ĐÂY LÀ BÀI CHỮA MẪU Topic: Today, the high sales of popular consumer goods reflect the power

of advertising and not the real needs of the society in which they are sold. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience. Nowadays, with the de e!opi"# $de e!op%e"t& o' co%%("icati e too!s, ad e)tisi"# is *eco%i"# %o)e a"d %o)e pop(!a) a!! o e) the wo)!d+ ,o%eti%es yo( )ecei e a '!ye) whi!e wa!-i"# o" the st)eet. so%eti%e yo( )ecei e a" e%ai! o" the i"te)"et $th/a, e%ai! th0 123"# "hi4" 5 i"te)"et )6i& ')o% ("-"ow" pe)so"+ Those a)e ad e)tisi"# a"d they appea) e e)ywhe)e+$Types o' ad e)tise%e"t a)e di e)si'yi"# ,')o% '!ye)s to e%ai!s so that they ca" appea) e e)ywhe)e& ,o a)e the de%a"ds o' co"s(%e)s co))espo"di"# with the i"c)edi*!e de e!opi"# o' ad e)tisi"#7 $8 "4" 19t c:( h;i& This essay wi!! show two a)#(%e"ts to 'i#()e o(t the co""ectio" *etwee" ad e)tisi"# a"d the )ea! desi)es o' society+ <i)st o' a!!, it is a di''ic(!t =(d#e whe" say that ad e)tisi"# is %o)e tha" the )ea! )e>(i)e%e"ts$8o hi?( @7777&+ The)e a)e %a"y #oods with the sa%e type, so a ce)tai" co%petitio" is i"e ita*!e+ The so!(tio" is ad e)tisi"# to Co%petitio" *etwee" p)od(ce)s is "ow 'ie)ceAi"te"seAse e)eAto(#h so they t)y to capt()e thei) co"s(%e)sB atte"tio" *y ad e)tise%e"t which eChi*it the speci'ic 'eat()es o' the p)od(cts to the p()chase)+ The)e'o)e, so%eti%e the ad e)tisi"# wi!! o e)whe!% the se!!i"# with a p()pose: #i i"# the a!te)"ati e choices to the *(ye)s+$8 hi?( @777& D" the co"t)a)y, so%eti%es co%petitio"s ha e *ad "e#ati eAad e)se i"'!(e"ces o" ad e)tisi"#+ To app)oachi"# the eCpected sa!e, %a"y types o' %e)cha"dises we)e p)o%oted with i"acc()ate i"'o)%atio"+ <o) eCa%p!e, so%e de ices o' co%p(te) co%p(te) de ices which we)e %ade i" Chi"a *(t they we)e p(*!iciEed that they ca%e ')o% 8o)ea. o) so%e d)i"-s we)e hyped that they a)e p()e a"d ha e %a"y "(t)ie"ts, a"d they a)e #ood 'o) hea!th+ <()the)%o)e, so%e ad e)tisi"# which ha e the actio" o' 'a%o(s si"#e)s o) acto)s 'asci"ated the peop!e+ As a )es(!t, whe" the p)od(ct *eca%e %o)e 'a%o(s, the othe) peop!e who do"Ft ha e a )ea! desi)e wi!! *(y this p)od(ct to catch the t)e"d+

"ot o"!y ')o% *i# 'acto)ies+ He"ce. acco)di"# to scie"ti'ic s() eys. i%p)o i"# the hea!th. *J" chKa thL theo -i?( *Hi chKa %M( )6i se"d !Ji cho %0"h >(a %ai! p!ease"ot!o e%eNyahoo+co% H thO"# *Po cho %0"h >(a "ic. wi!! !esse" the p)ess()e o" c!ea"e)s who ha e to co!!ect %assi e a%o("t o' waste e e)yday+ By this way. so the)e a)e %o)e #oods %ea"s the)e a)e %o)e choices a"d %o)e *e"e'its+ . witho(t assista"ce co%i"# ')o% i"di id(a!s.I" co"c!(sio". so%e si%p!e %a""e)s s(ch as p(tti"# the )(**ish i"to bins o) c!assi'yi"# the% i"to cate#o)ies i" the !i#ht o' thei) che%ica! 'eat()es. de)i es ')o% ho(seho!ds. each i"di id(a! is tota!!y a*!e to co"t)i*(te to )ed(ce environmental devastation .o ad e)tisi"# is "ecessa)y i" the society "owadays. a"d they sho(!d to *e e"co()a#ed i" the '(t()e+ Howe e). Howe e). it is ("do(*ted!y i%possi*!e to so! e e" i)o"%e"ta! p)o*!e%s+ It is %y co" ictio" that citiEe"s sho(!d sha)e the *()de" o' e" i)o"%e"t with thei) ad%i"ist)atio" i"stead o' %e)e!y shi'ti"# the )espo"si*i!ity 'o) the%+ It appea)s that citiEe"s are in most parts accountable 'o) e" i)o"%e"ta! iss(es *eca(se a" a""(a! !a)#e a%o("t o' garbage . the #oods a)e (sed to he!p peop!e sa i"# ti%e.YM : p!ease"ot!o e%e Topic: The environment is one of the most important issues in the world today. but governments are not doing enough about it. e" i)o"%e"t has *eco%e a #)eat co"ce)" o' peop!e ac)oss the #!o*e+ It ca" "ot *e de"ied that "atio"a! #o e)"%e"ts a)e ha i"# to cope with e''ects a)ised ')o% environment destruction. To what extent do you think that individuals can help to protect the environment ? I" todayFs )apid!y de e!opi"# society. they sho(!d -eep the 'aith'(!"ess o' the i"'o)%atio" whe" p(*!iciEi"# to the p()chase)+ GH 1:y !H *Hi *I" %0"h . which a)e biodegradable a"d "o"Q*iode#)ada*!e e!e%e"ts.

*oth app)op)iate #o e)"%e"tsF po!icies as we!! as s(ppo)t ')o% the %asses a)e esse"tia! i" the p()s(it o' e"ha"ci"# the >(a!ity o' h(%a" e" i)o"%e"t+ . it %i#ht *eco%e a" i""e) 'o)ce he!pi"# i"te)"atio"a! o)#a"iEatio"s co%*at acts )e!ated to io!atio" o' e" i)o"%e"ta! p)otectio" !aw+ <o) i"sta"ce. the)e wi!! *e a" i"c)easi"# "(%*e) o' de%o"st)atio" 'o) the p()pose o' e" i)o"%e"t. whe" i"di id(a!s oice thei) disa#)ee%e"t with i!!e#a! acti ities !i-e d(%pi"# che%ica! toCic ')o% 'acto)ies i"to )i e)s o) seas. whe" peop!e a)e awa)e o' i%po)ta"ce o' guarding environment.I" additio". it %ay *e a" c(!p)it o' )e%a)-a*!e e" i)o"%e"t )eco e)y+ <)o% a!! the thi"#s co"ce)"ed a*o e. o)i#i"ati"# ')o% the 'act that *(i!di"# (p awa)e"ess o' e" i)o"%e"t 'o) peop!e is ta-e" i"to acco("t+ <()the)%o)e.

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