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Flashing TSOP With ANY Version XBOX (V1.0-V1.5) For Noo s !reate" BY: SLuSHIE !

reate" ON# Tuesday, March 30th, 2004 Best viewed in Microsoft ord If viewed in ord!ad, en"ar#e the !ictures to $a%e the$ c"earer& $NOT%$ I a$ not res!onsi'"e for any da$a#e you do to your (B)(& *o this at your own ris%& If you fo""ow this #uide, read it over a cou!"e of ti$es, and T+,E -)./ TIME, you wi"" have no !ro'"e$ with this& The on"y !erson res!onsi'"e for screwin# u! your (B)( is -).& Have fun& &ntro"'(tion# By doin# this f"ash, you wi"" 'e a'"e to do E0E/-THI12 a !erson ITH a $odchi! can do& The on"y thin# you can3t do, on"y if you have a 04&254&354&454&6 (B)( is use (B)( LI0E& If you have a 04&054&4 and want to use (B)( LI0E, you can add a switch, so 'asica""y you can do E0E/-THI12 a !erson can do with an (7Ecuter2 Modchi!, which is a"" covered in this #uide& Things )o' *ill nee"# +n +n,o""e" (B)( + -o""e" (B)( 8To transfer the #a$esave to9 + -e,or) !ar" 8To co!y the #a$esaves to9 46 7 20 +TT Sol"ering &ron Sol"er So$e Wire .ot /l'e /'n 0 %le(tri(al Ta1e 8:or a SE;./E ;onnection9 TO2X 10030 S(re*"ri4ers 8To o!en (B)( and ta%e Hard *rive < *0*7/)M *rive out9 Basic 5no*le"ge on ho* to sol"er SPST 6ighte" 2o(7er S*it(h 81eeded on"y if you have a 04&054&4 (B)( and sti"" wish to use (B)( LI0E after f"ashin# your TS)=& -ou can #et the switch fro$ HE/E +n original (o1) o8 9a,es Bon" 00:# Agent +n"er Fire XBTOO6 8If you wish to edit your BI)S to your !reference9 00: .a(7e" /a,esa4e W&T. 2ain(oat 0.: 8Ma%e sure you have 00&> of /aincoat9 + !o,1'ter 8o'vious"y9 5no*le"ge o8 FTPing into )o'r XBOX !onsole + TV (B)( !ontroller A'"io %;1loit /a,e Sa4e .a(7 81eeded for after you f"ash, so you can connect (B)( to =; and !ut whatever dash'oard and other stuff you want on there9& 6et<s /et Starte"#

+"ri#ht?so you have everythin# you need@ Let3s 'e#in& -ou need to find out which (B)( 0ersion you have& 2o HE/E to find out& &8 )o' ha4e an XBOX V1.001.1 Follo* this# :ire u! your so"derin# iron, and o!en u! your (B)(& There are A screws on the 'otto$ of it& )nce you have the to! cover off, un!"u# the I*E and =ower fro$ your (B)( Hard *rive& Then ta%e the screw out, to free the Hard *rive& 1eBt, ta%e the 2 screws out of the *0*7/)M *rive 8in the front "eft and ri#ht corner9 Then "ift the drive u!, and ta%e out the I*E and ye""ow ca'"e fro$ your *0*7/)M *rive& 1ow un!"u# everythin# that3s connected to the $other'oard 8The !ower su!!"y connector is the hardest to #et out, Cust yan% it out& )nce everythin# is disconnected fro$ the $other'oard, there3s 44 screws ho"din# it down& /e$ove those 44 screws& 1ow you have to identify what TS)= you have& There3s: I1B)1*, ST, SH+/=, and H-1I( a"so %nown as H-.1*+I& The TS)= is "ocated here:

8I#nore the #reen circ"es, Cust study the /ed SDuare9& +s you can see, this is a I1B)1*& If you have a S.A2P TSOP, instructions are 'e"ow& &8 )o' ha4e a W&NBON=> ST> or .YN&X 0 .Y+N=A& (hi1> 8ollo* these instr'(tions#

)nce a#ain, i#nore the #reen circ"es& Eust focus on the red circ"e& -ou have to Coin those 2 !oints to#ether, which is a"so ca""ed 'rid#in#& There is 2 ways you can do this: 49 Eust !ut a 'it of so"der on your so"derin# iron, heat u! 'oth !oints, and $a%e a 'rid#e 'etween the$ so they are 'oth touchin#& 29 ;onnect a wire fro$ 4 of the !oints to the other& 8The 4st way is the easiest9& 1eBt, Cust dro! so$e hot #"ue over the !oints to secure the connection, or e"ectrica" ta!e wi"" do to& 1ow, f"i! your $other'oard over& 2ra' a "itt"e !iece of wire, stri! a "itt"e off the ends, and connect these 2 !oints:

