new kid on the block, this according to Dr Charles Lineweaver1 who has been studying the business of terrestrial planet formation for quite a spell, states, “most of the life forms in the Universe have had two ‘billion’ years longer to evolve than we have.” It might be that “colonization” is the wrong word, might it be that these supposed visitor’s passed on their biology, knowledge, laws and technology, for example or by the physical manipulation of the biological blueprint of the most “promising” animal they found on our planet. Some believe than when “we” attained a certain technological level they left us to our own devices, me, in my “suppose mode” believe they didn’t go far, as we’re really a big part of them! Desmond John Morris2 said, “There are 193 species of monkeys and apes, 192 of them are covered with hair. The exception is a naked ape self-named Homo Sapien.” In Judges 13:2-14 concerning the birth of Samson, his mother Manoah’s wife, who was barren tells us of a visit from the Angel of Jehovah, who said, “Behold now you are barren and have not borne. But you shall conceive and bear a show…who shall be…a Nazirite (endowed with special psychic or physical qualities to be use by God) to God from the womb.” In the Sumerian story of the creation of the “Adam”, from Mesopotamian texts it is wrote, “to achieve the feat Enki suggested that (from) a being that already exists, (Ape Woman), that she be used to create the “Lulu Amelu” (mixed worker) by ‘binding’ upon the “less evolved” beings the ‘mold of the gods’. Then the goddess “Sud” purified the essence of a young male “Anunnaki’ and mixed it into the egg of the Ape Women. The fertilized egg was then implanted in the womb of a female “Anunnaki”, for the required period of pregnancy. When the “mixed creature” was born, ‘Sud’ lifted him up and shouted: “I have created! My hands have made it!” With reference to the visit to Samson’s mom (Judges 12:2-14) she describes the visit, “A man of God has come to see me, and his appearance was like the appearance of an Angel of God, very terrifying!” Supposing again, it appears there was some gene splicing and cloning happening in ancient times, big suppose don’t you agree? Keep in mind there


might be some civilizations out there in the cosmos that are some 2 billion years ahead of ours…2 billion! Historians note with glee of the human sacrifices in Middle America forgetting at times the stories noted in all Middle Eastern religions. As far back as the ancient city of “Ur” we find where they sacrificed humans to the Gods, where it appears that one way to “appease” the Gods and make bonus points for “eternity” was by human sacrifice. Before the “Deluge” human sacrifice was not only common but demanded by the Gods, it seen that human sacrifice continued for some time after the Deluge, where it seems to have been a common “ritual” about the time of the “aborted sacrifice” of Isaac by his father Abraham. From that time forward, per the book of Exodus, burnt offerings of animals became the cooked meal for the resident deity. In Middle America some experts state that the continuation of human sacrifices was an attempt to get the God to return. Consider the structures we find scattered across the globe, whereas they are constructed from Stone – stones so big that even today we posses not piece of machinery that can lift some of the stones. And the wooden rollers that scholars calculate were used to move these stones, get real! Not too long ago the 198’ high Cape Hatteras Lighthouse was moved about 2500’, it weights well over 1000 tons. A gravel compacted road bed was built on which large steel plates were placed. Steel rails were then set-in-place in the direction of the move, than steel dollies were placed on the rails that were driven by hydraulic rams. A total of 400 tons of steel was directly under them for support, they moved it a few feet and then the plates and rails in back were leapfrogged to the front and they continued the move. A New York engineering corporation has a huge hydraulic crane which can lift 500 tons, which is used to lift smaller cranes to the tops of building under construction and NASA has a crane with a lifting capacity of 430 tons, which is used to lift the shuttle during attachment to the fuel tanks. Numerous reports have been issued (along with Hollywood movies) showing that the ancients used wooden rollers to move the huge stones about, obviously by some who have not taken into consideration of the strength of wood. Fact, a steel T-beam mounted vertically with both ends fixed can support a load of around 100 tons, a 10 inch in diameter wood beam of the same length can support around 10 tons and if the wood beam is laid down so the load is crossgrained rather than end-on, it splinters. If it doesn’t splitter it will deform under the load and it will “slide” rather than roll. For example; twenty-people on Easter Island tried to move a “replica” of one of the statutes, it weighted only 9tons – zip! Now consider ancients trying to “slide” the +1000 tons blocks used at Baalbeck, Lebanon. Some Egyptologists have suggested that the huge obelisks were moved on wood rollers, being they were made of wood I expect if

