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briefs cont. from page 4 site, the condominiums architect Edward Levin said.

An issue of placing a transformer, an electrical unit, on the rear side of the building would prevent the condos from being pushed further back into the alley away from the Burton Way sidewalk. If you bring [the condos] closer to the street then it would appear bigger than it would, Commissioner Craig Corman said. Its all a matter of perception of scale and mass. Vice Chair Howard Fischer and Commissioner Alan Block agreed that they prefer the condos be pushed as far back as possible away from the sidewalk along Burton Way. Levin estimated, based on previous projects, that Southern California Edison would require a 10-foot sphere around the transformer with no openings, such as windows, within the sphere, according to Levin. If the building were to be pushed back further into the alley, there is a possibility the building will encroach into the transformers radius restrictions. The problem is that we have to design and move forward with the building before well have any feedback from Edison, Levin said. Lets say well shove the building back 10 feet. Now were in the middle of working drawings, we have our electrical engineering, [and then] it turns out thats not adequate clearance, what happens? If the project were to be adjusted to accommodate a setback request, there would be additional order costs and engineering costs,

according to Levin. Though Corwin suggested contacting Edison to see what the sphere area restrictions are for the transformer in order to see how much further back the condos can be, Levin and Senior Planner Jonathan Lait said that it is difficult to get a response out of Edison in a timely matter. Direction was given to city staff to contact Edison to find exact details for the transformer. If no substantial details were obtained prior to todays meeting that will affect the setbacks for the building, the project will move forward. I think its time to move along, Fisher said. Since Im pleased with all that youve done Im ready to move forward. Im not getting a sense from staff [that] we could really do something that is quick and efficient.

Mahyar Asher Eghbali, Setareh Eghbali, Omid Semino, Mahsa Eghbali and Soheil Zarabi

Just 5 donates money to those in need 25th annual Magbit Foundation gala to honor Wolpe
Magbit Foundation of greater Los Angeles will be holding its 25th annual gala on May 18 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel celebrating the State of Israels 66 briefs cont. on page 6 Just 5 is an organization started in November 2013 that donates money to individuals, couples, and families facing financial hardships. Just 5 is turning our pocket change into real change, President Mahyar Asher Eghbali said. Eghbali and his Board of Directors, Omid Semino, Soheil Zarabi, Setareh Eghbali, Mushkie Peer, and Mahsa Eghbali, wanted to help their community but realized that their efforts would be greater by involving others. The organizations name comes from the idea that members can help out the most by donating just $5 a month. If [we] wanted to [donate] alone to people, [we] wouldnt be able to do it, Mahsa Eghbali said. But if the community were to join together then it would be possible. The first donation was to Pico Glatt Mart to open up an account for needy families and individuals who cant afford to purchase groceries. In December and January, donations were given to a family who were evicted from their home due to financial difficulties. All processing fees for credit cards [are] out of our pocket so all of [the $5 that people donate] goes straight to the people were helping, Mahsa Eghbali said. The Just 5 team speaks with the potential individuals, couples, and families to see where they need the money the most, and then personally distributes the donation. Visit for more information and to become a member.

David Wolpe

April 10-April 16, 2014 Page 5

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