I#nore the #reen "ines, Cust study the EF and /F and ye""ow "ine& +"" you have to do here is connect one end of your wire to EF, and the other end to /F& 1ow you have the o!tion to insta"" a switch if you "i%e, you don3t have to, it3s a 'it eBtra wor%, 'ut it !ays off, and a""ows you to use (B)( LI0E& $NOT%$ :or !"ace$ent of the switch, the 'est !"ace is in 'etween the Ethernet and +udio !"u#7ins in the 'ac% of the (B)(, Cust !ut it a 'it hi#her then that& Eust use a dre$e" too" to dri"" a nice ho"e and fit it in nice, !ut so$e hot #"ue on to secure the connection& If your not #oin# to insta"" a switch, f"i! the $other'oard 'ac% over, and !ut a"" of the 44 screws 'ac% in& If you are #oin# to insta"" a switch, #et three !ieces of wire a'out 42 inches "on# each, and stri! the ends& -ou need to connect one $ore wire on the 'otto$ of your $other'oard&

I#nore the #reen circ"e, Cust focus on the +4G =)I1T where the arrow is !ointin# to& So"der one end of the three wires you stri!!ed to the +4G !oint, and once a#ain !ut a '"o' of hot #"ue or a !iece of e"ectrica" ta!e for a safe fit& =ut the $other'oard 'ac% in, and

$a%e sure you 'rin# that one wire connected fro$ the +4G !oint on to! of the $other'oard with you, and connect that to the MI**LE !oint on the switch& 8To! of $other'oard9 I#nore the #reen "ines and study the 0;;3&3 =)I1T the ye""ow arrow is !ointin# to& Eust connect another wire to that !oint, and run it to the =) E/ =)I1T on the switch& 8It wi"" say what !oints are which on the switch9&

$NOT%$ +s you can see in the !ic, that TS)= is an ST TS)=& $NOT%$ It can 'e hard to #et the wires to stic% onto the switch3s connections, a"" you have to do is Cust heat u! the $eta" on the switch so you wi"" #et a #ood stic%& M+,E S./E 400H that a"" wires are connected on switch 'efore !roceedin# to f"ash BI)S& Tu# on the$ and $a%e sure they are on, so$eti$es they $ay "oo% on, 'ut are "oose& :or the "ast wire on the switch, which is the 21* 82round =)I1T9, a"" you have to do is run a wire fro$ the 21* =)I1T on the switch to the Meta" ;hassis anywhere on the (B)(& 1ow a"" you have to do is $a%e sure +LL connections are 400H SE;./E, and that the switch is on the )1 =)SITI)1 8=) E/9& =ut your (B)( 'ac% to#ether, you don3t have to !ut the to! cover on Cust "eave it off Cust incase& -ou are now ready for the eBcitin# !art, f"ashin#III 8Scro"" down to :L+SHI12 section9& &8 Yo' .a4e a S.A2P TSOP# Eoin these 2 !oints with so$e wire on the 'ac% of the $other'oard:

+nd fo""ow the sa$e so"der !oints for H-1I( 5 H-.1*+I, ST, and I1B)1*, and sa$e !oints with the switch& The SH+/= TS)= has the eBact sa$e connections as a H-1I( 5 H-.1*I+, ST, and I1B)1*, thou#h it Cust needs this 4 $ore connection& &8 )o' ha4e an XBOX V1.301.?01.@01.5 Follo* this# The so"der !oints for a 04&254&354&454&6 (B)( are eBtre$e"y easy& Much easier then the 04&054&4 (B)( ;onso"es& There is on"y one downfa"": 1o switch& )n"y 'ad if you want to use (B)( LI0E, otherwise your "uc%y& :ire u! your so"derin# iron, and o!en u! your (B)(& There are A screws on the 'otto$ of it& )nce you have the to! cover off, un!"u# the I*E and =ower fro$ your (B)( Hard *rive& Then ta%e the screw out, to free the Hard *rive& 1eBt, ta%e the 2 screws out of the *0*7/)M *rive 8in the front "eft and ri#ht corner9 Then "ift the drive u!, and ta%e out the I*E and ye""ow ca'"e fro$ your *0*7/)M *rive& Identify what TS)= you have: ST, I1B)1*, or H-1I( 5 H-.1*+I& 1ow the #ood thin# a'out 04&254&354&454&6 ;onso"es are that you don3t even have to ta%e out the $other'oard& Eust 'rid#e these 2 sets of !oints:

