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S no.



1 Model

GAe37 @ 10Bar Full Feature


197 cfm

3 Maximum Pressure Setting


4 Drive

Gear Drive(Direct Drive without coupling) Direct Drive offers high efficiency & reliablity

5 Unloader Valve

Vacuum Assisted Optimized for lower pressure drops

6 Dryer

With Integrated Dryer

Energy Saving Dew-Point Mode(ESDM)

Turns off the dryer under light load Savings on dryer energy consumption Lower operating cost

7 Pressure Setting

Microprocessor Setting (with DSS Setting- levelII) Pr. Bandwith is 0.5kg/cm2

8 Pressure Measurement Point

At the package outlet

9 Cooling Media

Air Cooled

11 Electronic Water Drain

Included(In Built)will reduce the Dryer Load

12 Sound Level


13 Temperature @ Outlet

Ambient + 8Deg Celcius

14 Oil - Carry Over

1.5PPM(Can brought down to 0.1PPM with Our Filters

15 Operation

Using DSS(Delayed Second Stop) the m/c stops after 6th minute of Unloading saving minimum 15% of Unload Power

16 Out let Valve






Belt Drive

Spring Type

Not Available

Microprocessor Setting(Intellysis Level I) Pr. Bandwith is 1 to 2kg/cm2

At the outlet of moisture seperator

Air Cooled

Not Included(will have0.5kg/cm2 Pr. Drop)


Ambient + 15Deg Celcius

>3 PPM

Compressor will not stop during Prolonged Unloading Using Timer

Not Provided

Advantage of Atlas Copco

Direct Drive- No Belt Loss (Universally there is a loss of 1.5% of power per belt )

Virtually mainenence free (only one moving part)

Saves on dryer energy consumption, all in one package Saves on interconnecting piping and additional Space requirement

Universally there is loss of 6%of installed power per kg/cm2 Pressure

Energy saved Universally there is loss of 6%of installed power per kg/cm2 Pressure

Compressor can be placed closer to workplace, thereby reducing installation cost for piping.

Better cooling ensures better performance

Lesser oil consumption

Savings in 15% of unload power.

So for Competitor it is extra cost