this happened none would be found, but still it is nonsense to really believe these 137’ high 1168 ton obelisks were move on wooden rollers, any size! Additional supposing: As recorded in ancient Egyptian text about Giza. Then said Pharaoh, “Where lies (is) the papyrus on which Imhotep wrote the ‘words of power’ that went into building of the pyramid of Zoser, yes and for that of Seneferu my father also…the ‘words of power’ can be found and spoken by none but he—and if he speaks then three great pyramids shall rise at Giza and stand there forever. But if he speaks them NOT, all that you build, and your son builds and your son’s son after him shall fall and crumble away and become as the sands of the desert.” “…a magician was said to have raised into the air a huge vault of stone 200 cubits long and 50 cubits broad. (average cubit – 19.98” x 200 = 333’ long & 83’) An account of the moving of the stones at Uxmal, Mexico, “…construction work was easy for them…all they had to do was whistle and the heavy rocks would move into place.” At Tiahuanaco, Bolivia; “…the stones were carried through the air to the sound of a trumpet.” No matter, it is evident that some kind of technology existed years ago that permitted the moving of these huge blocks of stone, a technology that would have used higher technology than we even have today – technology that should have left some fingerprint of what it was. Zero, yes Zero evidence exists of anything what was utilized, is it possible that an entire civilization just up and disappeared with their technology, all over the world? In a sense packed up their tools and went home! A scenario that seems highly unlikely and to twist and turn our minds around blocks of wood is just about as fanciful. Suppose they used aircraft and cables that had the power to lift these objects – naw! What we do know is that these incredibly heavy stones were quarried, moved and assembled, and short of a “revelation”, we will likely never know! Consider this the ancients constructed these stone structures across the world with huge stones because they wanted to and because to them it was easy! In Baalbek, Lebanon we find a huge platform lying underneath (and pre-dating) the ruins of the magnificent Roman temple of Jupiter, a platform with the largest stones “ever” used in construction. How was it build? And by who? Some scholars suggest Solomon based on Kings IX; 17-19, “And Solomon built Gezer and Beth-Horon, the lower, and Baalath (Baalbek) and Tadmor (Palmyra) in the wilderness, in the land, and all the cities of store that Solomon had, and cities for his chariots, and cities for his horsemen, and that which Solomon desired to build in Jerusalem, and in Lebanon, and in all the land of his dominion.” Kebra Negast3 the spiritual guide of the Ethiopians mentions that Solomon had a flying vehicle; also that there are hilltops in Pakistan and Iran where Solomon is believed to have landed. Tradition in ancient Judaism states the

Jehovah was NOT the only God in the Universe, he was the “Only God of this particular people,” and although by the act of the Covenant the Israelites had committed themselves to the rule of Jevovah’s law. King Solomon had permitted the worship apparently even in Jerusalem of a rival god, Baal, whose main temple was at Baalbek – I suppose Solomon owed him a few bucks if he built his temple for him. Well, I’ve left a lot out of our “suppose” journey – some was just too much “suppose”, but there is enough to twist your mind around, if you want? I wrote this short piece to do more for me than anyone who reads it – curious as I am I am always interested in walking around the beaten path when it comes to ‘where do we come from’, and most importantly ‘where are we going’ – the 2 nd part scares me more than just a bit – but what the heck in 2012 a CME might make it all worthless to know.

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