I#nore the #reen circ"e, and focus on the 2 red circ"es with the ye""ow arrow& Si$!"y 'rid#e 'oth !oints in the circ"e to#ether, $a%in# sure they are touchin# each other& *one& =ut your (B)( ;onso"e 'ac% to#ether, everythin# eBce!t the to! "id& -ou are now ready to f"ash& F6AS.&N/# 1eBt u! #et the 00> with /aincoat fro$ B'ins& /e!"ace their 00&6 /aincoat with 00&>& 8Eust #o into the raincoat fo"der in the #a$e save, de"ete the o"d raincoat, and stic% the new 0&> raincoat in there& )nce that is done, you need a BI)S& 1ow here is how it wor%s& If you have a 04&054&4 (B)( ;onso"e +1* usin# a switch, you need a 642 ,B BI)S& If you have a 04&054&4 (B)( ;onso"e and +/E 1)T usin# a switch, you need a 4 MB 84024 ,B9 BI)S& If you have a 04&254&354&454&6 (B)( ;onso"e you need a 26A ,B BI)S& The BI)S I hi#h"y reco$$end is (7ecuter 2 4GJ4 BI)S& 84GJ4&0AK26A%&'in9& It can a"so 'e o'tained fro$ B'ins& I a$ #oin# use the (7Ecuter 2 4GJ4 BI)S for this eBa$!"e 'ecause it is the BEST BI)S and is M.LTI which wor%s for +LL 0E/SI)1S of (B)(& )nce you have o'tained the (7Ecuter 2 4GJ4 BI)S 8It3s 26A ,B when you down"oad it, don3t worry Cust fo""ow a"on#9 o!en u! (BT))L& Here is a !icture of (BT))L, I wi"" eB!"ain what everythin# is and what to do&

;"ic% L)!enM Then "ocate your 4GJ4&0AK26A%&'in& 6O/O !O6O2S# These are when you 'oot the (B)(, the co"ors you #et& There are !ics a "itt"e farther down eB!"ainin# this 'etter& 6OA=%= B&OS# 8Located ri#ht 'eside "o#o co"ors9 this is Cust si$!"y what BI)S you have "oaded into (BT))L 'ein# (7Ecuter 2 4GJ4 in this case& B&OS TYP%# This Cust $eans what versions this BI)S is co$!ati'"e on& In this case a"" (B)( 0ersions, 'ein# M.LTI& TO//6%S# Eust the stuff that #oes on when 'ootin# the (B)(& I wou"d Cust "eave these how is& POW%2 6%= !O6O2# hich co"or you want your =ower 5 ECect 'utton to 'e when this BI)S is "oaded& -ou can choose any co"or, the Sta#es 'eside it Cust i#nore, it #oes with which co"or you choose& FAN SP%%=# hat s!eed your fan #oes at& Eust !ut it anywhere 'etween 20H and 26H BOOT PA2T&T&ONS AN= %X%!+TAB6%S# Leave *0* how is, this is Cust what the BI)S wi"" "oo% for to 'oot 4st& EBa$!"e is when you Cust f"ashed and 'oot your (B)( with the BI)S, it wi"" "oad the Microsoft *ash'oard& But after say when you !ut +va"aunch or Evo"ution7( on it, it wi"" "oad that BE:)/E the Microsoft *ash'oard& =retty si$!"e stuff& ;han#e that to your convenience& P2%S%TS# I#nore this& %-B%= .= 5%Y# Leave it unchec%ed and i#nore it& 6BA S+PPO2T# I#nore it, we don3t need it&

F&6% S&A%# ),, once you have confi#ured your BI)S on how you "i%e it, choose your correct fi"e siNe& If you have a 04&054&4 ITH S IT;H c"ic% on 642 ,B BI)S& If you have a 04&054&4 ITH 1) S IT;H, chec% 4024 ,B BI)S& If you have a 04&254&354&454&6, then chec% 26A ,B BI)S& Then c"ic% Save as, and save it as L'ios&'inM&

This is what I $eant a'out the L)2) ;)L)/S& Eust $ess around with the co"ors, and you #et so$ethin# "i%e this&

This is the rea" Microsoft *ash'oard& ;an you te"" the difference@ 1ow once that3s done, !ut your ios. in in the /+I1;)+T dir in the #a$esave& The ios. in shou"d 'e in the O.*+T+O4644000dO000000000000Oraincoat dir& 1ow, once that is co$!"ete, connect your (B)( to your =; usin# :"ash:(= 8/eco$$ended, thou#h any :T= c"ient wi"" wor%9, and send this #a$e save to your (B)(& Eust $a%e a fo"der ca""ed 4644000d in your EO.*+T+ fo"der, and send everythin# to it startin# with the 000000000000 fo"der and Tit"eMeta&B'B fi"e& So when you enter EO.*+T+O4644000d on your (B)(, the 4st 2 thin#s you shou"d see are the 000000000000 fo"der and Tit"eMeta&B'B fi"e& )nce that3s done, !ut that #a$e save onto your $e$ory card& Then co!y it to the un$odded (B)( that you are a'out to f"ash& PNOT%$ 1ow this is i$!ortant, for !eo!"e usin# a switch, $a%e sure it is on the L)1M !osition, 8-ou can te"" 'y seein# a di$ "i#ht shinin# out of the switch9, if it3s not, rechec%

