SEARED AHI TUNA 9 Wakame-Cabbage Slaw | Ginger | Cucumber Wasabi Cream | Crisp Sesame Wonton BRAISED ATLANTIC CALAMARI 9 Anaheim and Roasted Poblano Chilies | Spanish Chorizo ARTISANAL CHEESE BOARD 12 Seasonal Jam | Mustard | Crostini CHARCUTERIE BOARD 14 Pickled Vegetables | Mustard | Crostini

RAVIOLI 16 Butternut Squash | Brown Butter | Sage EGG PAPPARDELLE 17 Wild Mushroom Ragout | Italian Sausage | Mushroom Cream MARKET SEAFOOD PASTA* 18 Squid Ink Linguini | White Wine Lemon Sauce STROZZAPRETI PASTA 16 Multi Colored Cauliflower | Caramelized Shallots | Oregano | Pecorino LEMON THYME CRUSTED SALMON* 24 Apple and Potato Rosti | Grilled Vegetable Caponata | Fried Onions BRAISED ANGUS SHORT RIB 25 Red Wine Risotto | Roasted Rainbow Carrots | Onion Marmalade GARLIC AND HERB GRILLED PORK CHOP* 25 Parmesan Crusted Eggplant | Smoked Tomato Sauce BRINED AND GRILLED CHICKEN BREAST 22 Potato Gnocchi | Oyster Mushrooms | Sautéed Kale | Parmesan Cream SEARED SCALLOPS AND CRAB CAKES* 26 Cannellini Beans | Spinach | Sage Pine Nut Pesto GRILLED BEEF TENDERLOIN* 29 Roasted Fingerling Potatoes | Mushroom-Pecan Crepe | Gorgonzola APPLE AND CANDIED BACON 8 Fontina Cheese | Thyme HOT COPPA AND SOPPRESSATA 8 Fresh Mozzarella | Ricotta | Pine Nut Pesto | Sage | Olive Oil BBQ CHICKEN 8 Smoked Cheddar Cheese | Creamy Coleslaw EGGPLANT PARMESAN 8 Tomato Sauce | Fresh Mozzarella | Basil



BRAISED CHICKEN CHILI 6 Roasted Poblano | White Beans CREAMY CARROT APPLE 5 Coconut | Ginger Cream TOMATO BASIL 5

Served with a choice of tomato basil soup, green salad, french fries or sweet potato fries

BRAISED LAMB 9 Smoked Tomato Chutney | Roasted Peppers Goat Cheese Spread | Ciabatta ROASTED PEPPER HUMMUS 8 Carrots | Cucumber | Picked Red Onion | Tzatziki Grilled Pita Bread WALLEYE* 11 Cornmeal Crusted Walleye | Tartar Sauce | Coleslaw Open-Faced on Dark Rye Bread CLASSIC BURGER* 10 Grass-Fed Highland Beef | Lettuce | Tomato | Onions Choice of Cheese | Kaiser Roll DSG BURGER* 12 Grass-Fed Highland Beef | Caramelized Onions Smoked Cheddar | Thick-Cut Bacon | Kaiser Roll

YOUNG ARUGULA 7 Candied Pecans | Sheep’s Milk Blue Cheese Roasted Onions | Maple Bourbon Vinaigrette SMOKED DUCK 9 Camembert Beignets | Butter Lettuce | Cherry Apricot Chutney Mustard Vinaigrette | Pumpernickel Cracker CAESAR SALAD 7 Romaine and Seasonal Lettuces | SarVecchio Parmesan Crisps Traditional Caesar Dressing


Executive Chef, Charles Lazzareschi, is committed to serving the season’s best local and organic ingredients, sourced by local farmers, in order to contribute to a more sustainable food system in Wisconsin.
Menu subject to change. Groups of 6 or more may have an 18% service charge added. *Eggs, seafood, beef, lamb, pork and duck that are served rare or medium-rare may be undercooked and will only be served upon the customer’s request. Consuming raw or undercooked food may increase your risk of food borne illness.

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