a"" your !oints& 8/e$e$'er I to"d you not to co$!"ete"y c"ose your (B)( incase of this9& )nce you are ready to !roceed, ta%e the $e$ory card out of your contro""er 8-ou shou"d have the #a$e save now on the un$odded (B)(, 'oot u! the )/I2I1+L co!y of Ea$es Bond 00>: +#ent .nder :ire& 2o to LLoad MissionM in the $ain $enu& -our !ower 5 eCect 'utton shou"d have turned oran#e& Then short"y after you wi"" hear an orchestra sin#in#& 1ow o!en u! a *)S =/)M=T, Ty!e everythin# E(+;TL- how it is here $inus the L Duotes: Lte"net 4G2&4AJ&0&A4M Then it wi"" as% you for a userna$e, its: LrootM Then it wi"" as% you for a !assword, its: LB'oBM 1ow ty!e this E(+;TL- "i%e this, without the L Duotes: Lcd &&5&&5$edia5E5.*+T+54644000d50000000000005raincoatM 1ow you wi"" see LFM , if you #et so$ethin# other then that, you don3t have the newest raincoat 0&>, 2ET IT BE:)/E =/);EE*I12III 8$NOT%$ you wi"" have to do the co!yin# save to (B)( and $e$ory card a#ain9& 1ow ty!e: L&5raincoat 7r ori#K'ios&'inM and the L&M Is needed& This wi"" 'ac%u! your current, ori#ina" BI)S& 1ow ty!e: L&5raincoat 7! 'ios&'inM and ta%e a *EEEE= 'reath, and don3t $ove& It3s now f"ashin# with your new BI)S& $NOT%$ /EMEMBE/ to ty!e everythin# eBact"y how I have it here, or e"se this wi"" not wor% for you& hen it says L;o$!"etedM , ty!e LeBitM It wi"" then say L;onnection to host "ost&M ait a few seconds, and turn your (B)( off& Then turn it 'ac% on, and if a"" went we"", you shou"d #et your fun%y co"ors, and (E;.TE/2 in !"ace of MI;/)S):T& If you insta""ed a switch, it shou"d o'vious"y 'e )1, and you shou"d #et your fun%y co"ors and the (E;.TE/2 on the 'otto$& Then f"i! the switch to the ):: !osition, and you shou"d #et the ori#ina" Microsoft on the 'otto$& -ou did itIII =at yourse"f on the 'ac% and #o #et that we"" deserved 'eerIII 1ow if you do #et the fra##in#, which is '"in%in# red and #reen and no video and audio, your (B)( is in trou'"e& If you have a 04&054&4 (B)(, it $i#ht 'e fiBa'"e, with the switch?&&I wi"" not #o in de!th eB!"ainin# this, 'ut Cust chec% out B'oB7scene, and their #reat foru$s, where a "ot of !eo!"e can he"! you& Thou#h, fo""owin# this 400H you shou"dn3t 'e #ettin# any fra##in#, nor anythin# #oin# wron#& Here is so$e !ictures of one of $y successfu""y f"ashed 04&4 (B)( 826A ,B BI)S9, and a 04&0 (B)( 84MB BI)S9:

S+!!%SSF+66Y F6AS.%= ST TSOP 35B 5B B&OS

S+!!%SSF+66Y F6AS.%= .YN&X TSOP 1 -B B&OS 1ow you can Cust si$!"y ;o!y the EB!"oit Bond #a$e save hac% to your $odded (B)(, then to your $e$ory card, and to your now f"ashed (B)(& *e"ete the #a$e save fro$ your now f"ashed (B)(, and co!y the EB!"oit #a$e save to it& Load u! 00> once a#ain, and then Load Mission& -ou shou"d now see E0)7(& Si$!"y #o to the 1etwor% Settin#s, ;hec% your I=, connect your (B)( to =;, co!y E0)7( or +va"aunch or whatever you want as your *ash'oard, re'oot, and have fun& Have any Duestions@ =ro'"e$s@ E7Mai" $e at s"ushieKs"ushieKQhot$ai"&co$ -ou can a"so contact $e on $I/; on FB'oB on E:1ET as s"ushie I have $ade a fi"e with +LL of the too"s necessary to do this tutoria" for you !eo!"e if you can3t find the$& If you $essa#e 5 E7$ai" $e reDuestin# the fi"e, have an :T= ready, 'ecause the fi"e is too 'i# to #o throu#h E7$ai", and I can3t *;; fi"es throu#h E:1ET 'ecause of $aCor router and firewa"" !ro'"e$s, un"ess we can find so$eone dedicated to host this fi"e& Than%s, I ho!e you enCoyed this tutoria" and a"" went we"" for you& 7SLuSHIE